Tailored Shorts Mix and Match: 9 Pieces, 9 Outfits


Summer is here and it has been hot and humid! Shorts have always been a popular piece to wear in the summer. For this summer, tailored shorts are very much on-trend! Even though tailored shorts have been around for quite a few years and are considered a classic style, many women are wearing them this summer. This summer I pulled together 9 pieces in neutral colors for a mini capsule wardrobe. All these pieces can easily mix and match with each other to create 9 outfits!

If you want to learn how a capsule wardrobe works, this post is a great one to follow! It takes just a few pieces and shows you how to mix and match the pieces giving you different outfits. These are some of my own pieces in my closet that I have already worn several times this Summer!

If you don’t wear shorts, you can substitute pants and/or skirts in the same colors!

What Are Tailored Shorts?

Tailored shorts have a straight, conventional waistband and includes belt loops, conventional hip pockets and can have pleats. They are a semi-fitted style with a modern silhouette that accentuates the body shape without being too tight. Tailored shorts are a classic and timeless style that can be worn either casual or dressy. You can find them in an array of fabrics that include polyester, linen and cotton. NOTE: I have the Abercrombie & Fitch Sloane Shorts in “Black” and “Light Taupe”. They are one of A&F’s most popular shorts, so if your size is out of stock, keep checking back because they tend to be restocked!

Black Tailored Shorts:

Light Color Tailored Shorts:

Chambray Tailored Shorts:

The 9 Pieces



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The 9 pieces from my own summer capsule wardrobe:

9 Outfits

See below each collage for links to the accessories in the outfits!

Outfit #1

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #2

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #3

Shop The Outft:

Outfit #4

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #5

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #6

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #7

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #8

Shop The Outfit:

Outfit #9

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  1. Leanne,
    I have been following you for a few years and have quite a few of your capsule wardrobes. But that’s not why I’m reaching out to you today. I just wanted to thank you for the Bible scriptures at the end of your posts. They always encourage me, but today’s was divinely inspired for me and a personal situation in my life. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for letting me know you like the Bible verses! I share them in my blog posts either from our Pastor’s sermon at church on Sundays or from the YouVersion Bible app.

  3. Love the nine outifts from the summer capsule. Are there any style “rules/guidelines” about wearing belts? When I grew up years and years ago, women only wore belts if they had a small waist and a nice behind. I feel “stuck” in the mindframe, but like the looks you have created with adding the different belts. I have a small tummy. Any advice?

  4. Belts have been trending this year and they look great to match your shoes and/or bags. I have a small tummy too! Here is what I do: It helps to wear bottoms with a high waist since the high waist helps to elongate your waist. You can also do a front tuck with your shirt so that you can see just the front of the belt. 😀

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