Create a Capsule Wardrobe On a Budget: 10 Fall Outfits

You can transform your closet and create a Fall wardrobe on a budget!  Did you know you can save $1,000’s each year by mixing and matching everything in your closet to create dozens of outfits?  It’s called a “capsule wardrobe” system and it can save you time in getting dressed everyday and save you money by finding out which items to buy for your wardrobe!
This post is a preview of the e-Book, The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2018 Collection.  I’m sharing a few pieces in the capsule wardrobe and you can mix and match those pieces to create several outfits!

I’m excited to share with you all the latest Capsule Wardrobe e-Book!  It’s for the Fall season and includes 100 outfit ideas.  If you need a multi-functional wardrobe, with both casual and dressy outfits, this one is perfect for you!

Click HERE to get your copy!

Essential Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2018 eBook

This Capsule Wardrobe E-Book expands on this post and offers:

    • All 24 Suggested Clothes and Shoes Ideas with 3 Regular-size and 2 Plus-size shopping options (some Petite sizes available) for every item in the capsule!
    • 100 outfit ideas
    • Printable Checklist
    • Wardrobe Color Coordinating Chart
    • Packing Guide (10 Pieces / 7 Outfits)
    • BONUS: 8 Ways To Save At Least 50% Off Retail

Here are JUST A FEW ITEMS in the E-Book:

Roll Tab Sleeve Ivory Top (regular) / Plus-size


Release Hem Skinny Jeans (regular) / Plus-size


For Sources of ALL 24 Items & 100 Outfit Ideas & More, get your copy of
The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2018 Collection


Outfit #20

Outfit #29

Essential Fall 2018 Outfit 29


Outfit #32

Essential Fall 2018 Outfit 32


Outfit #49

Essential Capsule Wardrobe - Fall 2018 - Outfit 49 Revised

Outfit #58

The Essential Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2018 - Outfit 58

Outfit #64

The Essential Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2018 - Outfit 64


Outfit #78

The Essential Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2018 - Outfit 78


Outfit #80



Outfit #97

Essential Capsule Wardrobe - Fall 2018 - Outfit 97


Outfit #98



 Essential Capsule Wardrobe 10 Fall 2018 Outfits - REVISED


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  1. Will you be publishing an athleisure or stay at home mom/ retiree Capsule Wardrobe anytime soon?

  2. I love these outfit ideas, Leanne! I’m interested in the roll-tabbed sleeve blouse, but I see that it is to be dry cleaned or hand washed. Is that what you do? Also, do you need to wear a cami underneath due to sheerness?

  3. Sandy,

    I have the exact roll tab sleeve blouse and love wearing it! It is slightly sheer, but I wear a nude bra so I don’t have to wear a cami underneath. I wash mine in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, cold water, and it still looks new.

  4. I’ll be publishing the French Minimalist eBook on August 8, then those 2 eBooks afterward.

  5. I was considering getting you bigger essentials ebook but now wonder if I should go for one of the fall guides instead. How do the pieces in the big essentials book differ from what in this fall essentials guide? I just wonder if I should only get one, which one? I don’t want to get too many clothes? 😉

    Thank you.

  6. Jenifer,

    The Simplified Style eBook is a year-round wardrobe plan of 50 clothes and shoes in neutral colors to wear in the 4 seasons.

    The Essential Fall 2018 eBook is a wardrobe plan of 24 clothes and shoes just for the Fall season. It includes mostly basic essentials with a few trends for the season.

  7. Hi, Leanne. Just got the full Fall 2018 ebook and would really like one for workwear too. Do you plan to release one for workwear soon?

  8. Thank you Donna! The Workwear Fall 2018 is scheduled to be published next week, August 17.

  9. Looking forward to the Fall French Minimalist! I used your Spring one and LOVED it. Thank you!

  10. Leanne:
    Your ebooks have helped me tremendously! I am grateful!

    Will you ever consider making a high schoolers version? I have come to realize that I want to teach my teenagers how to manage this part of their life’s to set them up for success with managing their time, money and space.

    Thank you!

  11. I’m wondering how many of the outfits you publish have “tall” size options. I don’t want to purchase a book and not have any shopping options. Thanks!

  12. Hi! LOVE these sample styles. I’ve been trying to find that exact plaid shirt because I love the stripes, but I’m not having any luck. What brand is it? Thanks so much!

  13. You always pick the best accessories to complete your looks. Can you tell me where to find the green/floral scarf you have listed above?

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