From Work To Weekend: 4 Versatile Tops


If you have a 9-5 job where you have to wear dressy clothes, do you have a separate wardrobe just for your work clothes?  Then, do you have clothes that you wear on the weekend?  My closet used to be the  same way!  I had clothes that I wore just for work, then I had just my “weekend” clothes.   I spent lots of money buying dressy clothes, then buying casual clothes, until I started using a “capsule wardrobe“!

 My closet used to be packed full of clothes with so many patterns and colors that didn’t mix well with other clothes in my closet.  I basically had two separate wardrobes in one closet.  One day, I discovered the “capsule wardrobe” system, and my life changed!  I found out that you can have one wardrobe and just by using clothes that can be multi-functional, you can wear them to work and on the weekend.  Using a capsule wardrobe has dramatically cut my spending on clothes and keeps my money in my wallet, instead of throwing it away on clothes that I don’t need.  Using tops like this crew neck sweater, this striped turtleneck, this long sleeve white top and this black mock neck top lets me have both dressy and casual outfit options!  I can wear them with my favorite jeans or with this versatile pencil skirt.

Work To Weekend - 4 Versatile Tops

I have been using my capsule wardrobe going on 3 years now and I absolutely love preparing my capsule wardrobe each season!  I look forward to shopping my closet every 3 months and put together my wardrobe that I will love wearing.  To make the most of my wardrobe, I include clothes that will mix and match with one another, thus producing outfits that are both dressy and casual!  The key to mixing and matching clothes is to use color tones that compliment each other.  My favorite color tones to use first in creating my capsule wardrobes are neutral colors.  Those colors are black, navy, gray, white, ivory, beige and camel.  The most commonly used neutrals are black, white and gray, but navy is a popular alternative, especially in the Spring.  At the beginning of a season when I create my capsule wardrobe, I choose my core closet essentials first.  Then, I build on my essentials by adding more tops, bottoms and layers, until my capsule wardrobe is finished!  Then, I enjoy getting dressed everyday, knowing I’m making the most of my clothes and saving money too!

In this post, I’m sharing 4 versatile tops that will go from work to the weekend.  All the outfit ideas shown are in the eBook, The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Winter 2018 Collection.  Just 23 clothes and shoes can make 100 outfits!  That’s a complete wardrobe for the Winter season!

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The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe E-Book expands on this post and offers:

    • Complete step-by-step guide to creating your capsule wardrobe
    • All 23 Suggested Clothes and Shoes Ideas with SEVERAL shopping options for each piece (including Accessories)
    • Both Regular-Size and Plus-Size sources included!
    • 100 outfit ideas
    • Printable Checklist
    • Wardrobe Coordinating Color Chart
    • Packing Guide (10 Pieces / 7 Outfits)
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Crew Neck Sweater

Shopping Source: Regular / Plus

Wear to Work (Outfit #77):

Compliment your dressy outfits by adding a gorgeous clutch…Shop these clutches!


Wear on the Weekend (Outfit #75):

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Striped Turtleneck

Shopping Source: Regular / Plus

Wear to Work (Outfit #30):

Wear on the Weekend (Outfit #25):

Leather jackets are a classic essential for your closet…Shop these real and faux leather jackets 


White Long Sleeve Top

Shopping Source: Regular / Plus

Wear to Work (Outfit #44):

Ankle Boots are a Fall and Winter essential shoe…Shop these Ankle Boots!

Wear on the Weekend (Outfit #35):


Black Mock Neck Top

Shopping Source: Regular / Plus

Wear to Work (Outfit #87):

Wear on the Weekend (Outfit #89):


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  1. I love how versatile all the pieces in the Ebooks are. I’m a SAHM but I bought the most recent French Minimalist Ebook for inspiration for church outfits. I love being able to come home from church and switch my skirt for jeans and be ready for an afternoon outing.

  2. Great post. I love the outfits. I am a SAHM, but like the idea from Lisa above to use the work wear outfits for church. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. For those of us who do t look good in colors like camel and blush, how do
    You suggest changing it up? Thanks!

  4. Shannon,

    Pick which colors that look great on you, then substitute the camel and blush for those colors. For any pieces that you need, you can search hundreds of retailers at once on

  5. Love this! I have a hard time transitioning clothes from work to home so this is perfect. Will there be a men’s winter capsule? My husband loves the fall capsule I got him and with Christmas quickly approaching I think some new winter items would be perfect under the tree!

  6. Sue, the Men’s Winter capsule wardrobe eBook will be published in about a week. I’m currently working on the Stay At Home Mom eBook, which is set for release on Tuesday.

  7. Did I miss the Men’s Winter Capsule? Seeing so many great things on sale right now but waiting to buy! Thanks!

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