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Yesterday I created my summer 2017 capsule wardrobe.  I’ve been wearing a few items from it already, but I’ve been so busy with life lately that I haven’t officially converted my closet to summer until yesterday.  I always enjoy creating each season’s capsule wardrobe!  It gives me a chance to edit my closet and to see what exactly I do and don’t need.  The first thing I did was I pulled everything out of my closet and decided if I could use any of the pieces in my summer capsule.  I like to pull a few pieces forward to the next capsule if possible.  Next, I pulled out last summer’s clothes to see which ones I wanted to put in my summer capsule.  I wrote a blog post on how to create a capsule wardrobe, How To Start a Capsule Wardrobe: a 5-Step Visual Guide.  I follow these exact steps when create each season’s capsule wardrobe.

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This summer, I’m using navy blue as the base color.  I added gray, white and denim as the other neutral colors and blue and blush as the accent colors.  I have set 23 tops and bottoms as my limit of my capsule.  I didn’t include shoes in my capsule wardrobe, because this being the first season going totally casual, I’m not sure what shoes I will be wearing.  I have several sleeveless tops in my capsule because I live in the South and it gets hot and humid in the summer, especially during July and August.

I usually don’t include shorts in my capsules, have about 30-33 items and have more clothes for work, like pants and dressier skirts.  This will be my first season that is totally casual because I’m “retiring” from my 9-5 job!  Yay!  I’ve worked for 21 years at a family-owned business and about half that time there as the controller.  Classy Yet Trendy has grown this past year, due to the popularity of the capsule wardrobe e-books, so I’m going to grow my website even more!  You can get one of the new capsule wardrobe e-books of the summer season:

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Here’s everything in my summer capsule wardrobe:


  1. blush top (similar) (new) – I bought this at a local boutique shop.  It’s a bit longer than a regular tee and is soft too.
  2. linen cold shoulder top (similar) – I bought this last year at Urban Outfitters.  I wore it last year in this post: Neutral Palette
  3. white peplum top (similar) (new) – I bought this last month from J. Crew Factory, but it is sold out online.  It is a t-shirt style, but the material is thicker and ruffle on the hem really dresses it up.
  4. flax linen Georgia Tee from Elizabeth Suzann #elizabethsuzann (new) – I have been eyeing the Georgia Tee from Elizabeth Suzann for about a year now and finally took the plunge and ordered one.  I have heard so much about Elizabeth Suzann from my co-bloggers Caroline of Un-Fancy (she has the silk version) and Lee of Style Bee.
  5. gray linen tee (exact) – I bought this one for my spring capsule.  It’s from Everlane and is responsibly made.
  6. chambray shirt (similar) – I bought this top last year and still love it.  It is from Madewell, but is sold out.  I’ve linked up another one that is similar.
  7. blue striped ruffle sleeve top (new) – This one is new.  It’s blue, has stripes and ruffles, love it!
  8. blue sleeveless top (similar) – This was from the Essential Capsule Wardrobe e-book from last summer.  It’s one of my favorite summer tops!
  9. navy dolman tee (similar) – I got a really good deal on this top last year at a locally owned store and I’m wearing it again this summer.
  10. navy tank (similar) – Simple, but a good basic essential.
  11. navy embroidered sleeveless top (new) – I bought this one a few weeks ago and get compliments on it everytime I wear it.
  12. striped tee (exact) – This one is from Boden.  If you are looking for a great striped tee, this is it!
  13. floral cold shoulder top (exact) (new) – I saw this top at a local boutique (the same boutique where I bought my blush top above) and I fell in love with it.  It’s a floral pattern that will go with SO many things in my closet: denim shorts, navy shorts, black shorts, navy pants, black pants, skirts, and jeans.  This is going to be such a versatile top.
  14. denim vest (similar) – I’ve had this vest, that I bought from Target, for about 3 years now and still love it.


15. gray dress (new) – I love wearing this dress because it’s SO comfy!
16. chambray sleeveless dress (similar) – I’ve had this dress from Loft for about 5 years now and still looks new.  I’ve linked a very similar style with ruffles around the sleeves.


17. chambray shorts (new) – I replaced my chambray shorts I’ve had for a few years with these from J. Crew Factory.  They fit perfectly.
18. navy shorts (similar) – I bought these J. Crew navy shorts from a thrift store about 5 years ago and still love them.
19. denim shorts (new) – I know why Levi’s shorts are so popular, they fit perfectly.  I’ll be wearing these for several years.
20. raw hem ankle jeans (exact) – These are from my spring capsule wardrobe and added them to my summer one as well.
21. white skirt (similar) – I bought this Loft skirt at a thrift store about 6 years ago.  The lining is just about worn out, but the outside looks great.  I’m looking for a replacement.
22. denim skirt (similar) – I bought this New York and Company denim skirt at a thrift store about 5 years ago.  It’s a darker wash denim, which looks great with the lighter summer tops.
23. navy skirt (similar) – My navy skirt is from J. Crew Factory last year.  I linked a very similar one.


There you have it!  I’m looking forward to dressing all casual this summer.  Even though I’ll be working at home, I’ll be wearing outfits from my capsule wardrobe!

Do you have a capsule wardrobe?  

How many items do you have in your capsule?  

Is your capsule dressy, casual or a little of both?

My Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

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  1. I am a new fan of the capsule wardrobe idea. I adore these peeks into people’s closets. We are moving from Houston to the U.K. temporarily so sadly I am sitting any summer purchases out but I have been able to pull many of my existing pieces together for a summer capsule to wear before I leave for the cooler temperatures. I am anxiously awaiting my opportunity to actually wear boots and scarves this fall without having a heat stroke. I wanted to thank you for forming the Facebook group as I’ve enjoyed watching what ladies with similar tastes wear in different parts of our world!

  2. I have been looking at doing something like this.. but I am not sure that I would not get sick of all of the clothes by the end of summer…

  3. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I have way too much stuff cluttering up my closet, but when I go to donate I can’t seem to let anything go! I’m definitely going to read up on your posts about how to start. Thank you!

  4. Joanne,

    If you’ll add a few colorful accessories, like a couple of statement necklaces and other jewelry, bandana scarves and a nice handbag or crossbody it will keep your outfits looking interesting for the season.

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