Target’s Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons

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Target’s Universal Thread Review and Try-ons – See in-store photos and a few dressing room try-ons of the clothes,, shoes and accessories. Featured items include jeans, a denim jacket, utility jacket, white tee, stripe tee, printed top, chambray shirt, dress, heels, mules and jewelry.

This past weekend I went to the nearest Target to look at their new clothes line, Universal Thread.  The nearest one is about 25 miles away, not too far, but far enough that I plan a few other places to go while I’m there.  Have you heard of their new Universal Thread product line?  In this Target’s article mentioned by vice president and CMO, ““At the core of this brand is amazing denim based on fashion trends and firsthand guest feedback, but there’s also apparel and accessories that make it simple to create a complete look.”  This style of clothes in the line reminds me of Madewell, but more budget-friendly.  There were plenty of regular sizes and I noticed that there are also plus sizes of everything too online.

When I walked in the store, I immediately heard loud music.  The closer I walked toward the women’s clothing, the louder it got.  They had a small sound system playing in the women’s section.  There were a few employees working the Universal Thread section.  A couple of them were dancing to the music, which promoted a good vibe!  They had a table setup with balloons, cookies and other items.  It was a full-blown promo!

I took several pictures of the displays and clothes to show you all and also to provide a few reviews of this new product line (there are A LOT of pictures).  You know I’m a big fan of core closet essentials for a capsule wardrobe and the Universal Thread has several to choose from!  If you are needing any core closet essentials for your wardrobe and you’re on a budget, then this blog post is for you, so read on!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Pic1

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Denim Jackets

Denim Jacket (medium wash)  / Denim Jacket (light wash)

They have denim jackets in two washes, medium and light.  The medium wash is a bit darker than my Madewell Denim Jacket in Pinter Wash.  Overall, it’s a great looking jacket, especially for $29.99, and fits well too.  It has a bit of a “worn” look around the collar, chest pockets and bottom hem.  See my try-on below.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Denim Skirts

Denim Skirt (dark wash) / (Denim Skirt (light wash)

If I didn’t already have a denim skirt, I would have bought the dark wash one.  I like the raw hem feature and also the zig zag seam on the front.  The dark wash and light wash skirts are different as the dark wash has a straight cut on the bottom and the light wash has a “hi low” hem, where the front is cut shorter than the back.  Both are good length skirts, as they come to a little bit below mid thigh.  The price on these are great at $19.99!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Shorts

Who’s needing denim shorts for the summer?  I was, until I found this pair of mid-rise roll cuff boyfriend denim shorts (top right in the photo above).  As soon as I tried them on, I knew I was going to buy them, since they are the perfect fit and length, with a bit of stretch in the material.  I like the minor distressing on the front too!  I also tried on the denim bermuda shorts (top right in the photo above).  They fit great, but were a little too long for my taste.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Jeans

Lots of denim to choose from!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Chambray Shirts

light wash denim shirt / chambray shirt / wrap front red floral dress

When I first saw the light wash denim shirt (on the top in the photo above) I wanted to buy it since it was on my list, but the material was a little to thick for me.  I’m wanting a good light wash chambray shirt to be able to wear for several months during the year and layer under cardigans, but the thicker material wouldn’t work for me.  The raw hem on the chambray shirt (on the bottom in the photo above) is cute and the material is softer on this shirt.  The color of the chambray looks great.  The red wrap front floral dress (in the photo above) is so pretty and would be perfect for the summer.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Utility Jacket

olive military jacket

I like this unique looking olive military jacket!  It’s lighter than a traditional utility jacket and has wide wrist cuffs and a raw hem.  The flaps on the shoulders gives it that military look.  If you are needing a utility jacket, but are on a budget, the $27.99 is an affordable price point!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Jacket Maxi Dress

red striped maxi dress / western denim shirt / striped

This red striped maxi dress (left in the photo above) looked pretty  and would be great to wear now under a denim jacket or utility jacket and by itself in the summer.  The material is flowy and lightweight.  This western denim shirt (top right in the photo above) is cute, but to me the chest pockets stuck out a little bit much.  I’m thinking in terms of a capsule wardrobe, so it would be difficult to layer this under a sweater or cardigan.  This striped railroad jacket (bottom right in photo above) is unique and reminds me of a utility jacket.  This would work great in a capsule wardrobe as an alternative to a utility jacket.

Try-On Session

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons White Tee Jeans 1

crew neck white tee / dark wash mid rise skinny jeans

The first two items I tried on was this crew neck white tee and these dark wash mid rise skinny jeans.  The white tee is slightly see through, but if you wear a nude color bra, you’ll be fine.  The length stopped comfortably at my hips.  I liked the neckline, as it draped down just a bit so you can wear a necklace or scarf.  Overall, this is a great tee at an excellent price point of $8.  If I didn’t already have a good white tee, I would have bought it!  When I first put on these dark wash mid rise skinny jeans, I couldn’t believe how perfectly they fit, especially at $24.99!  Even though they are “dark wash”, they are more of a darker medium wash.  Before I saw this product line in person, I had read reviews of how good the jeans fit.  It’s all true!  These jeans are comparable to Madewell jeans, but are a fraction of the price.  I’ve already worn them the other day and they held their shape all day!  The material has a bit of stretch to them, which keeps their shape.  I like them so much, I put them in my Spring capsule wardrobe this past weekend.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons White Tee

A close-up of the crew neck white tee.


Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Flutter Sleeve Top

blue stripe ruffle sleeve top / destructed high rise skinny jeans

Next up, is this blue stripe ruffle sleeve top.  This top looks like a top Madewell would sell and the material is so soft and airy.  The sleeves are a bit wider than what I like, since I like to layer my tops under cardigans and jackets.  You could layer this top under any type of jacket, but it would be difficult to wear it under a cardigan because of the sleeves.  Otherwise, it’s a beautiful top and I recommend it.  I tried it on with these destructed high rise skinny jeans.  These jeans fit like the mid rise ones I tried on above and I liked the minor distressing on the front.  I would have bought these as well, but I already have a pair of distressed jeans.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Distressed Jeans

A close-up of the destructed high rise skinny jeans.


Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Red Top

red long sleeve printed woven topdestructed high rise skinny jeans

When I first saw this red long sleeve printed woven top, it was different than my favorite colors of blush and blue that I love to wear.  It’s a beautiful shade of red that I think will work with any skin tone.  Sometimes red doesn’t look well on me because I’m fair skinned, but I love this top!  I bought it and have added it to my Spring capsule wardrobe.  You can see how I wore it on Valentine’s Day the other day on Instagram.  I’m wearing it with these destructed high rise skinny jeans.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Pink Cardigan

pink open cardigancrew neck white tee / dark wash mid rise skinny jeans

Since my favorite color is blush pink, I had to try this cardigan on!  They didn’t have a Medium, so I tried on a Large just to see how it looked.  The Large was too big on me, but I like the color and fit!  I’m considering ordering this online, but am not sure yet.  I recommend this one!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Black Stripe Top

black stripe pocket tee / dark wash mid rise skinny jeans

I loved the way this black stripe pocket tee fit!  If I didn’t already have a black striped tee in my wardrobe, I would have bought it.  The material is not see through at all and it fit perfectly, plus it is priced at only $8.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Pink Jeans

muted pink raw hem skinny jeans / crew neck white tee

I just had to try these muted pink raw hem skinny jeans since the color was so pretty!  These fit slightly more snug than the dark wash mid rise skinny jeans I tried on above, but they still fit well and were comfortable.  I already have a pair of pink jeans in my Spring capsule wardrobe, or I would have bought these.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Dark Wash Shorts

mid rise roll cuff boyfriend shorts / crew neck white tee

When I saw these mid rise roll cuff boyfriend shorts, I wanted to try them on since they were a dark wash denim.  I wasn’t planning on buying any shorts, since I always shop with intent, but I couldn’t pass these up since they fit so well.  The material has a bit of stretch to them, which I like and I like the length of them.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Bermuda Shorts

high rise roll cuff bermuda shortscrew neck white tee

I don’t typically look at bermuda shorts, but I tried on these high rise roll cuff bermuda shorts out of curiosity to see how they would fit.  They fit great in the waist and hips, but being that they are longer shorts, I liked the boyfriend shorts above better.  If you like bermuda shorts, then I recommend you try this pair.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Denim Jacket

dark wash denim jacket / crew neck white tee / dark wash mid rise skinny jeans

 I already have a denim jacket, but I wanted to try on this dark wash denim jacket, so you could see how it fit.  I liked how it tapers in slightly to give it a feminine look.  They also have it a light wash style too.


Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Red Stripe Top

red textured stripe topdestructed high rise skinny jeans

Since I didn’t have a red striped top in my wardrobe, I thought I would try on this red textured stripe top.  Even thought it was a Medium, it has a slightly bigger fit with the dolman sleeves, but I like it.  The material is made of 56% linen, so it has an airy feel about it.  I added this to my Spring capsule wardrobe!  You can wear this top by itself in warm weather, or wear it now with a cardigan or a jacket.

Shoes & Accessories:

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Bags

Top: olive whipstitch tote bag / cognac hayden tote bag
Bottom: blush hayden tote bag / weekender canvas bag

The cognac hayden tote bag looks just like my Madewell medium Transport Tote.  It’s only $29.99 too!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Accessories

blue stripe bandana / plaid bandana / magenta bandanabeige whipstitch tote bag

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Sandals

cognac aspen pumps sandals / black quarter strap heel sandals

These cognac aspen pumps sandals would be a great budget-friendly alternative to the block heel sandals in The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2018 Collection eBook!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Brown Mules

cognac whisper slip on mules

These cognac whisper slip on mules are adorable!  I have a pair of Madewell Gemma brown mules being shipped, so if they don’t work out, I’m considering these.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Jewelry

left to right: double open disc necklace / labradorite beaded necklace / cubed stretch bracelets set / wrapped hoop earrings / chevron statement necklace

I was totally blown away by the Universal Thread jewelry!  The jewelry is great quality!  I’ve already worn the double open disc necklace and a pair of the wrapped hoop earrings.


A Few “A New Day” Items:

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons White Mules

Kona slip on loafer mules

These Kona white slip on loafer mules look like dupes of Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules, but are a fraction of the price, at only $22.99!  The black pair (shown below) is already popular with fellow fashion bloggers.

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Black Mules

Kona black slip on mules


Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Navy Flats

blue d’orsay pointed toe flats

These blue d’orsay pointed toe flats have a blue fabric material that I spotted immediately.  They are so cute and would be perfect for your Spring wardrobe!

Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons Sleeveless Trench

sleeveless trench dress

Although this is labeled a sleeveless trench “dress”, this would be a great alternative to the traditional trench coat.  If you like the look of a trench coat, but not the bulk that sometimes comes with certain brands, this sleeveless version would be perfect for you!


That’s the end of the review and try-on session, whew!  I’m glad you stopped by!



Target Universal Thread Review and Try-Ons

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  1. I actually just went to Target the other day and bought that denim shirt in ththe light wash. I also happened to notice a lot of other pieces you selected for the spring wardrobe like the pink denim. Every Wednesday, I plan to go and buy one thing for my capsule based on your Core Essential weekly post ???????? I love this line so far!

  2. Great post! I don’t normally shop for clothing at Target, but I’ve been wanting to find some nice lower-priced items for my wardrobe. You mentioned that you added the red blouse to your capsule wardrobe…I’m curious how it mixes and matches in a capsule with blush tones. Also, does this line of clothing fit like regular women’s or “juniors” clothing ? My impression is that Target’s clothing runs small. Thank you!

  3. I love this blog! You just saved me hours of shopping. I love that you chose to review an affordable clothing line. What a great idea! I’d appreciate if you did more blogs like this for us. Can’t wait for your summer Capsule Wardrobe ebook! Hope you use more red colors, they pair so well with denim and I love wearing it. As an older woman I’m always on the lookout for cute blouses or Ts with an elbow or 3/4 length sleeve to camouflage my upper arms .

  4. Sandy,

    Thank you for your comment! The red tone of the two tops I bought blends well with the blush tones I have in my capsule. The Universal Thread clothes fit like regular women’s clothes. The clothes I tried on were consistent Medium sizes.

  5. Ashley,

    Isn’t that light wash denim skirt cute?! I liked the design, plus it was a great length for a denim skirt.

  6. The red striped maxi is a definite no!
    Unless you plan to never wash it, then it is 110% perfect!
    I washed it in cold and hung it to dry. The gauzy material shrunk up two sizes in width!

  7. Oh no! I wonder since it’s the gauzy material if you could iron it? I had a top a few years ago with that type of material and everytime I would wash it, it looked like it shrank. But, when I ironed it the material stretched back out looking good as new.

  8. The Aspen pumps and the Kona mules are great! They are both ‘bunion friendly’ for me! I think I will get much use out of both of these reasonably priced items.
    And!!! Target has A New Day Gemma pumps that come in wide widths. They are so pretty, and a classic style. I think they would be Classy Yet Trendy approved ; )

  9. Well, I ordered the red blouse, along with several other pieces! Thanks you again for the inspiration!

  10. After I read post I went to Target. Bought olive v- neck Tee, black striped v-neck tee, a pair of skinny jeans, and one of the purses. I also had a gift card from Christmas to use so most of it didn’t cost me anything. I feel like you, Leanne, have become my personal shopper. I also was so inspired I canme home and decluttered my closet to become more capsule focused. Thank you for your inspiration.

  11. Miriam,

    Don’t you just love the Universal Thread clothes? Target outdid themselves! Thank you for your comment!

  12. I just bought my first chambray shirt at Target yesterday! I’m very excited to have found your blog – I am completely and utterly fashion-impaired. Your blog is just what I need!
    I’m seeing quite a few online winter-wear sales – is there anything I can pick up now, on sale, that I can use this coming winter? I’m definitely looking at boots! Is it too early to predict what colors will be popular? Thanks!

  13. My local Connecticut Target is doing a terrible job of showcasing the new line. I searched and searched for the Universal Thread items all over the Women’s department and finally had to ask a store clerk if they had them. She said yes, and pointed me towards a single crammed hanging rack and an unmarked shelving unit holding t-shirts. They didn’t have much, and I never found the jeans, skirts or dresses. I’ll try another Target store but it’s a shame they aren’t doing more to showcase this brand.

  14. I bought the pink jeans a few weeks back when I built my Spring capsule. I got a splotch of dirt on them and when I treated them with Spray & Wash and laundered them, the pink faded NOTICEABLY! I was so disappointed. I left a review on the Target website. Unfortunately, because I’d washed and worn them a few times, I was unable to return them. They are now relegated to yard-work pants. :-/

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