5 Ways To Promote Your Blog

You’ve created your blog and it looks great.  You’ve set up Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to your blog.  You’ve been writing posts for several weeks, or months, but you notice there’s not many people visiting your blog.  How do you get more people to visit your blog?
I use these 5 ways to promote my blog posts, which has doubled my page views:

1.  “Link Ups”, “Link Parties” or “Blog Hops”: Different names, but they all mean the same thing.  Some people who have blogs will host link ups once or twice a week.  These link ups are free advertising for your blog!  When you find a link up, you can pick one of your blog posts and add to their link up list.  To do this, open one of your blog posts in a browser.  Copy the URL (or blog post address).  Go to the blog hosting the link up.  At the bottom there will be a button that says “Add Your Link” or “Click Here To Enter”.  See the screen shot below from my Mix It Up Friday link up.  If you have a fashion blog, you can add your blog posts to my Trendy Wednesday link up every Wednesday!  And, if you have a recipe, home decor, craft or DIY blog, be sure to add your posts to my Mix It Up Friday link up every Friday!
This will take you to a second screen, where you can paste your URL of your blog post, type in a description of your post (this will display on the link up list), type your email address, your name and pick an image from your blog post that you want to display on the link up list.
There are several hundred link ups I’ve found so far on the internet that I participate in every day.  There are link ups for fashion, recipes, home decor, crafts, DIY and many more.  Depending on the topic of your blog, you can find all kinds of link ups to join everyday!  I have link up lists here on my blog: Fashion Link Ups and Recipe Link Ups.

2.  Pinterest:  Pinterest is a visual bookmark list site that is extremely popular!  This is a great place to promote your blog posts!  If you already have a Pinterest account, you can set up a board specifically for your blog.  On my Pinterest account, I have two boards specifically for my blog posts, in addition to other categories of things I like.  I have a Classy Yet Trendy: The Blog and Classy Yet Trendy: The Recipes.  By having two boards dedicated to my blog, when visitors to my Pinterest boards see my blog boards, it will be likely they will visit my blog.
3.  Instagram:  Instagram is a great social media tool to promote your blog posts.  In your Instagram profile, be sure to add your blog address.  Every time you write a blog post, go to Instagram, pick a photo on your blog, upload it to Instagram, write a short description of the post, add hashtags so users can find your Instagram post, then click “Share”.  
4.  Twitter: This is an excellent way to promote your posts!  What’s great is that you write just one sentence and include your blog post URL.  I’ve seen my traffic increase as soon as I post a tweet.  You can even use a scheduling program to schedule tweets throughout the day.  I’ve heard the best is Hootsuite.  I haven’t used this yet, but plan to.
5.  Facebook:  I don’t use Facebook as much as my other social media accounts, but it still drives traffic to my blog.  I add my blog posts to this everytime.  You can even pay Facebook to promote your Facebook posts for you.
So, there you have it!  5 Ways To Promote Your Blog…Happy Promoting!

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  1. Nice list. Once I started putting a small amount of time into Pinterest, I was surprised at how much it helped! I got an extra traffic boost.

    I would love to dig into Instagram…but I have to wait for now. Too many other things. 🙂

  2. Great ideas Leanne. I am a big Pinterest fan but am having trouble getting going with a lot of the other social media. You reminded me that it's worth it. (found you on Marvelous Mondays).

  3. I love pinterest, its definitely my number one way I promote my blog. Link ups is something I recently been doing and really been loving. I get to not only promote my blog, but get to visit other blog and get to know those ladies a little more.

  4. Great tips. This really convinced me to really get on top of my Instagram more often! And, your tip on the link ups is huge – I swear by link ups! They truly have opened my eyes to the blogging world, and I've made many a new friend along the way!

    Clare | Understated Classics

  5. Such good reminder. It's easy to forget how important each of these are and how much they can help grow your blog.

  6. Sound advice! I'm a Pinterest newbie, and absolutely love it but my time is so limited I don't have nearly as much to interact on social media as I'd like… #allaboutyou

  7. Fab tips, I love buffer for scheduling and fb itself for scheduling posts too, both so simple and quick to use. #allaboutyou

  8. Thank you for the tips! I don't have a Twitter account for my blog yet, but it's something I'm looking into.

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  10. Just found this and is full of great information. I want to start a blog and this gives me more confidence. And easy to understand. I will keep this info close by.
    Barbara Ann
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  11. Thanks – this looks great – I really need to work on pinterest, I know it can be useful but I need to work harder at pinning things! #brilliantblogposts

  12. Yup, I use all of these to help promote my blog too. My favorite is Pinterest since it drives the most traffic and surprisingly FB too.

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