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I’ve been using all of these Lindi Skin products for a few days.  When Lindi Skin asked if I would try a few of their skin care products and do a review I didn’t hesitate for this reason: as they say, their products “treat dry, cracked skin and other uncomfortable skin conditions.”  Since I have sensitive skin, I thought I would try their products.  I’ve been very satisfied with all four of their skin care products.

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Let me tell you a little more about Lindi Skin…
The Lindi Skin brand was created in 2003 as the first complete skincare line designed specifically for the unique needs of people undergoing cancer treatment. Its safe, gentle, clinically-proven line of skincare is perfect for anyone with compromised skin and its calming, spa like packaging and wide range of products is gaining a following of savvy beauty consumers across the population spectrum who want to use the best healing and protective products to restore their skin. Anything applied to the skin is absorbed into the body so it is as important to be as careful with skincare as with the food and beverages one consumes. Lindi Skin ingredients have all been carefully researched and sourced before being introduced to the marketplace. The products have effective preservatives by design, in order to combat bacterial and microbial growth which is critical when immune systems are compromised.
The company discovered that patients using Lindi Skin during treatment continued with the products following their recovery because of the noticeable benefits and that more general consumers select the products because of their gentle nature and reliability. Lindi Skin uses the most healing botanicals and antioxidants to deliver ultra-hydration resulting in healthy and protected skin. They find that the products are ideal for winter skin, older skin, general skin rashes, allergy-prone skin, bad sun and wind burns and various other skin conditions. In fact, many dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and spas are recommending these products for post-peel and laser treatments based on their anti-inflammatory, safe, healing properties. The brand’s packaging is cosmetically elegant and luxurious and is accessibly priced.
The history of these products is quite remarkable and the story behind them, worth telling. According to Lindy Snider, Founder and CEO, Lindi Skin, “Several of my friends and family were going through radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments and I was shocked by the side effects to their skin. As many of us have witnessed, some cases become so extreme that the treatment needed is stalled and such delays have serious consequences. When I tried to find topical help for their rashes, burns, wounds, dryness and other uncomfortable skin conditions, I became disappointed and then angry that this was not being addressed. I decided to become proactive and started my own line with the help of the eleven person Lindi Skin Advisory Board which is made up of experienced oncologists and dermatologists.” Lindy continues, “As advancements are made in therapies and a whole new class of drugs and treatments become available, the need for our product grows and we are thrilled that Lindi Skin is positively impacting the lives of people who often need a reason to be optimistic.”
Presently, there are twelve extraordinary items with consumers often trying a few at a time. Included in the assortment is a starter kit option and an additional gift certificate option. Retails range $10-$40 and Lindi Skin can be purchased on the brand’s website or in select drug and cosmetic stores and medical centers with specific locations listed at lindiskin.com. The superior Lindi Skin products are a smart gift or self-purchase.

Here’s my review of all the products I’ve been using:
1.  Face Wash: This product cleanses my face thoroughly, but gently.  It has a very mild scent.  The face wash is non-abrasive and is smooth on my face. 

2.  Face Serum (lavender): I love this product!  It’s silky smooth on my skin and it’s non-greasy.  It quickly is absorbed in my skin.  It has a very light scent, which I hardly can smell, but it smells clean.

3.  Eye Hydrator: This product is as smooth and luscious as shown in the picture below.  It’s a nutrient-rich gel which helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and improves skin tone.  I love to use this on the skin under my eyes.

4.  Lip Balm:  I’m in love with this lip balm!  It has kept my lips from being chapped and smells like a light honey scent.  It’s compact size is easy to carry in your beauty bag in your purse!

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This was a review of Lindi Skin products.  I was compensated with free products.
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