The Capsule Wardrobe Collective Facebook Group

The Capsule Wardrobe Collective

I have Exciting News!  I have started a Facebook group dedicated to Capsule Wardrobes!  After a few requests from readers, I decided to start this fun & exciting group.  If you’re on Facebook and are a member of a group, you’ll know it’s fun to participate.  You get to communicate with others who share the same interests.

The Facebook group is called “The Capsule Wardrobe Collective”.  You can post your outfit photos, share tips and tricks, discuss challenges and more with other capsule wardrobe owners!  I’ll be sharing my outfit photos and talking more about my capsule wardrobes too.

Are you interested in joining the group?

If so, just go to
The Capsule Wardrobe Collective Facebook Group
to add your name to the list & I’ll add you as a member!

Let’s Have Fun In The Group!

The Capsule Wardrobe Collective pin

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