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Did you know you can design your own wedding dress online?  You can with YesMyBride!  YesMyBride is a team made up of experienced workers and professional bridal dress designers.  These designers mostly come from France and US, all having more than 5 years experience.  Their designers have an eye for the latest trends.  They are able to help customers to combine different fabric with chic elements to show various styles like timeless, modern, romantic and feminine.
I love this custom dress service!  I especially love their wedding dress accessories and headpieces.  
You can select from:
Wedding Dresses, Prom Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Luxury Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Evening Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Bridal Cuffs, Bridal Sashes, and Bridal Headpieces
These features are what makes YesMyBride stand above the industry standard:

Professional Team
From designers, pattern-makers, tailors, to highly skilled sewing, beading, embroidery and decoration workers, all with working experience for no less than 5 years.
Top Fabric
YesMyBride only uses top-quality fabrics, such as Taiwan soft mesh, French lace and US organza that are the foundation of a top dress which is made by hand.
Free Sketch
When a customization request is accepted, if necessary, one of their professional designers will draw the sketch of your custom dress for you, with no deposit required.
Unlimited Design
Any design elements such as the styles, materials and colors are allowable. You may provide pictures and creative to depict your dream dress.
PayPal Accepted
Safe and easy, PayPal provides strong protection for your payment in YesMyBride.
Gift Packing
They ship every dress with strong and beautiful box, you can even give it as a fancy and lovely gift to your family or friends.

You can find YesMyBride on:
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