How To Get Dressed In 5 Minutes


When you are getting ready to go to work, does it feel like it takes you forever to get dressed?  Do you struggle to make it out the door because you take up too much time getting dressed?

How To Get Dressed In 5 Minutes

Here’s what I would go through several mornings a couple of years ago:  You find a top you want to wear.  Then, you can’t find the skirt you are wanting to wear with it, because you have so many clothes in your closet.  So, you grab another skirt and put it on.  Then that skirt doesn’t look good with the top.  But, you wear it anyway because you’ve got to leave in 5 minutes.  Then, you’ve got to pick out your shoes and accessories.  You spend even longer picking out your shoes and accessories.

I’m about to give you 5 tips to help you get dressed in 5 minutes, every day

1. Select Your Outfit The Night Before

By already picking out your clothes, shoes and accessories the night before, it will be ready for you the next morning when you get dressed.  Keep your clothes on the hangers and place the hangers on a doorknob, hang them on your ironing board or on a hook on a door.  It will keep your clothes wrinkle-free, while keeping them out and ready for you to grab and put on.  Keep your shoes in front of your closet within an arms reach.  Set your accessories on top of your jewelry box, on your dresser or by the door on your way out.

2. Have A Capsule Wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe will simplify your life!  It helped simplify mine…and save money too!  Life can be stressful enough at times.  By having a simple wardrobe with pieces that coordinate well with one another, you will have one less thing to worry about.  I never knew my closet was causing me stress until I started my own capsule wardrobe.  Now, my closet is neat, I can find my clothes and shoes instantly and everything coordinates with one another.  Also, rely on wardrobe essentials, clothes that are classics that never go out of style.  If you use essentials in your wardrobe, you’ll save money by not having to buy clothes over and over.  Example of wardrobe essentials are: a white shirt, black pencil skirt, striped top, a pair of great-fitting jeans, a neutral-colored sweater, black or gray pants, chambray shirt, a white tee, black blazer or a cardigan.  Shop these wardrobe essentials:

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The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2016 cover

3. Use An Outfit Ideas Visual Guide

Do you use outfit ideas to help you get dressed?  I’ve found many outfit ideas on Pinterest.  If you use one (or more) of my seasonal capsule wardrobe e-books, each e-book has a complete Outfit Ideas Visual Guide.  The visual guides coordinate the clothes and shoes to create dozens of outfit ideas.  I just place the Outfit Ideas Visual Guide by my closet and select my outfit for the day.  How easy is that?!

The following page excerpt is in the Outfit Ideas Visual Guide from
The Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2016 Collection E-Book:

The Workwear Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2016 Collection Sample 2

4. Carry a Neutral-Colored Handbag

By carrying a neutral-colored handbag, it eliminates the need to swap handbags everyday.  You will save about 5 minutes by not having to swap handbags.  Taupe and black are excellent color choices that go with everything.  If you wear a lot of warm colors, a brown bag would look great.  Shop these handbags:

5. Pre-Iron Your Clothes

If you wear clothes made of cotton, they look better when they are ironed.  When you do laundry, you can iron your clothes then.  If you dread the ironing process, opt to iron those pieces that need it when you are selecting your outfit the night before.  Pre-ironing your clothes prior to getting ready will make the morning go more smoothly.


What tips do you have to help you get dressed quickly?  


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  1. Great idea’s! Where I don’t have a capsule wardrobe I do select my outfit the night before. Even working in a casual office it can be difficult to get dressed.
    xo, Lee

  2. I follow #1 almost religiously! It makes mornings so much easier and helps me visualize how I want to do my makeup to coordinate with my outfit. For days when I’m not able to plan out my outfit ahead of time, I like to have a few easy to throw on dresses…the kind that don’t need ironing and are in neutral colors for mixing and matching other pieces so I still look put together.
    Great tips, Leanne!

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