J. Crew Factory Herringbone Puffer Vest

J. Crew Factory has several puffer vests to choose from this season: solid color, 
buffalo blue, camo, but the hardest to find is the black herringbone version.  
I set my sights on this one because I have several tops in my closet that would pair well with it, plus it would be versatile for weekend and work wear.  
A couple of months ago it was sold out online.  I kept checking online, then it showed it was available, so I ordered one as fast as I could, hoping it wouldn’t sell out in the process.  The next day I received an email saying it was actually unavailable.  Ugh!  Two days later I even received a phone call from a representative telling me it was on backorder and if I wanted to reserve one.  I asked when it would be available and he said the end of October!  
I told him thank you for offering to help, but I’ll try to find one.  
I called the nearest J. Crew Factory store and asked if they had one in stock.  The salesman said they did not, but asked if I would like for him to find one in stock in another store.  I said sure, and he located one in Florida.  They gave me the phone number to that store and I was able to order it.  They shipped it and I received it last week.  
Talk about great service!  
I absolutely love this vest.  It’s toasty warm and have had a few comments on it.  
Has anyone else had this much trouble locating the “Elusive Black Herribone Vest”?
Outfit Details:

J. Crew Factory black herringbone vest
(use the J. Crew Factory find-in-store service)
J. Crew Factory camp shirt
American Eagle Hi-Rise Jegging (dark wash)
J. Crew Factory black crystal necklace
J. Crew Factory pave link bracelet
Michael Kors handbag (similar style)
Jessica Simpson suede booties (similar style)
Maybelline lipstick in “Plum Perfect”
Essie nail color in “Chinchilly”

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  1. Super cute! I'm digging those boots and the waistcoat is that lovely mix of Autumn plaid and the end of summer. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

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