Life Is Precious: My Daughter’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis

If you are a reader of this blog, you may be wondering why there have been no posts for the past week.  Life seemed to stop for the last several days, as my 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 17: Her biopsy is cancerous, they think a grade 3, which is aggressive.  They will find out the specifics in a few more days when the specifics of the biopsy comes in.  Today we saw the neurosurgeon, the oncologist, radiation doctor and she had another MRI. We will start chemo & radiation treatments probably next week or the week after.


My daughter had been experiencing occasional headaches and a few episodes of nausea for the last few months.  I have a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse, that I have lived with since I was in my 20’s.  She said she was having some of the symptoms I experience, so I took her to my MVP/Dysautonomia doctor to be tested.  She was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, which is a fluctuation of blood pressure and heart rate.  Her doctor wanted to try regulating her condition with a special diet.  One of the symptoms of Dysautonomia is headaches due to the fluctuation of blood pressure, so her continued headaches was what I thought was normal.

About 3 weeks ago, she woke up with a bad headache and nausea that would not subside with over the counter medicine.  I called her Dysautonomia doctor and she suggested I take her to the local ER.  They treated her for the migraine and sent us home.  Her Dysautonomia doctor prescribed her a medication and said she would refer her to a neurologist to check her out just in case.  I had an intuition that she needed to have a scan of her head just in case.  Her recent bad headaches had been at the back of her head at the base of her skull.  The doctor asked us in the hospital if she was experiencing trembling or difficulty of learning at school and we said yes to both questions.  She is normally an A & B student and most of this year she was making C’s and a couple of D’s.  She was feeling overwhelmed with her schoolwork.  For this past few months her hands would shake anytime she would pick up something.  Also, she became uninterested in doing some things like going to movies and going out with friends.  Her sleeping habits changed too.  She was having trouble falling asleep and then would sleep until mid morning.

The time had come for us to leave on our vacation, but I was reluctant to go, since it is about  12 hour drive.  She was so excited about going.  My husband said if anything should happen while we are there, we could take her to a hospital there.

Our first day at Disney, we went to the Magic Kingdom.  We rode the first ride of the day, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster.  When we finished the ride, my daughter complained that she was lightheaded, her head hurt in the back, like it had been before and she got sick.  A few Magic Kingdom staff members helped us and one drove us back to the resort.  They were wonderful and very accommodating!  She took some headache medicine, we stayed in the resort room and she felt a bit better that evening.  The next morning she woke up again with a headache and continued to be sick.  Her nausea started to subside after I gave her her prescribed nausea medicine.  We decided to pack our things, leave and go home.  When we started on the road, she got worse.  Her head was hurting so bad that we went to Dr P Phillips Hospital close by and checked her into the ER.  The ER doctor ordered her an IV and a CT scan.

They found a mass in my daughter’s brain.  When the doctor told me, I instantly felt the blood rush from my head.  I had to sit down.  I will never forget that feeling of total shock.  I would never have imagined that’s what was wrong with her.  The doctor came in and explained that it may be a tumor but he said an MRI would determine that.  He suggested sending her to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital about 15 minutes away.  She was transported there within the hour.

The neurologist did an MRI of her head and one of her spine.  Her spine was clear, which was good!  He said it was a brain tumor, but that they would need to a biopsy to find out what type.  Once again, fear and anxiety took over on the inside, but on the outside I remained calm for my daughter.  The doctor explained that her tumor was in the left ventricle in the center of her brain.  He said most likely it has not spread and is contained in the ventricle, which was good, but it has blocked the spinal fluid from circulating in the ventricle, which is called Hydrocephalus.  He said she needed to have a biopsy performed to determine the type of tumor and a procedure to drain the blocked spinal fluid.  He said the first choice of the Hydrocephalus procedure would be to cut a slit in the curtain dividing the ventricles to allow the blocked spinal fluid to circulate.  If there was difficulty in performing the first choice procedure, then he would insert a shunt with a tube coming out to drain the fluid.  Thank goodness the first choice procedure worked, so there is no tube!  She did well throughout the procedure and there was no bleeding.  She went back to her room after recovery and stayed overnight.  The next day after surgery she was moved to a regular room!  They took her off the IV and the monitors.  She was still a bit groggy and tired, but she had no headache nor nausea.

Yesterday, the doctor released her since she was doing well, 2 days after brain surgery!  He gave a steroid medication to take every 6 hours, even during the night, and a medication to control the reflux from the steroids.  I’m glad to say she’s at home resting and watching super hero movies!  She has to be careful about turning her head, since it is sore and she’s slowly gaining her strength back from being sick and in the hospital.  The good Lord has watched after her and Praise the Lord she is doing ok!

She still has the tumor and she is taking rounds of steroids so that it restricts it from growing.  Our follow up appointment with the neurologist is Thursday, May 17.  We will find out the results of the biopsy, if it is benign or malignant.  I’m praying it is benign.  They will set up her chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments to shrink the tumor.  Then, after a few months, she will have surgery to remove the tumor.

I never would have imagined this would happen to her.  She is my only child.  I don’t have brothers or sisters and only have a few family members who are all older than me.  My Mom passed 3 years ago and to have this happen has been a bit difficult to digest.  I have learned through a few difficult times in my life is to always think POSITIVE.  We are not giving up, as I have heard of children who have been cured from brain tumors!

Thinking positive will help you get through even the most difficult situations.  For the past week, I have had doubtful thoughts like,  “she may have a hard time going through the treatments”, “she may want to give up”, and even, “she may die”.  You name it, I have thought it.  And with each of those thoughts comes fear, anxiety and times of crying.  But, I am trusting in the Lord, that He will make her pull through this.  I have told my daughter twice the last couple of days, that she needs to focus on the POSITIVE and don’t think negative thoughts.  There is much hope and that hope will get us through this!

When we allow negativity to overwhelm us, it can consume us.  If we focus on the Positive, we feel better, can cope much better and each day will be better.

In times like these, you open your eyes and are reminded that Life Is Precious.  Often, we go about day to day, going to work, getting caught up in…Life itself.  But, when things like this happen, it makes you slow down and enjoy the little things in life and the ones you love.

If you are wondering if I’ll continue to publish blog posts on capsule wardrobes on publish my Capsule Wardrobe eBooks, yes absolutely I will!

In troubled times, it is so important to continue working, enjoying hobbies and just…keep busy.  It keeps us going, helps us cope with difficult times and gives a sense of “normalcy”.

Each season I have published 6 capsule wardrobe eBooks.  Because some of my time will be taken in caring for my daughter and taking her to appointments, I will only publish 4 eBooks this Summer: The Essential, French Minimalist, Workwear and the Stay At Home Mom.  The Athleisure and Menswear eBooks will hopefully resume in the Fall 2018 season.  Thank you for your understanding.


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  1. Prayers for your daughter’s diagnosis and recovery. Prayers for you for the strength to get through this. Take care of YOU — that’s important too.
    Hugs, hugs and more hugs!

  2. Leanne, my prayers are with you and your daughter. I’m so touched that you shared your story. As a survivor of childhood cancer myself (16 at diagnosis, now 43), I know that your advice is absolutely right on – stay positive, keep busy, and remember life is precious. To this I’ll only add one of my favorite quotes: “The best way out is always through.”

  3. During the very difficult times in life, my faith can be much more focused as I gain strength from God. I will be praying for your daughter, and for you, Leanne.

  4. God is good and has a perfect plan for your daughter, you and husband. This experience is part of it , And is preparing you for great things. You’re doing good being positive and teaching your daughter to accept things with grace and faithfulness. You are in my prayers,

  5. Leanne,

    I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this. It sounds like you are being an incredibly supportive mom. It is so hard when our children are ill to remember to take time for self-care, but it sounds like that is already on your radar. If there is anything we can do as a community of blog followers, please ask. I am wishing your daughter well and wait eagerly for updates. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. Will pray for complete healing for your daughter! Proverbs 3:5-6. Love and Blessing to you and your family.

  7. I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Sending prayers and love to you, your daughter and your family.

  8. Leanne, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your daughter. We are all here for you as you have been for us. You have a mighty prayer army every step of the way to healing!

  9. Leanne, as the mother of childhood cancer survivor, my heart just goes out to you. My thoughts and prayers are with your daughter, with you and your husband, and with the healing professionals who are coordinating her care. If it would help to talk with someone who has been through it, don’t hesitate to reach out via email. My best to you.

  10. Leanne – my thoughts and prayers are with your family! I’m an executive assistant to a pediatric neurosurgeon and just wanted to reach out to let you know that chances are you’ll be shocked at how well your daughter does! Things that would keep an adult down for weeks don’t seem to faze our kids!

  11. Leanne, when you started this blog as a hobby you probably never dreamed it would turn into a flourishing business. When it did, you probably thought you had realized its purpose. But really, what you have here, that you couldn’t have imagined you’d need, is a community of thousands of women who will be your prayer warriors. Those of us who pray, will be praying. Every day. You can count on that.

  12. Dear Leanne,
    Thank you for sharing your family’s story. Through this blog and the Capsule Wardrobe group on FB, it feels like we are all connected in a positive, supportive way. Sending prayers for your daughter, her parents, her doctors, and other care providers. Please hold in your heart that all around the world women you have helped are joining in hope that your daughter will be cured and grow up strong, kind and positive – just like her Mom!

  13. Leanne, I hope you receive the best outcome possible over the next few months.

  14. Holding you all in my heart, and keeping you in my prayers. One day at a time.

  15. Leanne you have been on my Mind all week. When I did not see a new ebook and I saw your post on vacation I started to be concerned. My prayers are for you and your daughter. Keep up the good work and keep going forward.

  16. Im so sorry to hear about this. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    God Bless.

  17. Praying for comfort and healing for your daughter and strength for you and your husband. I am so sorry your family is going through this.

  18. This is Bryse’s grandmother. Praying with all my heart for Lauren and you. She is in God’s hands. While reading this it brought back many feelings I went through with Kelly. At 15 she developed a blood disorder ITP causing her blood to quit making platelets. Long story short she had to do a bone marrow test for leukemia. Because of no platelets there was chances of free bleeding if bumped even slightly. Those few days I prayed constantly and asked “what if…” over and over. Results came back negative and she went on steroids. Slow recovery, lost of blood tests. It is hard to wait and see. I know it will be trying but praying for all the best God can give her. And you

  19. I am praying for you and your precious daughter. I have been a follower of yours for so long that I feel like you are family. I pray that The Lord gives you strength. Many blessings to you.

  20. I am praying for your daughters complete healing. When I was diagnosed I felt so overwhelmed. A nurse told me, don’t think of all you need to do. Only think of the next step, do it, check it off your list, then on to the next step. That’s what I did and it made me feel calmer, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and gave me the feeling that i was in control. I am 8 years in remission.

  21. Praying for you and your family. My 13yo is an 11-year cancer survivor and doing amazing. God is good and he is walking through this with you. I’m glad you have found a good balance of keeping your routine, but not planning to ‘do it all’.. Please keep us posted. <3

  22. In the midst of your worry and fear, may I thank you for your bravery in sharing the details of your daughter’s symptoms, diagnosis and treatment? Your courage in doing so will help others realize when medical evaluation and care is needed. I sincerely hope our thoughts and prayers lift you with solace and comfort, and ease your daughter’s pain. With much love, C

  23. I really am so sorry your family is dealing with this. As a mother of 3 I can’t even imagine how you’re holding it together. I will keep your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated on her progress. You may not have much biological family but we all feel like you are a member of ours.

  24. What a trying time for you all. I am saying a prayer for your whole family as you all go through this experience together. Stay strong and know there are so many people holding you up in thoughts and prayers.

  25. Thank you and yes, I forgot to include what symptoms she was experiencing besides the headaches and nausea. Her headaches always seemed to be on her back of her head at the base of her skull. The doctor asked us in the hospital if she was experiencing trembling or difficulty of learning at school. She is normally an A & B student and most of this year she was making C’s and a couple of D’s and felt overwhelmed with her schoolwork. She was having shaky hands for a few months. Also, she became uninterested in doing some things like going to movies and going out with friends. Her sleeping habits changed too.

  26. Prayers, for your daughter to be healthy, for you and your husband to have strength, and for the Dr.s who are working with you. I pray form guidance and comfort for you all on this journey. God is good and you have a whole group of Christians prayer for you and yours. I am sure he is with you.

  27. Oh Leanne, how sorry I am that your family is going through this. I am sending hugs and prayers for you all.
    When my hubby was dx with a BT a nurse friend brought me a notebook and a pen to the surgical waiting room. She told me to write everything down… meds and dosages, doc names and numbers, questions I had, answers they gave me etc. that pad went with me everywhere. I cannot tell you how helpful that was.
    Isaiah 41:10 became my verse
    You just can’t remember everything.

  28. I am praying for your daughter to be fully healed; for you to be able to stay positive for your daughter during this time. I’m sure she is scared so I will pray that she has strength and a positive outlook during this time. I pray that you feel God’s love surround you all during this time and give you strength and hope.

  29. I’m so sorry to hear this news. It is so brave of you to share it on your blog. You will all be in my prayers.

  30. I’m so sorry, Leanne. Please check out He also has a facebook page. There are many interviews with people who have overcome all different types of cancer. I HIGHLY recommend his Square One program that compiles all the most successful cancer defeating protocols and the support group that comes with it. Prayers for strength and healing.

  31. I will be praying for a full recovery for your daughter and peace for all of you during this hard time. You are right in keeping positive!

  32. Thank you for being an inspiration.
    All the way from Denmark Im sending you warm thoughts and praying for your daughter. She is lucky to have you as a mom.

  33. Prayed for complete healing for your sweet daughter, that God gives the doctors wisdom and for the positive results that will follow. In Jesus name

  34. Leanne,
    I am praying for your family right now. I am also praying for your healthcare team, for the doctors and the nurses that will be caring for and facilitating healing for your daughter. My husband battled a very rare form of encephalitis last year and praying for not only his recovery but for the knowledge and wisdom of his doctors and the compassion of his healthcare team made a huge impact. Remember to Take care of yourself so that you can be the best caretaker for your daughter. Take time to breathe, relax and recharge. And just take it one day at a time, don’t fixate on the what if’s. You will get through this!

  35. God bless you Leanne and your precious girl. May she have a complete and speedy recovery. You are in my prayers.

  36. If we didn’t have a problem how would we know GOD could solve them. Through it all I’ve learned to trust in JESUS and take him at his word. Lyrics to a song by Andre Crouch

  37. Prayers for your continued strength and positivity! Thank you so much for sharing. Lots of love to you and your sweet family.

  38. Such a tough time for you – sending you much love, prayers & a huge hug! Keep strong & positive . Much love Sara x

  39. I’m so sorry. I too have a brain tumor so I know first-hand what it can be like. Luckily, current research is finding some very effective treatments so one day we will have a cure.
    If you ever want to reach out to talk to someone more about it please do not hesitate to reach out! Beyond my experience with my own tumor I’m a trained neuroscientist.

  40. so brave! both you and your daughter! Like others, I only know you through your (most helpful) blog – but your candor and genuine is so genuine – we feel like we know you! PRAYERS, hugs, love, and caring

  41. I am so sorry you and your family are going through all this. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for the best of all possible outcomes for you.

  42. Dear Leanne – I’m so sorry to read of your daughter’s diagnosis. It must be a scary and terrifying time. But one thing I have absolutely no doubt about, is that you have the strength and courage to face whatever comes your way. Of course I hope for the speediest of recoveries for your daughter. You don’t mention her age, but whatever her age she has much more life to live. A quote that has often helped me is “When one door closes another opens … but it is hell in the hallway.” May your hallway be very short.

  43. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Our children are the most precious gifts God has given us and when their health is at risk you wonder how you’re going to get through it. Stay positive and I will be sending prayers for healing.

  44. Leanne, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I can imagine how frightening all of this is. I’m praying for your family I went through a similar episode and was diagnosed with a benign colloid cyst. It’s still pretty dangerous but at least not a malignant type of tumor. You’re welcome to join our Facebook group called colloid cyst survivors. Lots of good information and a caring community. We share about doctors and hospitals to help each other find top notch surgeons. Wishing you all peace and comfort. Take care.

  45. Oh! What a shock for you and your family. You are such an elegant writer – thank you for sharing your story. You have a large community of caring followers. Wishing you strength and grace as you and your family bravely face this challenge.

  46. My heart goes out to you and I’ll be praying for you. God has her in the palm of his hands. I pray He comforts you and your husband through the hard times and gives you his peace beyond measure.

  47. Your family will be in my prayers. Tomorrow will be the most precious of Mother’s Days. There is no greater gift than good health and I pray for that for your daughter.

  48. Leanne — my heart goes out to you and your message resonates deeply with me — praying for your family.

  49. Sending healing prayers and positive energy to you and your daughter! Hugs

  50. Prayer really works. I am praying that you have the peace that transcends all understanding.

  51. Leanne, I am so sorry you are going through this with your daughter. I could hardly get through reading your blog today. I know God hears our prayers and He answers. Keep up the faith and trust that He will see you through the trials you are facing. I will be praying for you, your husband and especially your daughter. Praying also for the medical staff that is taking care of your daughter.

  52. Praying for your family during this difficult time. Love your positive outlook and I hope you and your daughter have a great Mother’s Day!

  53. Dear Leanne,

    I am so sorry about your little girl. I know it is hard to see her like this and i truly hope that she is going to be allright. I am having a very hard time too, my husband has cancer and we just found out that the treatment is not working. We don’t know what the future will bring. I am consumed with negative thoughts and greef. I am also alone, we have no children and little family. I try to be as brave as you ! All love from Holland

  54. Praying for God’s peace and grace to come over you and your family Thank you for sharing I was wondering where you were and what had happened. It is so hard when our children are so ill and the future is unknown to us. Trust in the Lord. I will be praying for you all!!

  55. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your daughter and the very large prayer circle warriors around the world! Prayers for strength and healing are powerful and being lifted by many.

  56. Leanne,
    My heart aches for you and your family. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. You seem to have the best outlook possible and no doubt that will be extremely helpful to her and for you. I am praying for your daughter. Children’s Hospital in Birmingham has a great reputation.

  57. Oh, I am sorry you all are dealing with this but thank God you were at our world class hospitals here in Orlando! Thank God they ordered the tests they did and treated your daughter asap. I am paying for good news for you all and I am so glad to hear of your faith in the Lord – yes, He will provide comfort and help with anxiety and you have a whole team of us praying as well. I worked in oncology for a number of years (I am a mental health counselor and worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando) and I will tell you one of the very best things you can do for your daughter is to go about life as normal as possible. It will help her with her recovery. Hang in there!

  58. Dear Leanne: What a scary time for you and your family. With all my heart, I pray for her recovery and you to have continued strength to support her. I wish I could give you a big hug and hope the positive thoughts keep coming strong. Thank you for sharing your story. My thoughts and prayers are of you and your daughter. With much love, Lisa

  59. Prayers being lifted for your daughter’s healing and peace in your hearts.

  60. stay strong… especially in your faith. prayers are being sent. God bless you and your family.

  61. I will pray for your daughters healing. My thoughts are with you and your whole family.

    I am glad you shared with us so we can all lift you up in prayer.

    Take care of yourself.

  62. My prayers go out to your and I pray for your continued strength to help her through these upcoming tests and trials that you all may encounter. Be strong and be blessed!

  63. Our precious children, nothing else compares except the faith and hope we have in our Lord… I will pray for your daughter and your family at mass this morning….

  64. When I heard what is happening to your family, I thought to Psalms chapter 9 verses 6 and 9. Big hug to a very courageous woman. Love.

  65. Leanne, your daughter and your family are in my prayers for strength and healing!

  66. Believing God for a good report for your daughter. What a scary experience. Thank you for sharing. Life certainly is precious. We all need that reminder. Stay hopeful and encouraged.

  67. I certainly don’t have the right words but feel the need to let you know that I read this post and feel incredible shock for you and your family. You are going through a storm right now. I really liked the comment that you go “through” hard times. I am sending strength and positive thoughts your way. Please keep us updated when you feel you can.

  68. Thank you for sharing such personal story. I hope you find a lot of support from us here. Please know that we will all keep sending good positive thoughts your way. Thinking of you and your family as you face these challenges.

  69. Leanne, I’m so sorry to hear this news, you are very brave to share, so thank you. Being positive is an absolute must, worry is a waste of precious time, like carrying around an umbrella on a beautiful day waiting for it to rain. I will keep you and you daughter in my thoughts and prayers.

  70. Leanne, I’m so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time in your life right now. God is awesome and he will definitely pull your precious daughter through! Take care of yourself too. You and your daughter are in my prayers.

  71. You’re a brave girl indeed to share this with us and it’s your strength that will keep Lauren strong and positive too. May God bless you all
    Pamela xx

  72. Sending love, prayers and all my best karma. Envisioning health, happiness and a full return to robust health for your daughter. You are one strong mama; you’ve got this!

  73. We will be praying for your family! This happened to a friend of mine years ago. Thankfully the tumor was benign. It was blocking the flow of fluid and blood to the brain and causing severe headaches. He has since recovered fully, gotten married, and has a wonderful life. Praying for the same outcome for your precious one.

  74. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. We are all touched by trials and the strength and prayers of many sustain us, lift us and often carry us. Prayers, Faith and positivity coming your way from Utah!

  75. Wishing you and your daughter a lot of strengh and hope and all the best to get through this !

  76. Prayers for you and your family. Thank you for sharing and I hope you gain strength from the llove in this group

  77. Leanne, praying with and for your family, healing, comfort, strength and GOD’s peace that passes all understanding. Psalm 103:3 or 100:3 says GOD heals all …..I stand on those words. My husband has been diagnosed with frontal degeneration and I am moving through the stages Of brain disease empowered by the prayer and faith that surround us. Know that you are surrounded and covered in prayer, your family and your medical team. Speak healing into your daughters ear and her brain will receive.
    Hugs and Blessings

  78. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time! I enjoy your website and I wish you and your family all the best!

    Ella N.

  79. My heart goes out to you, Leanne. Sending positive vibes for a full recovery for your little girl.

  80. I’m very sorry that you and your family are experiencing this, but please remain hopeful and positive. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  81. So very sorry to hear about your daughter. Wishing for the best results on the biopsy!

  82. Thank you for sharing a very personal and painful experience you are facing. I was encouraged by your attitude and heart, and trusting in the Lord!
    May He watch over you and your daughter in the upcoming months, prayers to you and your family.

  83. Leanne, you are strong, you are resourceful, you are loving– all traits that I’m sure your daughter shares. Your grateful readers have your back on this one. We hold you and your family in our hearts.

  84. Thoughts and prayers are going out to you during this difficult time. May God bless you!

  85. God’s light shines brightest when we are lost in the dark. I’m praying for you all! Please keep us all updated!

  86. I am so sorry that you all are going through this. Prayers for a quick recovery!

  87. Wow. Your beautiful positive attitude during this difficult time is an absolute inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing this story as well as your positive outlook. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I am a long time reader of your blog and fan of your work. You seem like a mentally strong person. Wishing all the best for your precious daughter!

  88. Leanne,
    I can’t imagine what you are going through. Watching your child hurt and sick is the hardest thing in the world. Your positive attitude and faith will see you through. Hang in there. Sending my thoughts, prayers, and positive energy your way.

  89. Dear Leanne, I am so sorry you are going through this difficult time. My heart goes out to you and your family. Thinking and sending POSITIVE and healing thoughts your way!
    Well Wishes,

  90. Leanne, you do so much for others that I hope you feel all the love and prayers coming back to you. May your daughter feel it too.

  91. I am so sorry to hear this news. I am praying for you and your family. Praying for courage and strength as you face the days ahead.

  92. Leanne, so glad you made the decision to share this with your friends on your blog. My heart goes out to you and your family! I will remember your daughter and all of you in my prayers daily. God is good and I pray He blesses your family in numerous and miraculous ways and fills you with the strength and peace you need as you walk through this time. Since you shared this with your readers, you have opened the window for prayers, from the many prayer warriors out there, to be sent on your daughter’s behalf every day! That is a great gift from a loving mom!

  93. Praying for full recovery, and peace for your family. Blessed Solanus Casey intercede for this family!

  94. So sorry to hear that your daughter and family have to go through this. My mom had a brain tumor 18 years ago. She had a constant headache for months. One day she woke up and couldn’t open one of her eyelids. But thank god for that symptom for us to find out she has a brain tumor. She went through surgery to remove the tumor right away, and it was successful. She went through physical therapy for a few months to get her movement back. She was back to her happy and active self in a year or so. It definitely was tough on our family, and we pulled through. Hang in there, Leanne. Your daughter will fight this and win!! Sending you lots of love.

  95. I will say a prayer for you and your daughter. Please take care of yourself also. Dalia Jonynas

  96. Thinking of you and your family. Sending strength and health to you and your daughter.

  97. Im so saddened to hear of your daughters brain tumor. As a caregiver for a disabled spouse I have learned that it is essential, although difficult, to continue YOUR activities and events while caring for your family member. If you don’t, you will burn out and be ineffective for your daughter. To remain positive, you MUST also care for your own needs.

  98. I will be praying for your family as well as the medical professionals that will impact your lives.

  99. Positivity has much more power than many people know! As a mother myself to a single child I can only imagine what you are going through. I admire your strength and courage, and I will keep your daughter and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sending healing love and energy your way. ????

  100. Your positivity and strength will see you and your family through this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending hugs, too

  101. I think God had you near Arnold Palmer children’s hospital for a reason ! so thankful you decided to go to Disney World!!! Praying for a full recovery for your daughter in wisdom and understanding from the doctors !

  102. Prayers for you during this time! Such an encouraging post in the midst of a difficult situation. There’s nothing like our babies! I have an only child and am an only child as well, so I can emphathize with the scenario you described. Love your blog but your focus should definitely be that little girl!!

  103. A nightly army a praying women goes ahead of your family on your behalf to pray for the healing of your daughter. I have been dealing with cancer for a year now I encourage you to write down all the times that God shows up. It will be a great source of encouragement for both your daughter and you and your husband. I will continue to pray for you daughters health awaiting the post that confirms she is fully restore.

    May God bless and keep you.
    Marie Baysinger

  104. I’m so sorry your family is going through this, but I’m just adding to the others my prayers for her complete healing and recovery. God is so good and merciful! I know He will be with your family and especially your daughter during this time. Hugs ???? and fervent prayer from Cleveland!

  105. Oh, Leanne, my heart goes out to you and your daughter and husband. I’m so sorry you’re all facing this. My daughter and I also have dysautonomia (secondary to EDS) and know too well the daily challenges that come with that diagnosis. To have this on top of that…I am inspired by your strength and fortitude and will be sending her all the healing and healthy thoughts I have. Wishing you all peace and good health and resilience. Good job, mama. She will need your strength and you will need strength from others. Happy to lend you mine any time.

  106. You are all in my prayers. Being a Mom myself, I am so sorry you are going through this.

  107. Thanks for sharing what is going on so we can pray. My son is 9 and when he was 7 started having seizures. MRI revealed a brain tumor. Thankfully benign and slow growing, but it is always surprising to hear those words. He is doing well after 2 brain surgeries (one for biopsy and one for laser ablation). He’s been seizure free for 14 months (since his ablation) and is doing well. He just wants to be a happy kid, and he is. We as his parents worry, but know that this is so beyond us and we put our trust in Him for our son’s care. Be encouraged, you will grow in ways you never thought possible. Many prayers and hugs of support and encouragement to you. Who knew that reading about capsule wardrobes would have me share our story with you?! 🙂

  108. Leanne,
    I’m so sorry for the diagnosis you received about your daughter. It is wonderful to hear that so far her treatment has been successful. I’m praying for a positive result from the biopsy. Your readers are sending you good and positive vibes.

  109. Oh you sweet lady! I am humbled and moved by your firm belief in our Heavenly Father! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. My prayers are with you and your precious daughter and your family. I pray for peace and hope for you all. 🙂

  110. Leanne, know that we are all here for you at this difficult time. You are so brave and such an inspiration! Praying for God’s peace, love, strength and healing as you go to battle for your daughter. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Healer of all healers, be with you all. Thank you for sharing your story and for taking us along with you on this journey.

  111. Thank you for sharing your journey. My 13 yr old daughter and I are praying for you both from Seattle (just so you know you’re covered in prayer near and far).

  112. I am so sorry to read this. Keep trusting in God and He will sustain you during this difficult time. We have friends that had a daughter who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 13 I believe. She has since made a full recovery. Adding you and your daughter to my prayer list.

  113. I am so sorry. Remain strong. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  114. I’m so sorry that you and your family are going through this. I am sending all my positive thoughts to you and your family.
    I found your blog when I was in a really low place, and because of your e-books and blog posts, I have a nice place to go when I want to feel pretty on the outside which makes me feel pretty on the inside, too.
    Thinking of you,
    Audrey Lee

  115. Sending thoughts and love and light your way. Praying for your family and your daughter. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post. I have enjoyed your lighter posts, and will continue to do so while praying for all of you????????

  116. Praying for you and your family! Thank heavens for mother’s intuition and for Faith. The Lord always watches over us even when we don’t understand what is happening and why. Hang in there. <3

  117. My last sentence didn’t seem to go through. I believe you live in Alabama and was going to ask if your daughter’s surgery would be at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.

  118. I will pray for your daughter and family. So true, life is short and we often fail to enjoy what we do and love those around us as much as we should. Stay strong❤️

  119. “Optimism is the foundation of courage.” Be Brave.

    Praying for a positive outcome.

    May God Bless You All.

  120. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As a mum I know what it feels like when your child goes through serious health problems. Sending you love and strength.

  121. Sending prayers for your daighter’s complete recovery and your strength through all of this!

  122. So very sorry that your family is going through this. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you. One of our friends had a brain tumor many years ago, had surgery, and she is doing fine. God is a miracle worker. Please know you have many people praying!

  123. Oh Leanne, I cried reading your post. I am so sorry this is happening. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be feeling and going through. Yes, stay strong, have faith and think positive. Keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers.

  124. What a shock for you and your dear family. Know that God is with you each minute of everyday. I pray for you and your daughter to feel God’s love and care, and that you are blessed with helping hands and warm hearts to support you nearby. Thank you for letting us know so that we may know to pray specifically for healing and for grace to see you through.

  125. Dear Leanne , I am so sad and sorry to hear about your daughters illness, I hope and pray for you that it is benign. I understand only too well how something like this completely knocks your whole world. My own daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when she was only 14, and it was a terrible time for the whole family. Following chemotherapy treatment she was successfully cured and is now a happy 21 year old Uni student. Stay strong and positive and you will get through this. Your daughter needs you now more than ever. You have all the love and support of your countless Classyyettrendy fans. May God bless your daughter and heal her.
    All my love Julie ????❤️

  126. Just recently I’ve become a fan of your website and ideas. I’m so saddened to hear of your daughter and these really hard times for you. Please know you are surrounded by love and prayers. xoxo from Michigan!

  127. Keep up your spirits & strength! I am a new subscriber to your blog & want to wish your family well during these hard times. Many, many people come through brain tumors with flying colors! Speaking from experience from having two meningiomas 21 years apart.

  128. Leanne,
    I am lifting your daughter and your whole family up in my prayers- for God to provide exactly what treatment is needed, to provide peace and assurance that He is walking with you every moment, to give you the confidence to leave it in His hands and to trust in Him moment by moment, knowing that He can do anything! When you are weak He will give you strength, when you have doubts give them to Him because He knows and cares for us. God bless you and know that many are committed to praying on your behalf. I can attest to the power of prayers – we just went through a tough health situation with my husband – the prayers of a group of women from all over the country that I didn’t even know lifted me day by day. Please keep us updated as you can – and know that the most important role you have right now is to support your daughter.

  129. Leanne, Praying for your daughter & family ! Nothing but positive vibes and prayers from North Carolina

  130. I will be praying for your daughter’s full recovery and praying that God gives you and your family the strength to stay positive.

  131. I am so sorry that your family is going through this. My 13 year old daughter (only child) had a very sudden onset of severe contamination OCD in September that led to a PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder) diagnosis. Her illness has completely changed our lives.
    If you have not already read “Anxious for Nothing” by Max Lucado, I highly recommend it. I will be praying for a full recovery for your baby girl.

  132. Praying for you and your daughter! Staying positive and praying are what helped me get through a recent breast cancer scare. I’m so sorry you are having to go through this.

  133. Leanne, Thank you for sharing with us.
    Praying for you, your beautiful daughter
    and entire family. Im a nurse, an encourage you to get a journal/ notebook an write down all tests/ medications/ reactions to medications.
    Journal daily it will help you get your feeling out. God bless,

  134. I live in Melbourne Australia. As I read your post I prayed for a miracle. God is Good all the time, and I pray that you and your family will see the healing hand of God at work, for both you and your daughter. I lift you up, as you support and love your daughter, and keep things going. Bethel Church, Redding California has seen brain tumours disappear in their healing rooms. I don’t know if you live close or if you have heard of the church. Many blessings. Beth

  135. I am so sorry to hear about this diagnosis. I am praying for your daughter’s recovery and strength and peace for all of you.

  136. Thank you for sharing your honest and heartfelt journey of the last little while. Devastating news. There is not a lot I am able to say, except that God is in control, He loves your family and He knows why this has happened. Prayers from me in Sydney. Psalm 23 is a source of comfort and truth in life’s unexpected moments. Thank you Leanne for your thoughtful and creative blog, it has been a source of inspiration. Cath

  137. You have touched my life with your capsiules. Wishing your daughter strength and healig to overcome this brain tumor. Much love to you all!!!

  138. My heart ached when I read your post. I am a cancer survivor. Your story brought back the experience of hearing the possible diagnosis. My thoughts and prayers are and will be with you and your family.

  139. Leanne, è da non molto che segui il tío blog ma mi ha davvero appassionato, leggere questa commuovente storia mi ha dato I brividi… Tutto quello che dici è vero, devi essere felice, devi essere forte… E sempre positiva!! È davvero davvero difficile, lo so, sono mamma di un bimbo di 19 mesi e la paura che si vive essendo genitori è qualcosa che non avrei mai creduto prima. Da quando ho il mio piccolo rimanere tranquilla e serena avanti a un banale raffreddore è diventato quasi impossibile, perciò ti ribadisco…. È dura ma con l’aiuto di Dio lascerete tutto questo alle spalle. Prega la Madonna, madre misericordiosa…. Io la pregherò per te!
    un abbraccio, Roberta
    I hope you can easily translate it, I speak English but I’m feeling every word I wrought so I had to write it in Italian

  140. Leanne, Thank you for sharing your story. Praying to our big God for your daughter’s complete recovery. He is the Great Physician. May He surround you both with His peace and healing presence. XO, Susan

  141. I am thinking happy and positive thoughts for your daughter and your family. As the caretaker of my husband, who battled cancer and went thru a stem cell transplant and is now cancer free 14 year laters.. I just want to say. Allow the kindness of others to help you thru…. People don’t always want to say, but they want to help.. let them.. Tell them what you need. I trust your daughter will recover and your lives will be forever changed for the better..

  142. Dear Leanne,
    I will continuously pray for you all! Thank you for sharing this diagnosis because it allows us to love on you all, even from afar. Your capsule wardrobe e-books have been a blessing in my life since I discovered them this past fall.

    Much love to you.

  143. Leanne, Thanks for sharing this with us. And reminding us Life Is Precious!! Your positive outlook is a great example to all of us. Prayers and hugs for your family.

  144. Dear Leanne. Sending your daughter, husband and you love, strength and faith. I as a member of your Classy Yet Trendy family will be continuing to remember you, your daughter and husband in my prayers. I thank God for the skills of the Doctors and health specialists caring for you. God Bless you all. Anne

  145. Oh goodness. I have a 12yo daughter and just cannot imagine the anguish you must be going through. Sending your daughter and you as much healing energy as I can. Try and stay strong. Namaste xxx

  146. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story with us. I have a son around this age and I feel for you. Sending good thoughts and energy. Try to take time to renew yourself also so you can stay strong for your family. x Lou

  147. I am so sorry to hear this news about your daughter. I hope and pray that her tumor is benign and can be operated on and that she returns to her healthy self soon. Much love to you and your family during this difficult time. I am so glad she has such great parents to take care of her through this.

  148. Leanne, please know that we are all here to lift you and your family up in your time of need. Sending lots of positive thoughts, prayers and love to your family during this difficult time.

  149. I am so sorry to read this Leanne and I admire your courage in sharing your experience with all of your readers! You have been through so much and you are handling this diagnosis with such grace, strength, and careful perspective. All the best to your family!
    – Gina –

  150. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope you all can feel the love and strength we are all sending you!

  151. Praying for healing, comfort, peace and strength during this journey with your daughter. May you feel The Lord’s Presence ever so close. I wanted to share with you the name of a devotion that ministered to me during a very difficult time. Streams in the Desert by L. B. Cowman….it is such a powerful source. Blessings to you and your family. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

  152. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer almost 8 years ago. I will never forget the day. Life is precious. Find joy in the small moments, they are actually the big ones. You, your daughter and family will be in my prayers. Lots of love!!

  153. Leanne, I am praying for your daughter and family. Our son was diagnosed with an incurable cancer 8 years ago, and is now cancer free. I hope this verse encourages you: Nahum 1:7 “The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him.”

  154. Oh my goodness Leanne, I am so sorry your precious daughter is going through this. I have y’all in my prayers for a great outcome and complete healing! Hugs

  155. My heart goes out to you, your daughter and your family. I am praying for you all on this journey you are going through. <3

  156. I’m sorry your family is going through. I hope your daughter recovers quickly and she can go back to being a kid. Please stay positive and strong. I will have you in our prayers.

  157. Sending you much love and positive thoughts. Take this one day at a time. The 17th could bring positive news. Hang on to that. All my best and gentle hugs!

  158. Leanne, nothing is more important than family. You do what you and your daughter need right now. If work helps you, then go for it! But remember that you have many friends (even if only virtual) who will be praying for you and for your daughter. And if you need to devote your time to her, we will all understand and support you. Many positive thoughts and prayers are going out right now to you!!

  159. What an absolutely scary experience! My prayers for healing and strength. Know that many are praying for you and your family. Hugs

  160. My brother had a brain tumor at 17 it was non cancerous he went through radiation then it was removed. Now at 38 he has another one which we just found out about and we have no details yet. Having experienced this with my family I want to say that yes it’s best to stay positive especially when it is your own child going through this stay strong and positive pray a lot and let’s visualize a very happy ending . Hugs !

  161. Thank you Janett. I pray that your brother is healed completely of his tumor.

  162. Leanne, you bless so many of us with your creativity and joy!! You strive to help each of us feel better about ourselves, and to continue to stay current with style and culture. I look so forward to each one of your posts!! When frightening things happen – especially with our children-, it’s so hard not to de-rail and to stay focused on even the smallest tasks. I am also an only child, both of my parents are gone, and only a few family members. Please know that you are held in the arms and prayers of so many people. Thank you for sharing your story. I will be praying on Thursday, and will look forward to hearing good news from your daughter’s test results. Love, Ann

  163. Leanne, praying for strength and comfort for you & your family the days ahead. I am an only child, too. My father passed away a few years ago and have no family members left except my mom (my parents were both only children, too). I pray you will find comfort in your local community and here on the blog as well. I’ve learned so much from you from helping me to update my wardrobe on a tight budget so I only hope we can there for you during this time.

  164. I am praying for your daughter and family for complete healing, strength and the peace that passes all understanding <3

    Psalm 103:3-5

    3 He forgives all my sins
    and heals all my diseases.
    4 He redeems me from death
    and crowns me with love and tender mercies.
    5 He fills my life with good things.
    My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!

  165. I know in times like this, words don’t do much. Nothing really does. I understand because my daughter (now 10) was diagnosed with a tectal plate glioma when she was 6 weeks old! We found it because she developed hydrocephalus as a result of the benign blockage on the brain stem that did not allow the CSF to drain properly. She had a VP shunt put in at the time and it was converted last March with an ETV. Because of the location, doctors were unable to biopsy the tumor. Instead, we had to “wait and see” if it grew. Fortunately, it did not. It has been an incredible journey! I completely understand your feelings of fear and helplessness, but I also understand that you have the faith in God to know that you are not in control!! You are doing for her all that you can by making the best treatments available. The rest is in HIS hands. God is the Great Physician! You and your family are in my prayers as you await the diagnosis tomorrow.

    Many blessings…

  166. So sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself. My prayers are with you and your family.

  167. I was so touched reading about your ordeal with your daughter. I hope the neurologist appointment went well today. Sending my thoughts and prayers to your daughter and your family.

  168. My 20 year-old son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when he was 12. Nathan went through 18 months of weekly chemo sessions with the hope of halting any growth. We were overjoyed when the treatment actually shrank the tumor instead. He now gets yearly MRIs to make sure that there is no recurrence, and so far, he has passed with flying colors. Nathan graduated from high school on time with his class while holding down a part-time job, completed a carpentry course at technical college the following year, and now works full-time at a cabinetry company. Nathan is well now and has a bright future, but I remember how scary it was when he wasn’t and he didn’t. Please know that if you need support from another mama, I am here. You are in my thoughts. <3

  169. If you don’t mind me asking where was his tumor? My daughter’s in in the left ventricle attached to the Thalimus.

  170. Leanne I actually came on here just now to see if you found out anything more on your daughter. Keep the faith. My daughter in law’s sisters best friend was diagnosed with glioblqstoma and I am hear to tell you that she is a survivor. It’s nothing short of a miracle that she beat this cancer. If God can send her a miracle, He can certainly send one to your daughter. There are many many people praying for your daughter and your family.

  171. Oh Leanne…you all are in my thoughts and prayers, from the bottom of my heart.

  172. Leanne,

    I just wanted to say I am so sorry you are going through this and I’m so sorry about the less than great news in the update. But as my dad pointed out to me recently, we know more people who have survived cancer these days, than who have died from it. As a mom though, I know this kind of diagnosis must be staggering to stay the least. You have a lot of people rooting for and praying for you guys. Me included.

  173. I too came back to this post to see if there’s an update after the appointment with the neurologist. I hope the result of the biopsy says benign. Prayers and well wishes for successful treatment and surgery.

  174. Checking back for updates on your daughter and saw the news and had to reach out – praying for your daughter and your family. Wishing that this is just a bump in the road and that you all will have the strength and support to get through it. Life is precious. God bless.

  175. Just saw the update. Praying for you and your daughter for strength and healing during this difficult time.

  176. I came by to see if there was an update. I’m so sorry to hear that her tumor is malignant. Please keep us as updated as you feel comfortable. We will continue to pray for her.

  177. Leanne,
    Please do not feel alone as you go through this illness with your precious daughter. I pray that she will be healed and healthy soon. There is a reason that you decided to follow your passion and blog about the Capsule Wardrobe. The blog has brought many new acquaintances who will support you so that you are not alone.

  178. An acquaintance of mine had 2of her children diagnosed with cancer. She went to st. Jude, they are doing great,5 years later. Have faith and trust that you all are Gods hands. Love and prayers to you all.

  179. Leanne, I will be lifting you and your daughter up to the Lord! Hold on to Him.

  180. I am alive 11 years after being told I had three months to live. It is possible to cure anything. Never give up hope. Please visit, and look at the work of Dr. Mark Sircus. (particularly with regard to sodium bicarbonate and magnesium when undergoing chemo.) Please research the longterm survival rates of each of your medical options before choosing a treatment. Sending as much love as possible…

  181. Praying for your daughter and your family! God us in control and he will see you thru this challenging time. Know that you have a community of prayer warriors and we are praising God for miraculous healing that only he can deliver. Stay strong!

  182. I found your website today, and just read your post. My heart goes out to you and I hope that you will allow me to help. I know that you are praying and I want to help lift up your prayers. Please know that I’ve prayed for you and your daughter today and all the people here have also prayed. We are forming an invisible hedge of positive thoughts and prayers lifting you up. It will be well.

  183. Thank you so much Serena! I was so scared at first, but after praying, God has blessed me with the peace and strength I needed to help my daughter get through this.

  184. I just discovered this blog a couple days ago and just now came across this post. I hope your daughter is doing well. You are so brave and strong! What an inspiration!

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