4 Essential Bags Every Woman Must Own

Four popular bags based on style and functionality!

We call it a “purse”, “handbag” and even just a “bag”.  It’s the most used accessory in our wardrobe.  We carry just about everything in it and sometimes it feels like we’re even carrying the kitchen sink, it’s so heavy!
I love handbags and I have several in my wardrobe “collection”.  Four essential bags every woman must have are a satchel, crossbody, tote and clutch.  Each of these serve a purpose than just holding your keys and wallet.
The Satchel

This is my favorite bag to carry, especially the ones that have a strap, to wear as a shoulder bag.  These are the most versatile in my wardrobe.

The Crossbody

Crossbodys are so versatile, especially when you need to be “hands free”, like shopping or tending to your baby or toddler.  Your bag stays with you no matter how busy you get.  

The Tote

The tote can hold just about everything.  This bag is great for going to events when you have to carry necessities and even can double as a diaper bag!  

The Clutch

The clutch is great to carry when you want a more dressy look.  These look great with dresses, skirts and even to dress up a pair of jeans. 

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