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The Summer weather is here and several of us are going to the beach! If you use a capsule wardrobe, chances are you like to pack clothes for your vacation that coordinate and can mix and match. What clothes do you carry that will save space in your suitcase, but at the same time so you can have several outfits you can wear?

In appreciation of all the readers of the blog and capsule wardrobe eBooks customers, I created a Freebie for you! A Minimalist Summer Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe that you can use on your next vacation and when you go to the beach (or the pool)! This capsule includes several tops and bottoms, plus two mix and match swimsuits and 2 dresses that you can use both as everyday dresses and cover-ups!

Several of the tops and bottoms are also in the Simplified Style® The Dressy & Casual Collection: striped tee, solid tee, solid shorts and denim shorts. The Simplified Style® capsule includes all the core closet essentials you’ll need for building a capsule wardrobe that you can use year-round!  All the core closet essentials are neutral colors so you can easily wear them with the seasonal capsule wardrobe collections!  In Simplified Style® The Dressy & Casual Collection, there are chapters for each season of the year, each with its own wardrobe plan, over 450+ outfits for all seasons, dressy and casual outfit calendars (so you always know what to wear), plus more!

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Simplified Style - A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe 2020 400X600

The Base Color for this capsule is Navy, but you can also have Black as your base color! To have a black base color, just swap the navy tee, navy striped dress and navy tank dress for ones with black. For the Beach Capsule, you can swap the navy 2-piece for a black 2-piece and swap the navy patterned 2-piece for a black patterned 2-piece.

Here are the tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories for the Everyday Outfits. Be sure to see the Beach Capsule and Beach Essentials below.

Minimalist Summer Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe 2021 - Everyday Outfits

Everyday Outfits Capsule Details:

gray tank
striped tee
navy tee
white shorts
denim shorts
chambray shorts
navy striped dress
navy tank dress
espadrille slide sandals
gold thong sandals
hoop earrings
layered necklace you can wear them separately or together!
crossbody bag also comes in black!

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Here are the outfit combinations for the Everyday Outfits. You can wear these outfits while sightseeing, going out to eat, shopping or hanging out at the hotel or cabin!

Minimalist Summer Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe 2021 - Everyday Outfits Mix 'n' Match

For the beach or the pool, here are 2 interchangeable swimsuits, plus dresses you can also use as cover-ups! Also included are a sun hat, sunglasses and beach tote.

Minimalist Summer Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe 2021 - At The Beach

Beach Capsule Details:

navy solid 2-piece swimsuit: french bikini top & high waist bottom
navy pattern 2-piece swimsuit: striped french bikini top & striped high waist bottom
navy striped dress
navy tank dress
sun hat
beach tote
gold thong sandals

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Here are the mix and match combinations for the Beach Capsule…

Minimalist Summer Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe 2021 - At The Beach Mix and Match

Don’t forget the Beach Essentials, like Body Sunscreen and Face Sunscreen, lip balm (my favorite!) to keep your lips from getting chapped and an Insulated Non-Spill Water Bottle (I love Yeti products!). Use a Quick-Drying Towel to dry off, a Weighted Outdoor Beach Blanket you can lay on the sand (and it won’t blow away), a Beach Lounger and a Beach Umbrella! If you need a cart to carry your beach equipment in, this Collapsible Wagon is perfect!

Minimalist Summer Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe 2021 - Beach Essentials

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Thank you for visiting this post! I hope you all enjoy the capsule wardrobe!

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  1. I love this! Thank you so much, I have almost all the items already from previous capsules. I appreciate all you do for us.

  2. Oh Leanne! I am so grateful for the consistency of your blog! My husband, daughter and I are doing a cross country road trip and through the use of your book(spring teacher wardrobe), the gifted mini capsule wardrobe and the information on the blog, I made a beautiful wardrobe for the whole family. We are coordinated, without looking matchy, every combination looks put together and we each have a total of 8 wearable items for a lot of different outfit combinations! Thank you for nurturing your talent and sharing it with the world!

  3. Thanks so much!
    Are you going to be doing a post for another RV capsule. I LOVED it and it was so useful!

  4. Thank you Lindsey for your comment! I appreciate you being a fan of the Classy Yet Trendy site. That is great that your family will be using capsule wardrobes on your trip. Have a safe and fun road trip!

  5. I’m glad you liked the outdoors/camping capsule I created last year! I’m using the outdoors/camping capsule wardrobe again this year. It can be used as an RV capsule. Other capsules that would be great to use while traveling in an RV is the Athleisure Summer 2021 capsule collection (link: and several of the Travel/Mini Capsules on the blog (link:

  6. Thank you Ashley! That’s great that you already had most of the items in your closet for the capsule!

  7. Great beach options are mentioned in this blog. A must-read article especially for ones who are going first time for beach trip so that they cant miss any beach equipment

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