How To Find Your Personal Style

How To Find Your Personal Style

Do you have a closet full of clothes but the styles are different?  Do you have some clothes that look conservative, some that look soft and flowy, or some that are glamorous?  Would you like to narrow down to just one style that makes you feel great all the time that you can identify with?  Would you like to find out your personal style?  Knowing your own style can even help you save money by omitting unwanted clothes from your closet and can help give you confidence by knowing you look great in your outfits!  Here’s how to find your Signature Style:

1. Start With Style Inspiration

A great way to see what styles you like is to search for styles on
Here are a few popular styles:9 Personal Fashion Styles

  1. Classic Style – This style consists of essentials that never go out of style…a more dressy look.
  2. Glam Style – This style consists of faux fur, sequins, statement jewelry, leather, etc.
  3. Boho Style – Do you like 70’s-inspired clothes from brands such as Free People or Lucky Brand?  Then, this style may be for you!
  4. Casual Style – This style consists of jeans, tees, jackets and cardigans in a casual, relaxed style.
  5. Edgy Style – This style consists of clothes that make a statement, like leather jackets, high heels, bright colors, etc.
  6. Preppy Style – These clothes are tailored, with bright color and fun fabrics.
  7. Minimalist Style – These clothes have neutral colors, like black, gray, white or blush and have simple designs.
  8. Romantic Style – Do you like clothes with lace, soft flowey fabrics and feminine designs?  This style may be for you.
  9. Athleisure: Activewear style that you can wear in or out of the gym, like leggings, sweatshirts, yoga tops and sneakers.

2. Look At Brands You Love Wearing

Look in your closet at the brands of clothes you own.  What are the most brands you have?  Each brand has its own style.  If you like to shop at Loft, J. Crew, J. Crew Factory your style may be “Classic” or “Casual”.  If you have a lot of Lucky Brand or Anthropologie clothes, your style may be “Romantic” or “Boho”.  If you tend to like shopping at a few stores that have the same style and you love that style, then that is most likely your style.

3. Choose Your Favorites From Your Closet

Here’s a way to narrow down your closet to that style you love and is “You”.  Take out everything from your closet.  Go through each item.  If you love wearing that item, you feel comfortable in it and it looks great on you, then put it back in your closet.  If any items don’t stand up to your liking, either store them away, sell them or donate them.  You’ll find that if you eliminate items from your closet that doesn’t match your style, you will have a neater closet, can get dressed quickly and will love your closet.

4. Keep A Capsule Wardrobe For Your Style

You can use a capsule wardrobe system to focus on your chosen style.  With a capsule wardrobe, you have a set number of clothes and shoes in your closet.  Find out more in the Capsule Wardrobe E-Book Store.

Are you unable to narrow down your style?  

Do you need outfit ideas that are already created for you?  

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Everything you need to know from how to create your own capsule wardrobe, to finding what clothes and shoes to include and where to find them, to having DOZENS of outfit ideas already prepared for you, then visit the Capsule Wardrobe E-Book store!

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  2. Love this post! Do you plan to put together different guides for a core closet by style?? That would be so helpful! 🙂

  3. Jane,

    I only have one core closet essentials guide as they are the basic essentials that are the most popular for one’s closet.

  4. Thanks for the guide! I pinned tons of ideas. I lean more toward romantic style it seems like. Also, so you’re aware, the last three links seem to be broken.

  5. What’s the difference between casual and minimalist style? I think I’m somewhere in-between (with geekiness on the side, like graphic pop culture t-shirts).

  6. Classic, casual and minimalist. Neutrals with a pop of colour in timeless classics. My problem is I dont make time to shop properly and I’ve ended up with a wardrobe full of mismatched items…

  7. I like the breakdown of styles and know that my closet is fuller because I don’t shop just one style. And I’m not opposed to keeping 2 different styles in my wardrobe. But, here’s my dilemma: the styles I most clearly like don’t look the best on my body shape and/or are not comfortable. So I feel like I’m dressing someone else much of the time.

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