8 Ways To Get At Least 53% Off Retail

Have you had your eye on those designer jeans or that designer handbag?
Would you rather not pay retail?
In appreciation of my blog readers, I’m going to share with you 8 ways to get 
clothes, shoes and accessories for at least 53% off retail.
By being a blogger, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends.  
If I bought my clothes at full retail price, I would be bankrupt by now!  
I’ve figured out how to get ALL my clothes, shoes and accessories for much less than retail price.
1. Sale Alerts
If you’re not on retailers’ email lists, you need to be!  Retailers like to have sales, because it brings customers to the stores or online to their site, and it’s a way to move merchandise.  By receiving emails, it’s easier to see sales alerts in one place rather than have to visit several retailer sites to find out if they are having sales.  Just the other day I knew immediately when the Kate Spade “Up To 75% Off Sale” started, just by checking my email.
Getting these types of emails are also how I find out about “Flash” sales.  “Flash” sales, which typically last only one day, let you save more money.  
To receive sales alerts via email, go online to the retailer’s main page and look either at the very top of the page or very bottom of the page and you’ll see a link that may say “Email signup”, “Register”, or “Sign up for emails”.  Enter your email address and you’ll start saving money!
2. Buy At The End Of The Season
I like to buy wardrobe essentials this way.  You may already know this, but wardrobe essentials are items like jeans, shirts for layering, coats, shoes, sweaters, etc.  They are items that you definately need in your closet.  If you’ve been wanting a cashmere sweater, but it’s not in your budget right now, wait until the end of the Fall or Winter season when it goes on sale!  You can save as much as 70% off at an end of season sale, when items are on sale, with an additional percentage off.  
3. Holiday Sales
Retailers are known for having holiday sales.  These sales are focused around holidays.  When we think of holiday sales, we typically think of Black Friday and Christmas sales.  But, retailers have sales for just about every holiday, even Halloween!
4. Coupon Codes
Coupon codes are found online at non-retailer sites.  These are codes that you enter when you pay for your order online, in the “promo code” box.  They have codes for free shipping, flat rate shipping and other type of coupon codes.  A couple of well-known coupon code sites are Retail Me Not and Coupons.com.
5. Promo Codes
These codes will save you money in addition to retailers’ regular or clearance sales!  These codes will be in the emails that retailers will send to you.  That’s why it’s important to get on their email lists!  An example of a promo code is: Save an additional 25% with promo code “SAVE”.  You would enter the word “Save” in the promo code box when you get ready to pay for your order online.  Typically, these are only used online when you place your order, but sometimes can be used if you print out the email and take it to the store.
6. Use Shopstyle
This is an online site I use when creating posts for my blog, but it’s really helpful for a non-blogger too!  Shopstyle lets you search for items based on the type, color, size, retailer and if it’s on sale.  You an sort by price, high or low, and on popular items too.  You can signup for their Sale Alerts and they will let you know, via email, when an item you’ve marked goes on sale.  Just go to Shopstyle and start searching!

7. Buy Online
I prefer to buy online than go to a store.  You can save lots of money this way!  I’ll go to the store to see the items in person, but will then go and buy them online if I know I can save money.  Worried that you’ll order the wrong size?  Retailers have size charts online where you can find out what size to order based on your body measurements, so you will be able to order the correct size.
I’ll give you an example of how much money I saved recently by buying online: I’ve been wanting a hot pink crew neck sweater.  I was in J. Crew Factory this past weekend and saw one in the store.  The retail price was $74.50.  I bought it online because they had a special sale online, used a promo code in my email, plus used my J. Crew credit card.  The sweater’s final price was $29.63, over 60% off!

8. Use Retailer Credit Card
If you shop at retailer store or online regularly like Old Navy or J. Crew Factory, I would advise getting a credit card from the retailer.  When they have sales, they will offer more money off or more of a percentage off your order.  A few weeks ago, Old Navy had a sale where everyone 25%, but cardholders saved 30%.  It’s important to pay the card balance off at the end of the month or they will add interest to your balance.

Here’s another example of how I saved money recently by following a few of my tips.  About a month ago, Old Navy had a Super Cash promo where you received a $10 coupon for every $25 you spent.  This past week you could redeem your Super Cash.  I went online and picked out two items, which totaled $79.88 (my order had to total at least $75 to use the $30 Super Cash coupon).  Also, I used my Old Navy credit card (which is a Visa card and you can use it anywhere that accepts Visa and gets points for your purchases), and I had a $30 promo on my card, got free shipping and only paid $.99 in tax.  I saved in sales tax because the sales tax at the store would have been 9%.  My total order was $20.87, over 60% off!

By using these shopping tips, I hope you save lots of money!  
Thank you for visiting my blog!
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