Everyday Casual Spring 2024 Capsule Wardrobe Sneak Peek + 10 Outfits


This post is a preview of a NEW capsule wardrobe in the season series, The Everyday Casual Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2024 Collection. Find out where to get a few pieces from the capsule, plus a sneak peek at 10 outfits from the collection!

Do you need a complete wardrobe for the season and don’t know where to begin? Do you struggle when putting together outfits that look great and that you feel fabulous wearing?

Don’t spend $$$ hundreds on a personal stylist! Use the Everyday Casual Spring 2024 Capsule Wardrobe instead, which is only $21.99 for a complete wardrobe plan! You will save money by utilizing your core closet essentials! You will receive in a convenient eBook:

BANNER - CYT Capsule Wardrobe eBooks Advantages

The style of clothes and shoes in this All-Casual capsule is perfect for:

✓ Moms

Women Who Work From Home

✓ Retired Women

What Is The Everyday Casual Style?

The “Everyday Casual” season series replaces the “The Stay At Home Mom” and the “Athleisure” season series.  The Everyday Casual series is a mix of both casual and athleisure pieces, giving you a variety of outfits to wear throughout the season!  This series can include pieces like jeans, leggings, joggers, cardigans, jackets, hoodies, tees, pullovers, sneakers, etc.

Get Your Copy!

The Everyday Casual Capsule Wardrobe:
Spring 2024 Collection


This Everyday Casual Capsule Wardrobe Collection expands on this post and offers:

✓ A complete wardrobe plan for the season using several basic essentials you may already have in your closet!
✓ Visual Guide of the Clothes and Shoes in the capsule wardrobe (Also includes recommended accessories to complete your outfits!)
✓ Convenient online regular size shopping links for each piece in sizes that range in average from XS to XL.
✓ 100 outfit ideas (wear a different outfit everyday of the season)
✓ Printable Checklist
✓ Travel Mini Capsule Wardrobe (10 Pieces / 7 Outfits)
✓ Month Outfits Calendar (using outfits from the collection)
✓ Outfits Calendar Template (create your own calendar)

Here are a few pieces included in the capsule collection:

There are 2 regular-size shopping links at different price points for the clothes and shoes in the collection

Henry Matisse Art Graphic Tee

Huarache Sandals in “Almond” color I have been wearing these shoes for a few years now, and am on my 2nd pair!
Use code “CLASSYYETTRENDY20” for 20% off at Nisolo

Italian Leather Handwoven Crossbody in “Cognac” color
A lovely full leather bag that is only $99.90! Also great for travel!

For ALL 22 Pieces & 100 Outfit Ideas & More, get your copy of

The Everyday Casual Capsule Wardrobe:
Spring 2024 Collection

10 Outfits from the Capsule Wardrobe Guide:

Outfit #5

Outfit #12

Outfit #15

Outfit #34

Outfit #35

Outfit #40

Outfit #56

Outfit #61

Outfit #73

Outfit #94

CLICK HERE to get your copy today!
Turn 22 pieces into 100 outfits

A Bit Of Inspiration For Your Day:

“Now faith is confidence is what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11:1

The Everyday Casual Capsule Wardrobe - Spring 2024 Outfits Preview
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  1. I’m 40. It’s so hard for me to tell if these are in style or not because the trendy styles right now seem to be what my parents wore in the 90s, and they were not cool back then!! I can tell these are in style from the young adults pictured wearing the Matisse T-shirt on the Abercrombie website. I do miss the athleisure capsule collection though. Most of the women/Moms around me are just wearing athleisure about 80% of the time. A kid’s athleisure collection would be amazing too. Most kids around me are wearing athleisure with lots of Nike and Adidas.
    Thank you for these collections. They are very helpful to quickly buy a new classic but also stylish wardrobe without having to figure out trends and styles for myself.

  2. Initially I was uncertain about the combination of the Stay At Home Mom and the Athleisure capsules, but after purchasing the Everyday Casual guide and many items of clothing, I am loving it! It is beneficial to have a more balanced wardrobe of items to wear around the house and running errands and then things that are a little nicer for going to appointments, lunches, or other events. I have bought several of the capsules over the last few years and they are so valuable in helping me figure out how to dress myself. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into creating these guides!

  3. Hi where are these sneakers from please? Just the ones I’ve been looking for. Thanks 😊

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