Coming Soon! The NEW Capsule Wardrobe Shopify Store & Summer 2022 Capsule Wardrobe eBooks

A NEW capsule wardrobe online store is coming soon!

For the past couple of months, I have been working with a web design company to create the Classy Yet Trendy Capsule Wardrobe Store on Shopify.

Since 2018, the current shopping cart system has been on Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) on the Classy Yet Trendy WordPress site. It has been a good shopping cart system, but since the volume of capsule wardrobe sales have increased over the past year, the online store has outgrown EDD! One feature you all expressed to me you wanted was a customer account area to access your download links.

For several months, my website had been slow to load and there were several random days where all my posts and pages would just vanish. I would have to contact Siteground, my web host, to help resolve the issue time after time. Because my site would go down, the online store would not work either. This was very frustrating to me and you all as well! I recently switched my web host from Siteground to Flywheel and now the Classy Yet Trendy website is much faster!

Because of the convenience of online shopping and the ready-to-go season capsule wardrobes are helpful in planning your outfits for so many of you, I knew there had to a better online shopping experience for you all! Since Shopify is one of the world’s top online shopping platform hosts, I decided that having the capsule wardrobe store on Shopify would be the best solution.

As of yesterday, the current online store is no longer working. This is so that all the prior order history can be imported into the Shopify system.

Because the current shop is deactivated, those of you who are using your download links to access your eBooks will not be able to access them. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is temporary for a few days. When the new online store goes live, there will be a customer account area so you can access your prior purchases!

When The Site Goes Live!

The NEW capsule wardrobe online store on Shopify will be live on Wednesday, May 18! I’ll be working with the web development team to send notifications to all of you who have previously purchased capsule wardrobe eBooks so that you may access your customer account on the new system.

The Summer 2022 Capsule Wardrobe eBooks

Because of the transition to the new Shopify online shopping platform, the Summer 2022 capsule wardrobe eBooks have been delayed. I am currently working on the publication schedule and will make an announcement soon.

Thank you everyone for your patience during this transition to a better online shopping experience! More details to come next week!

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