10×10 Challenge: What I Wore In 10 Days

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The last two weeks I put my Spring capsule wardrobe to the test by doing a “10×10 Challenge“.  If you use the capsule wardrobe system, you can do a challenge by wearing 10 items for 10 straight days.  This type of challenge not only motivates you to make the most of your clothes, but you discover which clothes in your closet you love to wear the most.  If you read my post a couple of weeks, 10×10 Challenge: 10 Items, 10 Outfits, 10 Days, I shared which 10 items I was going to use in my capsule.  I also shared how a 10×10 challenge works.  If you want to try a 10×10 challenge yourself, comment below and let me know!

 10x10 Challenge- What I Wore In 10 Days

This was the first 10×10 challenge I have done and I absolutely loved it!  This challenge really tested a few of my favorite clothes in my closet.  The tops and bottoms are my favorite basic essentials that I tend to use in multiple seasons.  The key to making a challenge like this and to making a full capsule wardrobe work, is to use basic essentials in mostly solid, neutral colors.  Examples of basic essentials are a dark navy striped top, gray boyfriend cardigan, chambray shirt, white button-up shirt, white tee, black tee, gray tee, blue jeans, black ankle pants or gray jeans.

I posted all of the following 10×10 challenge outfit photos on my Instagram account.  Check out what I wear from my capsule wardrobe, plus more on Instagram.

I chose to use just clothes in my 10×10 Challenge, due to needing outfits for both the weekend and for work.  You can limit a challenge to include 2 pairs of shoes too.

Here are all the tops and bottoms that were in my 10×10 Challenge:

black tank

white tee

short sleeve chambray shirt

white button-up shirt

dark navy striped top

gray cardigan (similar)

denim jacket

frayed hem jeans

black ankle pants

gray skinny jeans (raw hem DIY by me!)

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Day 1

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 1

10×10 Challenge Items:

white button-up shirt |gray skinny jeans

additional items in photo:

necklace | bracelet | handbag (similar) | shoes (similar)

Day 2

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 2

10×10 Challenge Items:

white tee |gray cardigan (similar) | frayed hem jeans

additional items in photo:

scarf (similar) | earringshandbag (similar) |flats c/o Shopbop

Day 3

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 3

10×10 Challenge Items:

striped topblack ankle pants

additional items in photo:

bandana scarf | handbag | flats (similar)

Day 4

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 4

10×10 Challenge Items:

white tee | gray skinny jeans

additional items in photo:

necklace | bandana scarf | bracelet | crossbodyflats c/o Shopbop

Day 5

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 5

10×10 Challenge Items:

striped top

additional items in photo:

necklace | denim shorts | handbag/crossbody | Chacos sandals

We decided, on a whim, to go to Savannah, Georgia for an extended weekend trip.  I carried two pair of shorts due it being warmer weather and we would be sightseeing.  I still wore my 10×10 Challenge tops!

Day 6

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 6a

10×10 Challenge Items:

short sleeve chambray shirt |

additional items in photo:

gold bar necklace |link bracelet | cuff bracelet | black shorts (similar)handbag/crossbody | sandals

Sorry for the fuzzy photo.  I took this on the way to eat breakfast in the hotel lobby.  After breakfast, I went back to our room to change into sneakers, since we we were going to lots of walking in Savannah that day.

Day 7

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 7

10×10 Challenge Items:

white tee | frayed hem jeans

additional items in photo:

necklace | link bracelet | handbag/crossbody | flats c/o Shopbop

Day 8

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 8

10×10 Challenge Items:

black tank | black ankle pants | denim jacket

additional items in photo:

bandana scarf | handbag/crossbody | flats (similar)

Day 9

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 9

10×10 Challenge Items:

striped top | frayed hem jeans

additional items in photo:

gold bar necklace | cuff bracelet | handbag c/o Shopbopflats c/o Shopbop

Day 10

10x10 Challenge - Outfit 10

10×10 Challenge Items:

white button-up shirt | black ankle pants

additional items in photo:

bandana scarf (super cheap!) | bracelet | handbag c/o Shopbop | black heels

Here’s what I enjoyed the most about this 10×10 Challenge:

My favorite 10×10 Challenge item: it has to be the striped top!  I wore it 3 times!  I have a few striped tops in my wardrobe, at least one for each season.  This is a new top that I bought this season.  It’s a 3/4 length sleeve, so it will be versatile in multiple seasons.

My favorite outfit: It’s a toss-up between Day 3 and Day 8.  I think those are my favorites because of the accessories!  There’s something about navy or black with red as an accent color!

Have you ever done a 10×10 Challenge?  Are you thinking about it?  What clothes would you include?

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  1. I love wardrobe chanllenge, the way you see your closet afterwards is a whole new level. Day 1 is my fav, I love grey jeans with a tee 🙂


  2. Love the outfits! I need to create my capsule! Question – Days 5 & 6, were you wearing shorts? I did not see shorts in your 10 item capsule.

  3. Cathy,

    Yes, I wore shorts on those days. I noted under Day 5 that we decided to take a trip to Savannah, so I took 2 pairs of shorts (denim and black twill) just in case. It was a good thing I did because it was in the 80’s those days and we did a lot of walking outside. I still wore my 10×10 Challenge tops though.


  4. Love the post! I spent this past winter in Florida and was amazed at how few clothes I really wore for 4 months. Such a lesson in minimalism.

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