Packing Guide: Spring Break At The Beach


See what to pack on a Spring Break or Summer Vacation to the Beach!

Packing List Guide - BEACH VACATION

Don’t you just love Spring Break?  The time of year that winter is over and great weather is starting!  We often go to the beach during spring break and summer to get away from it all, have fun and relax.  But, what do you pack?  Where do even start?

I’ve created a guide to help you get that suitcase packed with the least amount possible, but with lots of outfit options!  If you pack mainly basic essentials, you are sure to have clothes and shoes that will coordinate with each other well.  A pair of denim shorts, a white tie top and sneakers makes a comfortable, yet cute outfit, perfect for sightseeing.  You can wear a striped dress and slide-in sandals out to eat that evening and look great.  Don’t forget your swimsuit, coverup, round beach towel, floppy hat and sunscreen in your suitcase (comes in black, silver and blue) for the beach!  Pack an extra 2-piece swimsuit (top & bottom) if you are staying at the beach for a few days.

This packing guide is great for those of you who have a capsule wardrobe.  It includes several pieces that may already be in your capsule!

The key to packing less, but having several outfit options is when you pack, gather a few basic essentials in solid, neutral colors, like white, gray, black, navy or denim.  Then add a few patterned clothes in the same color tone.  That way they will all coordinate other, giving you several outfit possibilities.

striped tee

white tie tee

gray tee

blue striped top

navy tank

denim shorts / Shop these Denim Shorts

white shorts

denim skirt

 striped dress

white coverup

striped swimsuit / Shop these beautiful Swimsuits!

2-piece swimsuit (top, bottom)

brown leather tote / Shop these Leather Totes

floppy hat



slide-in sandals / Shop these Slide-in Sandals

wedge espadrilles

round beach towel



A few of these clothes and shoes will be in the upcoming Summer Capsule Wardrobe e-Books!  Here’s one of the Spring capsule wardrobe e-books, currently in the Capsule Wardrobe e-Book Store:

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Here’s a few outfit ideas:





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  1. I love this capsule, but knowing myself, I would probably “need” to have one more bottom to feel prepared for every occasion…so to keep the number of items the same, I’d replace the striped t-shirt with drawstring cotton shorts in royal blue or navy, capri pants in one of those colors, or a white, gauzy, wide-leg pair of pants (or eyelet skirt) to wear to a restaurant in the evening. Then I’d feel complete! Thank you for putting these together. (BTW–I’m getting the last item I need for the Spring Workwear Capsule, and hopefully I’ll start wearing my outfits next week when the snow finally melts. I’m excited!)

  2. Ooh. If this is a preview of the summer capsule, I’m in! Even though I’ve barely started spring seeing that there is still snow on the ground. Grrrrr

  3. Love your picks. Wish I was heading away for spring break. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. Pinned & shared.

  4. LEANNE, I was hoping you would post a spring break capsule, and I love it! Would you wear something from this capsule on the plane, or would you wear something from one of your Spring capsules instead? E.g., I loved your “FOUR OUTFITS PERFECT FOR TRAVELING, FROM THE FRENCH MINIMALIST CAPSULE WARDROBE: WINTER 2017 COLLECTION E-BOOK” blog post in January, but I didn’t start purchasing the clothes in your capsules until your Spring e-books, so I don’t have those items.

  5. Lynnette, sometimes it can cool on the plane, so I would suggest wearing jeans or leggings with a tee and lightweight cardigan. If you get warm on the plane, you can always remove the cardigan. Leanne.

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