Save $1,000 A Year With This Closet Hack


You can save money every year just by using this closet hack…Read on to find out more!

How much money do you spend a year on clothes and shoes?  Is it a few hundred dollars?  More?

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but you don’t exactly like everything in your closet?  It takes you a while to get dressed everyday, because you either 1) don’t like what you put on, 2) it doesn’t fit right or 3) you just don’t know how to create an outfit?  You think, “I’ll just go shopping and buy a couple of outfits.”  You get home from shopping, look at the receipt and you’ve spent $400.  You wear those outfits (the same outfits) for a few weeks, but grow tired of them.  Next month, you go shopping again.  You spend another $300.  Then, next month, you go shopping again.  Before you know it you’ve spent $1,000, or more!


Save $1000 a Year With This Closet Hack

I used to spend at least $1,000 on clothes every year.  I had too many clothes in my closet that didn’t  coordinate, didn’t fit right or that I just grew tired of.  Yep, that was me. My closet used to stress me out!  Everyday I would dread getting dressed.  It would take me a long time just to find the right outfit to wear.  I would think that I needed more clothes to match what I already had, so I would go shopping for several hours and come home with a bag of clothes, maybe 2 or 3 complete outfits that later I would find would only look good together, and not match anything in my closet.

About 3 years ago my life changed for the better.  I discovered a “capsule wardrobe” system.  If you keep a limited number of clothes in your closet that you love to wear and that coordinate with each other, you will have many outfits, look great and have a neat and tidy closet!

If you keep a limited number of clothes in your closet that you love to wear and that coordinate with each other, you will have many outfits, look great and have a neat and tidy closet!

Now, that I feel great about the way I look and feel great about the clothes in my closet, it’s hard to believe that I actually save money now by limiting my spending on clothes.  I use a capsule wardrobe in my closet every season.  Find out more in my blog post, How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe.  Get a copy of one of my seasonal Capsule Wardrobe e-Books, with all the suggested clothes and shoes, dozens of outfit ideas, packing list and more!

Here’s how you can save $1,000’s a year on clothes and shoes:

Keep More Basic Essentials In Your Closet

Basic essentials are those that are classic and timeless pieces that never go out of style and look great with many other pieces.  Usually, they are solid, neutral colors.  By keep mostly basic essentials in your closet, you will spend less because they will last multiple seasons and will coordinate with so many other clothes!

Click on the images to shop if you need any of these basic essentials for your closet:

Buy Only What You Need and Absolutely Love

Think twice about dollar spent on clothes and shoes.  Ask yourself this question before you buy, “will this item coordinate with at least 3 items in my closet?”  When you start asking yourself that question before you spend your money, you’ll change your way of thinking and be more conservative in what you buy.


Choose Patterned Clothes Wisely

When you have too many patterned clothes in your closet, that limits your ability to mix and match them.  When you have more solid color clothes, they will coordinate with many other clothes.  Have a few patterned clothes in your wardrobe, but not too many.  A classic, timeless and popular pattern is stripes.  Stripes even coordinates with other patterns!

Here are a few patterned items that will look great with other items in your closet (click on the image to find out more)!

Stick with mainly neutral colors

Colors like black, white, beige, gray and navy go with so many other clothes.  Clothes with Chambray fabric are also consider neutrals, as this color goes well with other neutrals.  Clothes with solid neutrals are considered “essentials” of your closet.  These colors are the ones you’ll reach for time and time again.

Click on any of these Chambray items to find out more!

Choose Coordinating Colors

When you are building a wardrobe, make sure to choose colors that coordinate well.  Pick colors that not only look great on you, but also mix and match with each other.  By having all your clothes coordinate, you can create many outfits.

Have fun creating a wardrobe that you will love and enjoy wearing.  Grab one of the Capsule Wardrobe e-Books to get a jump start on creating a capsule wardrobe!

 Shop the seasonal capsule wardrobes!

Save $1,000 a Year With This Closet Hack

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  1. I am new to your blog and am loving it. You have great content and the style you put out there is wonderful. My question is regarding pear shapes. I am very much a pear (wider hips than torso) and have a devil of a time finding clothes that fit and flatter. It appears many of your capsules are with skinny jeans and I tend more towards bootcut or straight. Also, many of the shirts appear to be very straight in the body. I think what I am asking is, do you have a capsule book for pears! I would love a capsule wardrobe but it takes me forever to find clothes to fit and flatter and I often purchase things that will “make due” and don’t wind up loving it, hence a too full closet.

  2. I wore my first outfit from my new capsule wardrobe and got lots of compliments on it. I am so excited to be using this wardrobe as I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear every day and now have all the pieces I need to look great! Thank you!!

  3. Jenifer,

    I don’t have a capsule wardrobe e-book for body shapes, but that’s a great idea for a blog post!


  4. Great tips. I have always brought what I love and never have any basics to go with them and find I do not wear things. I am going to try and only buy basics for a while now so I can wear all my bright and patterned things 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

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