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I received a press release the other day and would like to share with you what I’ve found!  It’s about a jewelry company from Spain that designs and sells their own handcrafted jewelry line.  The name of the jewelry company is UNOde50us.  You’ve got to see their jewelry!  Their Autumn/Winter Collection is available online for you to see.

I have fallen in love with their line of jewelry!  In the Autumn/Winter Collection, they’ve incorporated gray and white pearls and Swarovski crystals in several pieces.  The pieces look like lunar phases resembling the moon and planets.  I don’t know of any other jewelry like that.  How neat is that?

The jewelry at UNOde50us is unlike any other jewelry I’ve seen.  It’s handcrafted, so their pieces make a statement!  The type of necklaces they have are bib, lariat, leather and pendant just to name a few.  They also sell bracelets, earrings, rings and anklets.  They sell men’s jewelry too.

Their jewelry reminds me of a few vendors I’ve seen at fall festivals selling their handcrafted jewelry.  I love going to Fall and harvest festivals.  My favorite items to shop for at festivals are handcrafted jewelry, because the jewelry is always unique.  Usually, vendors are there that make and sell their own jewelry.  Sometimes they even make the jewelry at the festival in their booths, demonstrating their craft.  I like to stand and watch them as they are making the jewelry.  It’s exciting to see a piece “come to life”.  The only drawback to leaving there not buying any jewelry is that you aren’t able to buy it again.  But with UNOde50us, you can buy their pieces anytime online! 

What I like about UNOde50us is that each piece is handcrafted and that the jewelry stands out.  For example, when I am wearing a solid color top, I want to wear a necklace that is bold, but yet feminine.  Their jewelry is just that!

Their “Orbits & Lunar Phases” collection would look perfect with chambray shirts, white jeans, dark wash distressed jeans and plaid shirts, which are “hot” this Fall.

(The model is wearing a few pieces from the “Orbits & Lunar Phases” collection.)

Their “Air, Water & Sand” collection, with its nature-themed look with beads and dragonfly designs, would pair perfectly with a Boho style emboidered tops and a flowy skirt.

(See these pieces from the “Stars & Nebulas” Collection)

I’ve spotted a few original hoops silver earrings for women that I would love to have!  I don’t think I have a pair of hoop silver earrings, so I’m going to have to hint to my Hubby that I “need” a pair for my wardrobe!

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