Wear Now, Wear Later: Spring To Summer

See how to transition 2 tops and accessories from Spring to Summer!

Wear Now, Wear Later- Spring To Summer

Do you have a favorite top you are wearing now, in the Spring, that you would like to wear in the Summer too?  You can transition that piece and wear it in both seasons!  You can make the most of the clothes in your closet by not having to buy more, just because the weather changes.

This post shows how to transition a white tee and a striped bell sleeve top from Spring to Summer.  The white tee is a basic essential.  There are so many ways you can wear it!  It is one of the most versatile tops in your closet.  This striped top is a bit of a trendy piece, because of the bell sleeves, but because it is a striped top, it will stay in style.


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Outfit Transition #1 features a white tee.  In the Spring, you can wear it with a linen-blend skirt, denim jacket and accessories.  In the Summer you can also wear the white tee with denim shorts and the same accessories!

Outfit Transition #2 features a striped bell sleeve top.  In the Spring, it looks great with just skinny jeans and accessories for a casual look.  Instead of wearing a necklace, change up the look by wearing a bandana scarf.  In the Summer, dress it up a bit by wearing a denim skirt and the same accessories!

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  1. I have a few printed tops (and dresses) that have open backs or skinny straps, and I wear them in Spring with a jacket or cardigan, or over a tee or tank. In Summer, I wear them on their own, and carry a sheer scarf with me in case it gets breezy in the evening. I find that carefully-selected pieces go the extra mile in terms of wearability!

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