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Hi, I’m Leanne!

I have been using a capsule wardrobe for a few years now and I want to share with you how to curate your capsule wardrobe!

Read the blog to find out about capsule wardrobes and get your wardrobe plan in the capsule wardrobe eBook Store.

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My 30-Piece Fall 2022 Classic Casual Neutral Capsule Wardrobe - closet
Capsule Wardrobe | Leanne’s Capsule Wardrobes In Her Closet

My 30-Piece Fall 2022 Classic Casual Neutral Capsule Wardrobe

See how I created my neutral color capsule wardrobe, which includes tops, bottoms, layers and shoes, based on the Simplified Style®: Dressy & Casual Capsule Wardrobe. I’m sharing everything in my own personal capsule wardrobe here on the blog. For those of you that follow the Classy Yet Trendy blog, you know that I have…

Capsule Wardrobe | Workwear

How to Create A Smart-Casual Capsule Wardrobe For The Fall Season: 10 Pieces / 9 Outfits

In recent years, a style has emerged that is growing in popularity, especially in the workplace. It’s called “Smart Casual”. The term can be kind of confusing, since is a mix of two words that are opposites of each other! So what is “Smart Casual” style and how do you wear it? Let’s define what…

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