Wear Now, Wear Later: Summer To Fall

See how to transition your summer outfits into the fall season!

Wear Now, Wear Later - Summer To Fall

Fall is just around the corner!  And, time to start thinking about what to wear in the fall.  Sometimes it’s hard to dress in the in-between seasons.  You know, the time when it’s still warm in the daytime, but cool in the evening?  Also, what if you’re not ready to give up wearing a few of your summer pieces just because it’s fall weather?  You can transition your clothes from summer to fall!  You can make the most of the clothes in your closet by not having to buy more, just because the weather is cooler.

Outfit Transition #1 uses two transition pieces: a black tank and a pair of ankle-length jeans.  They are both great to wear in the summer with sandals and a lariat necklace.  They can also be worn in the fall too!  Just add a taupe cardigan, ankle booties and a plaid scarf, and voila!  Instant fall outfit!

Wear Now, Wear Later outfit 1

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Outfit Transition #2 carries your favorite chambray dress, worn in the summer, into fall.  Chambray dresses, like chambray shirts, are wardrobe essentials that can be worn in multiple seasons.  In the fall, you can wear your favorite black leggings with your dress.  Add a leopard print belt around the waist, a pair of statement earrings and brown riding boots and you’re all set!  Both outfits have these gorgeous bags, which are both faux leather, but are made to look expensive!

Wear Now, Wear Later summer to fall outfit 2

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Now, you’ve saved money by getting the most out of your summer clothes!


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  1. This is SO useful! I’m planning on shopping towards the end of the season (’cause SALES), but definitely wanted to make every piece count, so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Pinning! Thanks!

  2. I love having pieces I can wear for more than one season. It’s really hard to stretch my summer clothes in Idaho, but the winter pieces stick around for a long time. Now that we’ve moved to Martinique, the weather is the same all year long, so it will be much easier. For this year at least. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Pinning this on our group boards. Hope to see you again next Monday night.

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