How To Create A Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe + 3 Jewelry Capsules

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See how to create a minimalist jewelry capsule wardrobe in gold, rose gold and silver metal mix and match combinations. You can use these base jewelry capsules entirely on their own or expand them by adding more pieces.

If you use a capsule wardrobe for your clothes and shoes, you know how you love everything you wear everyday and how you save money by utilizing your basic essentials every season. Capsule wardrobes also simplify your morning routine and reduces clutter in your closet. Your jewelry collection can also be curated into a capsule!

Several readers have asked if I could create a jewelry capsule that they can wear everyday. I already include mini jewelry collections in all of my Capsule Wardrobe eBooks I publish every season. They include just a few pieces which can mix and match with all the outfits in the eBooks. I created 3 jewelry capsule wardrobes, one for each metal: Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. You can use just one of the capsules for a simplified jewelry collection you can wear everyday, or you can use all 3 and wear them different days of the week!

I have been wearing Kendra Scott jewelry for almost 5 years now and still have the first pieces I purchased. I LOVE wearing all their jewelry and have recently become a Kendra Scott Inflencer!

All the jewelry is from Kendra Scott and include their “icon” pieces, which are classic pieces that always have year after year. The “icon” pieces are great to use as your “base” jewelry, since all the pieces coordinate well together. What’s great about Kendra Scott is that the jewelry is well made, lasts for years and all the pieces coordinate well.

You can use these jewelry capsules by themselves to create many looks or you can add pieces with different stones in the same metals to expand the collections!

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How To Create A Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

Use these steps to create a minimalist jewelry capsule wardrobe to wear with all your outfits. You can use these steps to build your jewelry capsule wardrobe from pieces at Kendra Scott, or you can include pieces already have. If you want to include pieces that have stones, make sure they are in neutral colors to coordinate with the other pieces in your capsule.

1. Choose Your Metal

First, decide on what metal you like to wear the most: Gold, Silver or Rose Gold. Which metal looks good with your skin tone? What metal is your favorite to wear?

2. Add A Long Necklace

This necklace falls at your mid-chest and is great to wear with tunics, cardigans and dresses.

3. Add 2 Short Necklaces

Add two different necklaces in a short length that falls at your necklace. You can add a necklace extender in your coordinating metal to one of the necklaces so you can layer them!

4. Add 2 Bracelets

Add 2 different bracelets that you can wear separately or together. A cuff bracelet and a dainty bracelet mix well together, depending on the styles.

5. Add 2 Earring Styles

Add a pair of stud earrings and a pair of drop earrings. Stud earrings are great to wear if you want the look of an earring, but don’t want a heavy earring look with your outfit (casual, athleisure, etc). Drop earrings are ones that hang from your ear and move freely and they look great with dressy outfits or when you want to wear more of a statement earring.

6. Add A Ring

To complete your jewelry capsule, add a ring in a coordinating style. This is optional if you prefer not to wear rings.

Gold Jewelry Capsule

Here is a complete jewelry capsule in a “gold” metal:


Gold Jewelry Capsule:
Ellie filigree stud earrings
Sophia drop earrings
Aiden filigree pendant necklace
Fern gold metal necklace
Elisa dichroic glass gold necklace
Rue cuff bracelet
Elaina dichroic glass bracelet
Elyse ivory mother of pearl stone ring
short necklace extender (optional)

Here are several mix & match combinations for the Gold Jewelry Capsule:


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Silver Jewelry Capsule

Here is a complete jewelry capsule in a “silver” metal:


Silver Jewelry Capsule:
Tessa Platinum Drusy Stud Earrings
Kirsten Drop Earrings
Aiden Pendant Necklace
Fern Silver Necklace
Tess Platinum Drusy Necklace
Uma Cuff Bracelet
Fern Multi Strand Bracelet
Elyse Platinum Drusy Ring
short necklace extender (optional)

Here are several mix & match combinations for the Silver Jewelry Capsule:


Rose Gold Jewelry Capsule

Here is a complete jewelry capsule in a “rose gold” metal:


Rose Gold Jewelry Capsule:
Tessa Rose Gold Drusy Stud Earrings
Miku Hoop Earrings
Simon Pendant Necklace
Rue Necklace
Elisa Rose Gold Drusy Necklace
Uma Cuff Bracelet
Elaina Rose Gold Drusy Bracelet
Zorte Double Band Ring
short necklace extender (optional)

Here are several mix & match combinations for the Rose Gold Jewelry Capsule:


How To Expand Your Jewelry Capsule

The more you use any of these jewelry capsules, you may want to add a few statement pieces for even more jewelry combinations! Here are a few other “icon” pieces at Kendra Scott you can add to your collection:

Elle Drop Earrings

This style of earring is a classic and comes in several stones and metals to choose from. These pairs will coordinate nicely with the above jewelry capsules: gold white mother of pearl, silver rose quartz and rose gold abalone shell.

Elton Cuff Bracelet

This is a classic piece that also comes in several stone and metals. You can add any of these bracelets to the coordinating jewelry capsule above: gold bronze veined turquoise, silver ocean kyocera opal and rose gold dichroic glass.

Customize At The Color Bar

You can create your own jewelry online at The Color Bar or in the store! I have created a few pieces and they are some of my most treasured ones that I wear often. Choose your style, then your metal, then your stone and that’s it, super easy!

Where To Keep Your Jewelry

You’ll need a central place to keep your jewelry, so you can easily pick what you will wear. A jewelry box or jewelry stand are great to have. This jewelry box in “blush” or “white” is the perfect size for any of the jewelry capsules above. If you are adding any additional pieces to the jewelry capsules, this medium size jewelry box is perfect. If you are a jewelry enthusiast, you will LOVE this Large White Lacquer Jewelry Box! I have this size (since I’m a HUGE Kendra Scott jewelry fan) and absolutely love it. Here are all their jewelry boxes, stands and ring holders.

How To Care For Your Jewelry

To ensure that your jewelry lasts for years, avoid getting it wet and also avoid using soaps with it. See their Jewelry Care page for more info.

How To Save On Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott is moderately priced and is well worth the investment in the long run. Since their jewelry lasts for years, you are getting your money’s worth when you wear their jewelry. If you are on a budget, here’s a tip: sign up for their newsletter to be notified of sales and promotions. I hardly ever pay full price, since I wait and take advantage of their sales as they come along!

I hope you enjoyed these jewelry capsule wardrobes and can use these combinations with your outfits!

Which metal is your favorite: gold, silver or rose gold?

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This post was not sponsored by Kendra Scott and the giveaway is not affiliated with Kendra Scott. I wear Kendra Scott almost exclusively and consider it the perfect brand for a jewelry capsule wardrobe!

“My grace is sufficient for you” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

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  1. Hello,
    I have been a subscriber for several years and bought several seasons of wardrobes. I am a former art teacher and my daughter is currently a second grade teacher so the Teacher’s Wardrobe is always of interest. My favorite store to purchase good quality clothes that are comfortable and appropriate is Talbots. My daughter likes them as well for work clothes. When you have to get on the floor with kids and yet look put together for meeting parents, this is the best I’ve found…

  2. Hello,
    Talbots has been a go to store for me for years too. I look at other shops then end up back at Talbots because of the quality of their clothing. It is much better than most other brands. I’d love to see a try-on session at Talbots!

  3. Congratulations on being official with Kendra Scott. The giveaway is so exciting! I purchased two necklaces last year from the Nordstrom last year and I have to admit they are are go-to pieces. When I travel, that is is what I take to look put together but not feel overwhelmed by the bigger statement necklaces I have. I hope to add to my collection to allow for layering (my two necklaces are in different metals.) And to add some earrings! It is such good quality too. That comes through and helps me level up my outfits.. Great idea for a capsule jewelry collection with KS. Now I can probably justify more pieces??? 😉

  4. What a great idea! So happy to have a Jewelry Capsule all laid out. Thank You!

  5. I definitely need to build a jewelry capsule. I also purchased some Kendra Scott pieces from an e-book. I’m wondering if maybe we could get some guidance on what color wardrobe base colors go best with which colors of jewelry?

  6. I just purchased my first Kendra Scott piece today! I was generously given a 50% off birthday coupon so I took advantage and bought myself the cuff you had worn that I’d been eyeing!

  7. I had always worn silver, but had my colors done and learned that gold looks best on me! I am gradually switching.

  8. Thank you so much for creating this! I bought my first Kendra Scott pieces last year during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale because of your winter 2019 SAHM capsule ebook and I’m hooked. At first I was hesitant to spend the money on jewelry (I usually buy very cheap/low quality jewelry) and for some reason thought that Kendra Scott jewelry was too gaudy for me (maybe because the bigger statement pieces were more advertised heavily). However, I love their large selection of dainty pieces and a few of their larger statement pieces. I’ve bought other pieces from your blog posts. Some of the pieces I would have never picked on my own. I’m thankful for your guidance. I love all of the pieces that I have purchased from your guidance. I love the quality of Kendra Scott. My favorite of the 3 metals is rose gold. However, I am working on my collection of all three metals.

  9. Thank you! Great post! I’ve been following you for a while now and have purchased two capsules so far. Jewelry is always a little difficult for me to configure, so I saved this post for future use.

  10. I am so excited about this giveaway. I discovered your blog not too long ago and I am loving all of your advice. I have been wanting to have a capsule wardrobe for years and had no idea how to really go about doing it. Your website has been so helpful, thank you!

  11. Love Kendra Scott pieces and that you did a capsule with their jewelry. I’ve also purchased one of your capsules and plan on getting another. Thank you for all your hard work in doing these! It makes it so much easier to plan your wardrobe!

  12. Amazing post! The tips you have been given is really good. We always get confused what is the right jewelry that goes well with our outfit. You cleared all the confusion with this article. All the images of jewelry looks fabulous. I loved it. Thank you for such a lovely post!

  13. Oh My God!!! This is a great blog, I am happy that I have come across this one. It’s an amazing blog to read about how to create a jewelry capsule wardrobe-3 jewelry capsules combinations.. Thanks for this wonderful content. I loved reading your article, will definitely give it a try to store as per your advice. Great blog to share!!

  14. Thank you for your post! You are right, platinum is definitely the more difficult of the two to polish, but we find that an experienced jeweler can bring both to a beautiful shine. As such, we don’t have a stated preference towards either white gold or platinum – both have their pros and cons.

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