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If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m a BIG FAN of capsule wardrobes!  I even have an online store dedicated to Seasonal Capsule Wardrobes.  I create a capsule wardrobe at the beginning of each season, then create a visual guide of several outfits, add the details of how to create a capsule wardrobe, plus add a few extras, then share it in a convenient E-Book for others to use.  My actual capsule wardrobe always varies a little, because I have a job where we have a business casual dress code.  I have to add a few extra pieces so I can incorporate my capsule wardrobe for my job, then also have outfits that I can wear on the weekends.

My summer capsule wardrobe featured in this post is based on the E-Book in my shop:

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This weekend I finished my Summer capsule wardrobe.  I chose 31 pieces, mostly from my E-Book, The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Summer 2016 Collection.  The color scheme I chose was navy, blue, coral/peach, white and black.  There were a few pieces I was missing, so I looked for the pieces online, using my ShopStyle app.   By using the app, you can search for an item, sort the items by price, store, and brand.  It’s really handy when you’re looking for a particular piece and saves time too!  I looked for those pieces online at my favorite stores like: Loft, J. Crew, J. Crew Factory, Nordstrom and Target.   I could have bought them online, but I had the opportunity of having “me-time”, so I spent the day out shopping the Memorial Day Sales.  I had made a list of the pieces I needed and bought just those pieces.  I had set a budget, so I stuck with it.  It’s so easy when you’re in a store and buy more than you had bargained for, but when you have a capsule wardrobe, it teaches you how to rethink your closet and buy just the pieces you need.

This past Saturday, I bought a J. Crew denim skirt, J. Crew 3/4 length navy striped top, J. Crew gray tee, Nordstrom Rack blue/white striped short sleeve tee (similar) and a pair of Madewell black block-heel sandals.  I also ate at Panera Bread, browsed through several fashion and home decorating books at Barnes & Noble and enjoyed a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte.  Yep, it was a pretty relaxing day!  You can see what I wore while out shopping via Instagram.

Here are all the pieces in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe:


The Tops

my summer capsule wardrobe 5

Convenient shopping links are below:

sleeveless chambray dress (old) (similar)

navy printed cami dress (old) (similar)

black dress (old, similar)

sleeveless dark gray tunic tank (old) (similar)

black striped peplum top (old, used in my Spring capsule wardrobe, similar)

white eyelet peplum top (old, used in my Spring capsule wardrobe, similar)

white pineapple tank (new)

peach sleeveless ruffle top (old)

sleeveless embroidered blue top (new, almost sold out),(love this one)

white button-up shirt (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe, similar)

coral-colored embroidered top (new, similar)

black striped v-neck shirt (similar, used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

navy tee (old, almost exact)

white eyelet top (old used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

white tee (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

peach-colored short sleeve cardigan (new)

gray tee (new, replaced my worn-out one)

black striped tee (new)

black short-sleeve ruffle sweater (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

navy striped 3/4 sleeve top (new)

blue/white striped short sleeve tee (similar)

The Bottoms, 3rd Piece & Accessories

my summer capsule wardrobe 4

my summer capsule wardrobe 1

denim vest (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

floral scarf (new)

peach-colored scarf (old) (similar)

boater hat (new) c/o Shopbop

floral skirt (new)

blue striped skirt (new)

denim skirt (new)

navy skirt (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

white skirt (old, similar)

khaki skirt (old, similar)

navy ankle pants (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

white jeans (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

ankle jeans (used in my Spring capsule wardrobe)

Notes: If you noticed, I didn’t add shoes to the list, because I have to wear dress shoes to work and then I wear casual shoes on the weekend.  I will be wearing shorts this Summer, but didn’t include them in my capsule wardrobe, becaue I only wear them occassionally.  Also, this season I replaced several pieces in my closet that were either worn or just didn’t fit right anymore.

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I’m excited about all the outfit possibilities of my Summer capsule wardrobe!

Do you use a capsule wardrobe each season?

Are there certain pieces in your closet that you love to wear?


2016 Summer Capsule Wardrobe cover

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  1. Thanks for the links to your pieces. What I would really like to see is a photo of you wearing the outfit you put together. I appreciate the shots of the complete outfits but seeing it on an actual person would help me out a great deal. Thx

  2. Okay I have been seeing capsule wardrobes everywhere and while I know this isn’t a good time for me to try it (I am in the middle of moving from Hawaii to destination unknown)..BUT! You inspire me to try it out this fall 🙂

  3. I LOVE the capsule movement. It truly makes a difference when it can be stress-free with less clothing. 😉

    The How-to Guru {shan walker}

  4. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe just not sure how to do it. What do you do with the hundreds of pieces in your closet? Every season I feel like I add more and more but still have nothing to wear. lol

  5. Thanks for linking up over at Family Fun Friday. I’ve chosen this as one of my featured posts for this week.

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