7 Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

What woman doesn’t love a beautiful pair of shoes?  Shoes can add interest to what would normally be a basic outfit.  For example, a pair of sleek black heels make a black skirt and white top look chic and elegant.  A comfy pair of Converse sneakers make denim shorts and a white tee look like the perfect weekend outfit.  Yes, we have to have shoes, but what kind of shoes you have really shows your personality and helps make a statement with your outfits.

 7 Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

I’ve rounded up 7 pairs of shoes every woman must own.  Of course there are shoes of all kinds out there, but these shoes are considered wardrobe staples, shoes that you will reach for time and time again.  Plus, they are investment pieces that will last season after season.  You probably won’t grow tired of these shoes because they aren’t trendy and will go with a lot of your outfits.

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1. Black Pumps

Black Pumps

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Black pumps are the most basic dressy and chic shoe.  When you think of black pumps do you think of Chanel, the designer?  Black pumps like these start at under $100, but you can also pay hundreds for a pair of designer black pumps, like these from Christian Louboutin!  A mid-heel or kitten heel are easy to walk in and better if you are on your feet a lot and are just as elegant as high heels.

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2. Leopard Heels or Flats

Leopard Pumps

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In the fashion world, “leopard is a neutral,” as quoted by Jenna Lyons, the creative director of J. Crew.  It’s true, leopard goes with just about everything.  When you wear leopard heels or flats, it takes your outfit up a notch and makes a statement.  This pair of leopard heels is beautiful and these leopard flats can be worn dressy or casual.

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3. Riding Boots

Riding Boots

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Brown riding boots are versatile boots that you can wear with jeans, dresses, skirts and leggings.  They have a flat heel and resemble the boots that jockeys wear in horse races.  Riding boots are usually leather, which can be worn in the cooler months.

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4. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

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Ankle boots, particularly suede, are a popular shoe.  If you opt for a taupe color, the neutral shade will go with just about everything.  Wear them with dresses, jeans and skirts.  They are the go-to shoe for the fall season and can be worn in the winter and spring too.

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5. Sneakers

Converse Sneakers

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Sneakers, especially Converse, are comfy and in-style.  If you have only one pair of sneakers, you need a pair of Converse.  They are the perfect all-around casual sneaker.

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6. Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

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Ballet flats are the perfect flats to wear everyday.  You will look polished and put together by wearing these on the go.  The lace-up flat has become popular in the last couple of years.  They look great with dresses, ankle pants, jeans and skirts.

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7. Sandals


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Whether they are flat sandals or heeled sandals, they are the most popular shoe of the summer.  You can wear them in the spring or early fall, anytime during warm weather.  The possibilities are nearly endless with this shoe.

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  1. Love all the footwear have most of them but you should also have classy black stillitoes it is a must to wear with the classic little black dress love it all bring back fashion basics it’s a must

  2. Great selection I have all of these, you should also add a neutral pump, goes with everything all day ( I also have neutral pointed toe flats)

  3. I agree with your choices. Still looking for a riding boot that will not run the back of my knees. I like the snake print instead of leopard. What do you think? I am still looking for a flat shoe in that design that is good to my feet.

  4. I think your suggestions will be great for most woman. These won’t work for people like me with foot problems. I have severe arthritis and bad bunions so pumps and ballet shoes are totally out of the question.
    I wear shoes for comfort and I find that my riding boots really fit the bill during the fall and winter. I will wear them with skirts, dresses and leggings.
    In the spring and summer I wear espadrilles because they tend to be kinder to feet. I wear them with shorts, summer dresses and capris.
    Everyone has to find what is suitable for their feet and lifestyle.
    I enjoyed your post and again, I think your suggestions will work for most women.

  5. Don’t know where you are from but have you tried sole bliss shoes? They are online in the UK, shoes that have really padded insoles and a bunion bed which disguises your bunions and supports them at the same time.

  6. I’m definitely a boot girl. I must own close to a dozen. A few still have tags on them. Considering I can’t wear high heels when my back is out. Next favorite are sneakers w platforms! Steve Madden, CALVIN, n other brands I just can’t think of now. When attending special occasion, I decide what style matches best: open toe, pumps, etc.

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