French Minimalist Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe Preview: 10 Outfits

 Create a French Minimalist capsule wardrobe for the Spring season!

This post is a preview of the e-Book, The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2019 Collection.  I’m sharing a few pieces in the capsule that you can mix and match with other pieces to create several outfits!

I’m excited to share with you all the latest Capsule Wardrobe e-Book!  It’s for the Spring 2019 season and includes 100 outfit ideas.  If you need a functional wardrobe, with both casual and dressy outfits, this one is perfect for you!  Thousands of women use my eBooks every season…over 25,000 eBooks in the capsule wardrobe eBook series have been sold! 

Click HERE to get your copy!

French Minimalist Capsule Spring 2019 eBook

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe E-Book expands on this post and offers:

    • Complete step-by-step guide to creating your capsule wardrobe
    • 23 Suggested Clothes and Shoes Ideas with SEVERAL shopping options for each piece (including Accessories)
    • Regular, Plus & Petite size shopping links included!
    • 100 outfit ideas
    • Printable Checklist
    • Wardrobe Coordinating Color Chart
    • Travel Packing Guide (10 Pieces / 7 Outfits)
    • Access to an Outfits Planning Calendar
    • BONUS: 8 Ways To Save At Least 50% Off Retail

Here are JUST A FEW PIECES in the E-Book:
(the e-book has 2 convenient shopping links each for Regular, Plus & Petite sizes,
with different price points for each item)


Striped Blue Shirt
can be tied in the front or left untied!


White Ankle Pants
(can substitute for white jeans!)

Also love these Wide Leg White Pants!

Love these High Waist Slim Kick White Jeans!




Black D’Orsay Flats

Fleming Shoulder Bag

in “Light Taupe” color

Love this similar bag under $60!


For Sources of ALL 23 Items & 100 Outfit Ideas & More, get your copy of
The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2019 Collection


Outfit #1

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 1

Outfit #15

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 15


Outfit #24The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 24

Outfit #28

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 28


Outfit #32

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 32

Outfit #39

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 39

Outfit #47The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 47


Outfit #69

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 69


Outfit #94

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 94


Outfit #98

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2019 - Outfit 98


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  1. I keep seeing post topics “French” minimalist or capsule wardrobes. What is French about them? Is it for a trip to France. I haven’t been able to figure it out.

  2. I am retired and would like to wear skirts sometimes. But all I see is bare legs. Is this what you recommend? I am not wild about wearing pantyhose.

  3. It is a style of dress that models what French women wear. It is called minimalist, because French women tend to have fewer pieces of clothing in their wardrobe than American Women. There are many articles on the Internet that talk about it, if you want more information.

  4. I’m so excited to see the Sam Edelman cap-toe pumps included in this wardrobe! I have those in my closet already! I’m waiting for the Workwear Capsule to come out and will decide then if I purchase that one or this Minimalist collection. I’m also eyeing the “Year-Round” version…Decisions, decisions, decisions! (P.S. I used your Winter Workwear e-book and was plenty satisfied with the variety and appropriateness of my outfits. You do a great job with these. Thanks!)

  5. Hello Kim! To add to Eileen’s reply…The “French Minimalist” concept is based on the notion (founded or not) that French women favor timeless silhouettes over “trendy” choices, and prefer to have pieces of great quality over great quantity of items. That’s why you’ll see that “French” inspired capsules have mostly solid neutrals that match well with each other (black, gray, white, beige, navy), rounded by very traditional prints that will never go out of style (polka dots, stripes), in shapes that are considered “classics”. According to this notion, a French woman would be more likely to choose a knee-length single breasted camel-colored coat or a black bomber jacket over a cropped teddy-bear ombre-hued coat, and would invest more of her money in buying full-leather riding boots or a fabulous pair of red waterproof galoshes vs. getting a pair of over-the-knee, metallic mesh boots with mile-high stiletto heels. In other words…fewer pieces, but better pieces.

  6. Suzanne–Nude pantyhose is no longer a requirement in most work places and has fallen out of favor for most occasions…go on an rock your bare legs if you want!

  7. I love everything about the new French Minimalist Capsule for Spring! I have all the pieces for my core closet, so I only needed to pick up a few things this time around. The three month mark is when I start getting tired of my clothes, so swapping in a few new select pieces is really all that’s needed to get excited about getting dressed again!

    PS Thanks for including petites for us short girls this time around. It helps eliminate all the hunting and swapping I needed to do before.

  8. I love the dot wrap top in this capsule! I already bought the essential capsule ebook, but I’d love to buy this top. Could you post the link, please?

  9. Hi Colleen! All the Summer 2019 capsule wardrobe e-Books will be published during the month of May. The French Minimalist will be available around the 2nd week of May.

  10. Is there a year-round French minimalist capsule ebook? I’m in love with the French style (went to Paris 4 years ago and can’t get over it)! I’d like to purchase this ebook but would like a more complete guide. Would you suggest getting another full year-round and in addition this French minimalist ebook? Not sure where to go from here, thanks!

  11. Josselyn,

    I don’t have a year-round French Minimalist, only the Simplified Style eBook, which includes classic and timeless pieces for a capsule wardrobe. But, you can make the Simplified Style wardrobe French Minimalist style, by mixing in a few pieces from any of the French Minimalist season eBooks!


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