My 29-Piece Minimalist Casual Summer 2024 Capsule Wardrobe


See everything in my own capsule wardrobe, which includes tops, bottoms, layers and shoes, in mostly neutral colors and minimalist, modern styles. My capsule wardrobe is based on the Simplified Style®: Classic Casual Capsule Wardrobe. I’m showing everything in my own personal capsule wardrobe in my closet.

For those of you that follow the Classy Yet Trendy blog, you know that I have been using a capsule wardrobe in my closet for several years. I absolutely love using a capsule wardrobe every season, as it helps me get dressed quickly and easily everyday. A capsule wardrobe is a small set of clothes and shoes, which all mix and match, so you can have dozens of outfit combinations ready to wear. Using a capsule wardrobe lets you focus on more important things in your life and takes the stress away from getting dressed.

My full-time job is administering Classy Yet Trendy, as the sole person who does everything while working at home. Since I work at home, I like to wear elevated-casual styles like jeans, pants, tops and layers. Because our summer seasons are hot and humid, I will wear some skirts and simple dresses.

Living in Alabama, our Summer season temperatures are HOT and HUMID, averaging in the 90’s during the day. During the Summer, I like to wear mostly linen and cotton fabrics, a lot of sleeveless tops, bottoms that are cool and airy and sandals.

I created my all-neutral capsule for my closet based on the women’s Simplified Style®: Classic Casual – A Year-Round Foundation Capsule Wardrobe. In Simplified Style®, there are 400+ outfit combinations for the entire year, capsulea for all seasons, outfit calendars and more!

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Simplified Style®: Classic Casual

Simplified Style CLASSIC CASUAL Capsule Wardrobe - Cover

My Color Palette

For this Summer 2024 season, I chose Black as the base color for my capsule wardrobe. I chose black as my own personal preference, so if you are referencing this post to create your capsule wardrobe for the season, feel free to use your favorite neutral base color (other base colors can be navy, gray, brown, etc).

The capsule wardrobes I share from my own closet every season are clothes that I have in my own closet and is my personal style. Everyone has their own personal style as well as color preference in clothes and may be based on the weather where you live, so your wardrobe may be different from mine. Feel free to use my capsule wardrobes here on the blog as inspiration for creating your own! While I don’t have a guide of outfits for my own personal capsule wardrobes, feel free to follow along on my Instagram account @classyyettrendy, where I share outfits I wear from my capsule wardrobe throughout the season, as well as outfit collages and outfit ideas!

Minimalist Style

My favorite styles are simple and minimalist. I prefer to wear solid, neutral colors and rarely wear patterns. I do enjoy wearing patterns sometimes, like florals, dots, etc, but I wear solid colors more, so those are the ones I include in my capsule wardrobes.

Since my favorite colors are mostly neutrals and blue, I chose those colors primarily for my color palette! This season, I added an olive green tee and shorts. My favorite accent colors are ones influenced by nature: blue and green!

If you need a complete wardrobe for the season, then you may enjoy using one of my “ready to wear” capsule wardrobes in other styles available in the Capsule Wardrobe Store!

My own capsule wardrobe from my closet. NOTE: I received three orders in the mail I had been waiting on when I first pubished this post, so I swapped 2 tops and two shorts (I noted the swap below). The photos below are with the original tops.

REVISED - My Minimalist Casual Summer 2024 Capsule Wardrobe - Flatlay

What Is My Personal Style?

My first and foremost favorite style is “Classic” with a bit of “French Minimalist” style, which may include solid color tees, button-down shirts, casual pants, jeans, cardigans, denim jackets, loafers and flats. What is “classic” style? Classic style includes timeless designs that stand the test of time, never go out of fashion and are mostly solid, neutral colors. I love the simplicity of minimalist, classic styles and I enjoy wearing this style the most. I gravitate toward colors found in nature, like blue and green.

How Did I Create This Capsule Wardrobe?

I created my own capsule wardrobe for my closet based on my best-selling minimalist capsule collection, Simplified Style®: Classic Casual Capsule Wardrobe. I also followed the 4 steps in my blog post, How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe: An Easy 4-Step Visual Guide to create my capsule.

What Is In My Capsule Wardrobe?

Here’s everything in my own Summer 2024 Classic Casual Capsule Wardrobe. I included 29 tops, bottoms and shoes in minimalist styles…

When I create a capsule wardrobe, I select my tops first, but you can also start building your capsule by choosing bottoms or shoes first! Here is my capsule wardrobe on the clothes rack in my studio room.

Here is everything in my own capsule wardrobe, along with shopping links below to either the actual or similar items (in case it is sold out), so you can add them to your closet!


I used mostly closet foundation essentials with some trending pieces to build my capsule wardrobe! You can use similar pieces to mine (shopping links are below) OR you can “shop your closet” too, including your favorite pieces for your capsule.

Left To Right:
I linked “similar” items if any of my exact ones are sold out.

white tank exact
white linen top exact / similar white linen top
white linen shirt exact
crochet tank top in “Bone” exact (swapped the white crochet tank with this one)
olive stripe tank top exact (swapped the almond linen top with this one)
olive tee exact
blue flutter sleeve top in “Soft Blue Haze” color exact / very similar in “Micro Feeder Cerulean” color
blue chambray shirt in “Light Wash” exact / similar in “Emma Wash” color
striped cap sleeve tee in “Black White” color exact Budget buy on Amazon!
black tank exact
black linen top exact / similar black linen top
black flutter sleeve tee exact

Shop The Tops:

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Bottoms and Dress

I have 10 bottoms in my capsule wardrobe: pants, shorts and skirts and 1 casual dress…

Left To Right:
I linked “similar” items if any of my exact ones are sold out.

black sleeveless tiered midi dress exact LOVE this dress on Amazon!
black tie waist midi skirt exact
black tailored shorts exact (swapped the black linen shorts with these shorts)
white eyelet skirt exact
white linen straight pants similar
white chino shorts exact
flax color linen drawstring pants in “Driftwood” color exact
tie waist shorts in “Olive” color exact
medium wash denim shorts exact
light taupe tailored shorts exact (swapped the light wash denim shorts with these shorts) / also come in curvy fit!
chambray chino shorts exact

Shop The Bottoms & Dress:


TOP ROW (Left To Right):

strap sandals in “White” exact
slide sandals in “Almond” exact
ankle strap sandals in “Desert Camel” exact
slide sandals in “Cognac” exact

BOTTOM ROW (Left To Right):

thick strap sandals in “Black Black” exact
thin strap sandals in “Black Snake Print” exact

Shop The Shoes:

I’ll be sharing outfits I wear from my capsule wardrobe on my Instagram @classyyettrendy!

A Bit Of Inspiration For Your Day:

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” – Corinthians 13:13

My Summer 2024 Minimalist Casual Capsule Wardrobe In My Closet
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  1. Hi, and thanks so much for all your assistance! I’d really appreciate it if you could include options for longer shorts and for petite pants. I love the clothes you select, but I’m 5’2 and 71 years old. Pants that are only available in “regular” lengths are just too long (I need a 28″ inseam), and at my age, shorts that are less than 7″ long show too much of my elderly legs. I also prefer short sleeves to sleeveless, and don’t like tops that don’t cover my midriff.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have started exclusively using the Simplified Style capsules, just adding in a few pieces in my accent colors each season. Here is a top that I find myself pulling each season:

    Dokotoo Casual Blouses for Women Crewneck Smocked Ruffle Short Sleeve Babydoll Womens Tops

    It’s lightweight, so it can easily be worn on its own or with a layer. It’s cotton, so the material is very breathable. Even though it has to line dry, it dries quickly on a hangar, making it an ideal travel piece.

    I haven’t tried the other colors besides sky blue.

  3. Hi, I need a great capsule wardrobe for a Greek cruise we are going to in Oct 2024. Our first stop is Venice so i need to pack smart and only one 26” luggage for 17 days in Venice,Greece, Croatia!

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