Spring 2024 Season Capsule Wardrobes Coming Soon


It’s almost time for the release of the Spring 2024 season capsule wardrobes! I have been publishing the season capsule wardrobes since 2015 and there are several styles to choose from. Many of you enjoy using the season capsules in your closet to get dress quickly and easily everyday!

All the capsule wardrobes are individually curated and the online shopping links are selected specifically for each style. There are 100 outfits in each collection, so you have a different outfit to wear everyday of the season! Since all the capsules use mostly core basic essentials in neutral colors, you use these over and over according to the season, thus saving you money! A few new, fresh trends in accent colors are also included in each season capsule, making each new season’s capsule both fresh and on-trend. You can substitute any of the colors in the capsules with ones you prefer (you can find equivalent pieces on shopstyle.com)!

Publication Dates

Here are the publication dates of the Spring 2024 capsule wardrobes in the Capsule Wardrobe Store. Publication notices will be sent to all email subscribers as soon as each capsule wardrobe is released. It also will be announced on the Classy Yet Trendy Facebook page, Pinterest page and on Instagram Stories.

If you need your basic essentials or are starting over with your wardrobe,
be sure to start with a Simplified Style® Foundation Capsule Wardrobe!
Choose the style that you like best:
Classic Casual
Dressy & Casual
Business Professional Workwear

And, if a man in your life needs a men’s capsule wardrobe, there is the Men’s Simplified Style capsule wardrobe.


The Capsule Wardrobe Season Styles

French Minimalist – Includes both basics and trending pieces in mostly neutral colors, with dressy and casual outfits, inspired by the fashion styles of France!

Business Casual (formerly the “Essential”) – Includes both basics in neutral colors, plus trending pieces in accent colors for the workplace. Pieces can include blazers, blouses, slim fit tees, trousers, chinos, indigo jeans (smart-casual), pumps, loafers and flats.

Trendy Teacher – Teachers love this wardrobe, as it is a mix between Casual and Business-Casual, but anyone that likes an elevated and trendy style can use this one. Includes both basics in neutral colors, plus comfortable and stylish trending pieces in accent colors for the classroom setting. This capsule usually includes a comfortable skirt and dark wash trouser jeans (both can be substituted for pants if needed) to accomodate middle school and high school teachers. Pieces in this capsule can include sweaters, tees, shirts, jackets, casual blazers, cardigans, chinos, casual pants, skirt, indigo jeans, flats, loafers and booties.

Coastal Vibes – Relaxed, soft and airy styles inspired by the colors of the beach! Includes both basics in neutral colors, plus trending pieces in accent colors. Pieces can include tees, sweaters, cotton and linen shirts, jackets, chinos, casual pants, sneakers, loafers and flats.

Everyday Casual (formerly “Stay At Home Mom” and “Athleisure”) – This wardrobe combines the Stay At Home Mom relaxed and casual style with a few sporty pieces of the Athleisure capsule. Includes both basics in neutral colors, plus trending pieces in accent colors. Pieces can include tees, shirts, relaxed sweaters, jackets, cardigans, casual pants, leggings, sneakers, flats and boots.

Professional Workwear (formerly “Workwear”) – More dressy than Business Casual. Includes both basics in neutral colors, plus trending pieces in accent colors for the workplace. Pieces can include blouses, slim fit tees, shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses, blazers, sweater jackets, pumps, loafers and flats.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Spring, 2024. Your blog has helped me so much.

    I’m still a bit confused over jeans and what shoes to wear with the “new” (I’m so far behind, they are probably not even new any more) wider leg styles. I finally gave up my skinnies unless it’s just a night in.

    Thank you for your work. I really appreciate it and love your classic style.

  2. Last season I changed a few of the season capsule wardrobes. I merged the Athleisure and the Stay At Home Mom and made it “Everyday Casual”.

  3. Hi Leanne,
    I am from India and am a teacher. I absolutely love your capsule wardrobes and bug your e-books regularly. Thank you

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