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I’m SO excited about Fall!  What better way to welcome the fall season than to create your own fall capsule wardrobe.  You gather all your favorite clothes and shoes and decide which lucky ones get put in your closet.  You know, those tops that you love to layer under cardigans, the jeans that are just so comfy you could wear everyday and what about that utility vest that adore wearing to football games and fall festivals.

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  The weather is just cool enough to layer clothes and really create interest to your outfits with textures and colors.

36 Piece Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re a fan of capsule wardrobes, read on because I’m sharing my fall capsule wardrobe with you.  If you don’t know about capsule wardrobes, the purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to save you money by limiting your shopping.  Also, by having a limited number of clothes and shoes in your closet you have LOTS of outfit possibilities by having clothes that coordinate with one another.

If you want to find out more about capsule wardrobes and how they work, the Mixable Wardrobe Series, here on Classy Yet Trendy, can get you started.

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Are you ready to see what’s in my Fall capsule wardrobe?  Let’s get started!

My fall capsule wardrobe featured in this post is based on the E-Books in my shop:

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This past weekend I created my fall capsule wardrobe.  I chose 36 pieces (clothes & shoes), the majority of them from my E-Book, The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2016 Collection.  The color scheme I chose was black, white/ivory, burgundy, blush, olive and chambray.

Women often ask me how I find how to find certain clothes or shoes they are looking for.  I use the affiliate version of ShopStyle, but everyone can use the ShopStyle app.   By using the app, you can search for an item, sort the items by price, store, and brand.  It’s really handy when you’re looking for a particular piece and saves time too!


A few snapshots of my closet with my fall capsule wardrobe:


My Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe tops


My Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe bottoms

The Shoes

My Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe Shoes


What’s New & What I Already Had



Note: for items that are out of stock where I bought them, I have linked up similar items I recommend.


First though, here’s what I already had that I’m using in my fall capsule:

Striped Top – I bought this one from J. Crew back in the summer.  The stripes are a dark navy, which almost look black, which makes it versatile.

Black Peplum Top – I bought this one from Loft earlier in the year and used it in my summer capsule.

Black Drapey Top – I’ve had this top for years!  Want to know how long?  For about 8 years!  I bought it at TJMaxx and it has lasted a long time.  It still looks new and wears well.

White Shirt – I bought this one at Nordstrom Rack last Spring on sale.

Chambray Short Sleeve Top (exact) – I bought this top for my summer capsule and love it so much I’ll be wearing it again in my fall capsule.

Taupe Cardigan – I bought my taupe cardigan at TJMaxx last year.

Olive Cardigan – I bought my olive cardigan at Express for my winter capsule last year.

Burgundy Cardigan (exact) – I’ve had this cardigan for 2 years.

Olive Vest (exact) – I absolutely love this utility vest!  Definately worth having in my capsule!

Distressed Jeans (exact) – I bought these jeans at Nordstrom Rack last year and love them.  We can’t wear distressed jeans to work, but I wear them on the weekends.

Dark Wash Jeans (exact) – I love my Paige jeans!  They fit great and have just enough stretch to be comfortable.  They don’t stretch during the day either like some jeans.

Burgundy Jeans – I’ve had these for 2 years, love American Eagle jeans!  They fit like Paige jeans, but are more budget-friendly.

Black Ankle Pants (exact) – I bought these for my Spring capsule and this is the 3rd season I’ll be wearing these.

Black Swing Dress (exact) – I bought this dress for my Spring capsule and, like the ankle pants, this is the 3rd season in my capsule.

Black Skirt – I bought this skirt from Madewell and wore it in my summer capsule.  I love it so much, I’ll be wearing it in my fall capsule.

Denim Skirt (exact) – This skirt from J. Crew was in my summer capsule.  Wearing it again!

Black Lace-up Flats (exact) – I’ve had these flats since last fall and love them!


This season I added a few new tops and bottoms to either add a few trends or replace worn items:

Hi-Lo Ivory Tee (exact) – This Nordstrom tee is longer in the back than the front.  It has a ribbed material that is thin.

Black Graphic Tee & Gray Graphic Tees (exact) – I saw these at Old Navy and just had to get them!  I haven’t worn a graphic tee since last fall.  I think they will look great with my black blazer, olive vest and my cardigans!

Blush Boatneck Top (exact) – One of my favorite colors is blush.  This top fits really well!

Burgundy Tee (exact) – This tee was on sale and is an essential.  It’s more of a dark red, which looks beautiful.  I love the way the hem line is shaped.

Olive Crepe Top (exact) – I bought this one during the Nordstrom half-yearly sale.  It fits well and looks great.  I don’t like that it’s “dry clean only”.

Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt  (exact) – I’m replacing my J. Crew Factory chambray that I’ve had for years with this soft, buttery-feel chambray shirt from J. Crew.

Peasant Blouse (exact) – When I saw this burgundy patterned peasant top online I knew I had to incorporate it in my fall capsule.  This exact one is sold out currently online, but I’ve linked up 2 other options in my fall capsule e-book.

Plaid Shirt (exact) – This is another item I bought during the Nordstrom sale.  The material is SO soft!  I’m replacing my Old Navy plaid shirt from last year.

Black Blazer (exact) – I’m replacing my old Kohl’s blazer from years ago.  The fabric on this black blazer is so soft and flowey.  It fits more like a cardigan and still looks dressy.

Black Vest (exact) – I love this black vest!  It’s not too stiff-looking, and can be worn dressy or casual.  I wore it in this post Black, Blush & An Everlane Review.

Chambray Dress (exact) – I bought this one to replace my dark wash chambray dress that I’ve had for years.  It fits perfectly and I love it!  You can wear it with the fabric tie or leave it off for a relaxed look.

Olive Jeans (exact) – I didn’t have a pair of olive jeans in my wardrobe and knew they would work well in this capsule with the other colors.

Black Striped Dress (exact) – I found the perfect dress at Old Navy…just the right length and texture.

Leopard Flats (exact) – My flats that I bought at Express two years ago are getting slightly worn, so I bought this pair.

Black Loafers (exact) – I have been wanting a pair of black loafers.  They are such a versatile shoe that can be worn with just about any outfit.   If you get a pair size up a half size!  I wore them in this post, Black, Blush & An Everlane Review.

Brown Leather Booties (exact) – I have a pair of Sam Edelman taupe suede booties exactly like these that I bought last year.  I love them so much that I bought a brown pair!

Black Booties (exact) – I’m replacing my black suede wedge heel booties with these.  These ankle boots have a modern look and I can’t wait to wear them!

Leopard Scarf (exact) – This is a lightweight scarf, more for looks than warmth.  It is more beautiful in person!

Burgundy Print Bandana Scarf (exact) – This scarf is currently sold out online, but you may can find it in an H&M store.


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If you’re interested in having a capsule wardrobe and saving money by using a capsule wardrobe, check out the Seasonal Capsule Wardrobes in my E-Book Shop!

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Do you use a capsule wardrobe each season?

Are there certain pieces in your closet that you love to wear?


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  1. What an organized and well-thought out fall wardrobe plan! Thanks for sharing these suggestions!
    I found your post today on Modest Mom.
    Hope you have a blessed Monday~

  2. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but it feels like so much work. I know that sounds crazy because I’m sure in the long run it makes things much easier, but that decision making the figuring it all out feels overwhelming for a girl who hates figuring it out! (especially when it comes to clothes!) Thanks for the inspiration and sharing the great pieces!

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