October Q&A

I receive several questions each week from you all, from products I recommend to how to wear an item.  I love answering any questions you may have to help you all look your best!  You can email me any questions you may have.  I may even post your question here on the blog next time if I think others may have the same questions too.

Here’s a few questions I have received lately:

Reader question #1 –  What would you suggest as a substitution for a denim jacket and a utility jacket. Oh and I am not really fond of trench coats either…I’m more in liking of the French Capsules even if I also like to look at the other wardrobes for outfit ideas.

Here are some great alternates to the denim and utility jacket with links to the items: a drape front suede jacket, a quilted vest, ponte knit blazer in another color or a sweater blazer .

Left to right:
sweater blazer (4 colors) / quilted vest (6 colors!)/ drape front suede jacket (4 colors) / ponte knit blazer (2 colors)



Reader question #2 –  “I’m looking for really comfortable leopard flats. Any suggestions?”

I recommend leopard flats from Sam Edelman. That is my favorite shoe brand and I have many pairs. All their shoes never rub blisters, are so comfortable and I can walk in them all day.  Here’s a pair of leopard ballet flats, pointy toe flats and another pointy toe flat.

Left to Right:
Rosalie Flats / Rini Flats / ballet flats



Reader question  #3 –  “I love your ideas and your Instagram photos.  I am trying to makeover myself – on a budget.   I love the look of your lovely tidy wardrobe, but don’t want to throwaway a lot of clothes, as I can’t afford to replace them all at once.  My wardrobe is a mess, but I’m a bit nervous of throwing a lot away.  I have bought your complete wardrobe Ebook and also the seasonal e book.  Could you advise please?”

Thank you for your email!  I am asked that question often by others starting a capsule wardrobe.  Since you are just starting a capsule wardrobe, I recommend not throwing anything away right now that is of good quality.  You can use pieces you already have that are in the eBook and packing away the others you don’t need.  I use the big plastic crates you can buy at Target or Wal-Mart.  I store away my off-season clothes in them on either side of my closet.  At the end of each season, go through what you packed away and see what you want to keep and what you don’t.  You can take small steps in getting rid of anything in your closet.

Thank you for your questions!  Send me any questions you may have about fashion and style and I’ll be glad to help you out!



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  1. Here is my question: The combinations of jackets and shirts/blouses looks really cute for the photos, but sometimes isn’t practical to really wear because the sleeves get all bunched up under the jacket, which messes up the neckline of the shirt/blouse. Looks cute, but not really practical. Especially the shirts that have detail, like faux wrap and cuffed sleeves. How do you resolve this?

  2. Hello! As soon as I saw them on this post, I bought the Sam Edelman “Rini” flats in the leopard print. I had another leopard print flats already, but they were classic ballet ones, with the rounded toes, and I wanted to replace them with pointy-toe flats. The ones you suggested were the perfect find. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your inclusion of shoes available for international shipping with price in currency of my country. Appreciated.

  4. I’m glad you like the Rini flats. Those really caught my eye and I’m sure they are comfy since they are Sam Edelman.

  5. Cynthia,

    Knowing which shirts and blouses with sleeve detail that will layer well underneath jackets can get tricky. The key is making sure the material is soft enough that it will go underneath the jacket. If you wear sleeves that are open at the end and put on the jacket, reach with one hand up the sleeve of the jacket and pull down the sleeve of the shirt/blouse and do for the other sleeve. I’ve always done that and it works well with any layers, like cardigans and coats too.

  6. I love your capsules but I live in Southen California where we still have 80 degrees during the day in Winter time . Most of your suggestions are not feasible i can’t imagine wearing boots or knits ever though I would love to . I still want to feel I’m dressing for a season that is not summer , any suggestions ?

  7. Trish,

    Thank you for your question! Since you have mild weather in the Winter where you live, you may want to use one of the Fall 2018 capsule wardrobe eBooks, which has light layers included in the wardrobe plan. You can find all the eBooks here in the eBook Store: https://classyyettrendy.com/ebook-shop/

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