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I used to love to shop…so much that I would find myself going to the mall or local boutiques a few times a week.  I would look in the store and want to buy a new top or a new pair of pants.  Sometimes it was shoes or jewelry, but mostly clothes.  I would spend $75 in one store and a few days later, $120 in another store.  I was filling my gas tank up to go shopping.  I can’t tell you how many hours over time that I shopped or how much money I spent on clothes.  The more clothes I bought, I would grow tired of them because they didn’t seem to go with anything.  I would go out and buy clothes on a whim.  Because nothing in my closet seemed to patch, had too many patterns or was out of style, I wanted more clothes.  It was a never-ending cycle.

One day I realized how much credit card debt I had accumulated.  It was A LOT!  So much debt, that I didn’t know how I was going to pay it back.  I was going through a life-changing point in my life and I thought shopping was the answer.  It wasn’t.  It was only making my life more stressful.  With the all the debt, wasted time shopping and stress on top of it all, I told myself I had to do something about it.

What did I change?  How did I do it?

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When I was on Pinterest one day, I saw a pin on a “capsule wardrobe”.  “What was a capsule wardrobe?” I thought.  I clicked on the image pin and went to a blog.  The blog post explained what a capsule wardrobe was and how it had made the blogger’s life better…less stressful.  “Hmm”, I thought.  A certain number of clothes in your closet that would coordinate with one another, with less shopping and less clutter.  I looked at what was in their capsule wardrobe.  I had several similar items in my closet!  I thought I would try a capsule wardrobe myself.

I tried out my first capsule wardrobe.  I didn’t have anything to go buy, only a blank template sheet I printed off from a blog where you could come up your own capsule.  That was three years ago.  My first capsule was ok.  I was still shopping, but as I did more research about capsule wardrobes, I wanted to shop LESS.  I did more research about capsules on the internet.  The next season I found myself shopping less, having fun with what works and didn’t work in my capsule.  Two years ago I started this blog.  I was determined to develop my personal style while living by a capsule wardrobe.  My shopping habit dwindled gradually and I learned more and more about capsule wardrobes and what worked and didn’t work.  My third and forth capsule went well.

And now, three years later since I started my “capsule wardrobe”, I publish Capsule Wardrobe E-Books, complete with instructions on how to clean out your closet, create your capsule, what items to place in your capsule for the season and even lots of outfit ideas, all in one e-book.  I like to help give other women a fast and convenient way to start a capsule wardrobe and have everything ready for them to create their own, using “clothing essentials” while adding a couple of trendy pieces too.  It took me 2 years to be successful with a capsule wardrobe.  My E-Books eliminate all the research and learning to creating a capsule, because everything in the E-Books are ready to go for the season!

My Capsule Wardrobe E-Books eliminate all the research and learning in creating your capsule

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How often do I shop for myself?  About 3 times a season (that’s 3 months).  And, I’m conservative when I do shop.  If I see something that I like, I have to REALLY like it, AND it has to coordinate with at least 3 other things in my capsule.  I shop mainly online, because I can find what I want, order it and I’m done.  I used to go in a store to find what I was looking for, only to get distracted by all the clothes, didn’t find what I was looking for and had a tendency to buy something that I didn’t need.  Now, when I go in a store, it’s either to go clothes shopping with my daughter or I’ll use the store locator online to see if an item is in stock and I’ll go to just try it on to make sure it fits before I buy it.

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Here’s how you can save money and pay off debt with these closet hacks:

1. Have a Capsule Wardrobe

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Capsule wardrobes are a great for many reasons!  By having a set number of clothes and shoes in your closet that all coordinate with each other, your closet will be neat and organized.  Since all that will be in your closet are your clothes and shoes, you can find everything easily, getting dressed quicker and thus, reducing stress. The key to capsule wardrobes are clothing “essentials”, which are clothes that are classic and timeless and will go with everything.  Examples of “essentials” are a white tee, black jeans or black pants, a button-up shirt in a timeless pattern, a cardigan, a chambray shirt, or a solid color pencil skirt.  Most of the time “essentials” are solid colors, similar in tone, like 1) black, white and gray (which are neutrals), or 2) olive, burgundy and ivory (warm tones), etc.

Here are a few examples of “essentials” (click on images to find out more)

2. Save Money By Being a Conservative Shopper

By having a capsule wardrobe, you shop less!  Since you have a set number of clothes in your capsule in which you rotate often, it eliminates the need to go out and buy more.  When you think the average cost of a well-made shirt is $50 and you buy several, it adds up quickly.  And that’s just shirts!  If you also buy pants, skirts, jackets, jewelry, shoes, handbags…the total cost adds up!  Sometimes we think that if something is on sale, we say “I had buy it because it was on sale.”  I can’t tell you how many “sale” items I have bought in my lifetime.  Are they still in my closet?  No.  Money wasted.  There’s also the scenario of buying something because “it only costs $19.99.”  Was the item made well?  Can you wear it with more than one thing in your closet?  How will it hold up after you wash it?  If it’s not quality material or if it’s not made well, it’s also money wasted because it won’t last.  If you use a credit card to pay for things and don’t pay it off the next month, interest is accumulated.  Which means that $19.99 top on sale, now cost you more.  If you shop wisely and conservatively, then you can do what’s next…

3. Pay Off Debt

Did you know that if you shop wisely and conservatively, the money you saved can be used to Pay Off Debt!  You can pay off debt quickly by shopping only on an “as needed basis”.  I did it, it can be done.  You wouldn’t believe how much debt I have paid off just by taking my focus off of shopping.  By shifting your money from shopping to paying off your debt, you will worry less and enjoy things more!

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  1. I’m so glad to hear you saying pay off your debt!! My husband & I believe in paying off your credit card at the end of every month. If you can’t your spending too much. STOP!!!! You are correct that a Capsule Wardrobe is the way to go. Also a Curated Wardrobe is another way to go!! This has been my choice!!!

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