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I went to the “Big City”, also known as Birmingham, Alabama, yesterday to see the latest trends and try on clothes (I confess, that’s one of my favorite things to do).  It’s not far from where I live, so it’s a good day trip.  
I had ordered two purses and the scarf (see the scarf in the photos) from the Forever21 sale a couple of weeks ago.  The purses were way too small for me so I took them back.  I exchanged them for these pants, sweater, purse and rings.  I’ve been wanting some rings like these for a while.  I was browsing in the jewelry section and saw a whole display of rings.  I was like, wow, these are exactly what I was looking for, and a low price too (less than $5 for each one)!  I’ve been wanting some stretchy pants like these too.  They had about 50 different styles so it was hard to choose.  I picked these pants, which have a design in the material down the outside of each pants leg.  The purse was a steal, only $27.80!  If you have never been to, or shopped online, at Forever21, you need to.  They have trendy clothes at very low prices!  All pieces together were less than $60!  
I’ve been needing a pair of black booties for a while now (In case you don’t know what booties are, they are ankle length short boots).  I went to DSW and found these leather and suede heel booties, which are so comfortable and fit perfectly.  Being 5’9″, sometimes heels make me feel like a giant, but these keep my height almost the same as if I didn’t have heels on, so that’s a plus!  Sign up for their rewards card and earn points toward future pairs of shoes (if you know me, you know I’m always earning points or saving money somehow).
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black handbag (in stores, not online) (similarsimilar)
crystal bracelet (similar)
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