Stripes & A Blanket Scarf



Blanket Scarves are a popular accessory this Fall.  They are not only a great accent piece for your outfit, they are toasty warm too.  If you’re not sure what top to wear with a plaid scarf (or a different patterned scarf), either choose a top that’s one of the colors in the scarf or go with black or white, or in my case both!  I wore my black striped top with the scarf, because 1) black and white are neutral colors and 2) there’s also black and white in the scarf pattern.  The brown suede booties are the same brown that’s in the scarf, so my accessories coordinate together.  Add basic jeans the outfit is complete!
Outfit Details:
plaid blanket scarf (almost exact, almost exactsimilar)
black striped top (almost exact)

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