Girls 15-Piece Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

A complete girl’s capsule wardrobe for the Spring 2020 season! All the tops, bottoms, dress, jumpsuit, layers and shoes that you will need for her closet with convenient shopping links from 1 retailer.

I’ve had several requests for a girl’s capsule wardrobe for the Spring, so I thought I would post this one I created, along with 9 outfit ideas!  Since these 15 clothes and shoes all coordinate, they will make more outfits in addition to the 9 shown here.  You can add a few more tops, bottoms and/or layers in the same color palette to have even more outfits!  So, your little girl will have a complete season of outfits!

I will publish a Boy’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe next! I have had several requests for a Teen Spring capsule wardrobe, but due to several projects I have planned for the next couple of months, I won’t be able to create one.

A capsule wardrobe changed my life…literally!  Before I discovered the capsule wardrobe system, my closet looked horrible.  It was so packed with clothes, that I couldn’t find what I needed to get dressed for work on time.  If I was late for work, it was usually because I took too long trying to come up with an outfit to wear or I changed outfits at least 3 times before settling on one before I ran out the door. Now, since I use a capsule wardrobe, my closet is neat and tidy and I know exactly what to wear everyday, plus it only takes about a minute to get dressed!

As you all may know, I publish several women’s capsule wardrobe eBooks every season.  Each eBook contains a hand-selected wardrobe plan, where all the clothes and shoes coordinate and includes 100 outfit ideas, a travel packing guide and more.  What makes these wardrobe plans so functional, is that they consist of mostly basic essentials that can be used over and over, thus saving you thousands of dollars each year Thousands of women are using these wardrobe plans and love how they have transformed their closets!

Everything in this capsule wardrobe can be found at H&M, so you can shop online for everything all at once!
This capsule wardrobe is for a GIRL sizes 2-10


Capsule Wardrobe Details:

First Row: butterfly tee / yellow tee / pink tee / multi-color tee

Second Row: denim jacket / yellow cardigan / pink zip hoodie / dress

Third Row: navy pants / wide leg pants / floral pants / jumpsuit

Fourth Row: pink flats / sneakers / navy flats

If you need a capsule wardrobe, all the Spring 2020 eBooks are available in the Capsule Wardrobe eBook Store!  One of the popular eBooks available, The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2020 Collection, has all the clothes, shoes and accessories you’ll need for Spring.  Included are 100 outfit ideas from just 23 clothes and shoes, Regular, Plus and Petite size convenient shopping sources, a capsule wardrobe creation guide, a checklist, travel packing guide and more!

Get Your Copy Now!

French Minimalist Capsule Spring 2020 cover

Here are 9 outfit ideas:


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A Few Accessories For Complete Outfits:

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  1. This capsule is adorable! I ordered most of it for my 20 month old. Just FYI everything runs pretty big, especially the little parachute pants. Thankfully my 3yo will enjoy them! Thanks for turning me on to H&M girl clothes. I will totally shop your capsules again for my girls!

  2. Thank you for this capsule! My girl and I love it, great job!!! Cute and affordable 🙂 looking forward to the next seasons capsules 😉

  3. Michaela,

    I am working on some projects currently, but if I get a chance I will try to create one.

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