Free Printable 10-Page Capsule Wardrobe Season Planner


A FREE tool to help you discover your personal style, choose your colors and patterns, select your core closet essentials and create your capsule wardrobe.

I often get asked questions about creating a capsule wardrobe. Some of you use the helpful article, How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe: A 5-Step Visual Guide and many of you use the complete capsule wardrobe eBooks, but you may also need a planning guide to help you create your capsule wardrobes according to your own personal style.

I have been using a capsule wardrobe in my closet for several years. I know how a capsule wardrobe should work, and the combinations you need for an efficient capsule. I have published the women’s Simplified Style® and men’s Simplified Style® eBooks, which are complete capsule wardrobe plans that include all the core closet essentials that you need for an entire year of outfits. Every season I publish several styles of capsule wardrobes, complete plans, with 100 outfit ideas in each eBook for an entire season of outfits. You might say I know capsule wardrobes like the back of my hand!

I have created a FREE Capsule Wardrobe Season Planner, which is a step-by-step guide to help you create a capsule wardrobe. This is for those of you who want to create your own capsule wardrobe or want to experiment with different styles of capsules. This 10-page guide will take the guesswork out of knowing what to include in your capsule wardrobe. You will discover your personal style, review your lifestyle so you will know what style of clothes to include, choose your colors and patterns, select from several core closet essentials , create your capsule, have several outfit combos at hand, plus get access to a calendar planning worksheet and capsule wardrobe resources.


(click here if you need to see examples of completed pages to get you started)

If you like the planner and love using it, tag #cytcapsuleplanner! I encourage you to share how you use the planner and how you create your own capsule wardrobe! This planner is FREE and always will be. Since Classy Yet Trendy is a top site about capsule wardrobes, I included the free capsule wardrobe planner as a helpful tool you can use season after season.

A Complete Wardrobe For The Year!
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Simplified Style - A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe

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The planner includes the following pages:

Page 1 – The Cover: Here you can check next to the season you are creating a capsule wardrobe for.

Page 2 – Contents: This includes the intro, a few resources to get you started, plus a table of contents.

Page 3 – My Personal Style: The page includes a link to an article with photos and descriptions of popular styles, plus how to use Pinterest to discover your personal style.

Page 4 – My Lifestyle: Here you will review your lifestyle so you will know what type of clothes to include in your capsule, plus note your favorite clothes and shoes you enjoy wearing.

Page 5 – Choose My Colors & Patterns: You will choose your base color, neutral colors, accent colors and patterns from a convenient list. A link to a color coordinating chart is included so you can easily see the colors to choose from.

Page 6 – My Core Closet Essentials: You will select the tops, bottoms, layers/outerwear, dresses and shoes from a core closet essentials list to find out what to include in your capsule wardrobe.

Page 7 – My Capsule Wardrobe: We will bring everything together to create your capsule wardrobe! On this page, you can note if there are any items you need to fill the gaps and you can take it with you shopping so you will know exactly what you need to buy.

Page 8 – Outfit Combos: Do you ever need a quick reference to several outfit combinations? This page include several to choose from, plus includes an area at the bottom where you can note other outfit combos you like to wear.

Page 9 – Outfits Calendar: There is a link to download a monthly outfits planner, so you can plan your outfits and outfit combos for the month.

Page 10 – More About Capsule Wardrobes: Important links to helpful capsule wardrobe info on

Here is how I used Page 7 of the planner when I created my Neutral Spring Capsule Wardrobe



(click here if you need to see examples of completed pages to get you started)

Be sure to tag #cytcapsuleplanner with your capsule wardrobes you create using this free planner! I would love to know what you think about this planner! What your favorite sections of the planner?


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  1. Thank you so much for the free resources you provide. I recently purchased the Spring Capsule, printed it and enjoy your system so much.

  2. So helpful to see one filled out. Sounds silly but it helps me to get over my perfectionism.

  3. Thank you so much – this will be so helpful. I’m really enjoying the SAH Spring Capsule – it’s been so helpful for me to see how many other ways I can wear my clothes. I think the calendar is one of my favorite parts. I try to follow it, but will tweak it here and there to fit the weather or activities. Has a been a huge motivator to help me want to get dressed in real clothes while we’re staying at home during this quarantine time.

  4. Thanks; this is very helpful! I’ve been using and loving your capsule wardrobes for a couple of years now and always look forward to the new ones.

  5. Is there a cost effective way to buy wardrobes like lifetime membership? I’ve only purchased 2 so far but really like them and find them very helpful.



  6. Tiffini,

    Thank you for your question! I don’t have a membership rate, but have priced the capsule wardrobe collections at a low rate, which are a lot less expensive than a personal stylist.

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