Starter Capsule Wardrobe (10 Pieces / Summer)

Start your capsule wardrobe using just 10 pieces!

If you’ve been on Pinterest or have read some posts here on my blog, chances are you’ve seen the subject “Capsule Wardrobes”.  I’m a BIG FAN of capsule wardrobes!  They have helped me 1) save on average about $1,000 a year and 2) changed my shopping habits.  Having a capsule wardrobe can literally change your life.  I save money by being conservative at shopping.

Here’s how I used to be with clothes: I would carelessly buy clothes not thinking about if they would go with other clothes in my closet.  The clothes I would buy would only go with one or two other items in my closet.  I would wear them a few times, then get tired of them.  Oh, and I can’t forget about if something was on sale, I just HAD to buy it!  I couldn’t pass it up because it was on sale.  I couldn’t leave it on the rack…it was half-price!  Once again, not thinking if I could wear it for a few years or if it was made of quality material.  Some clothes I would buy wouldn’t be made well and would stretch or fade after a couple of washings.

Thank goodness for the internet and finding out about capsule wardrobes.  A couple of years ago when I was researching about the capsule wardrobe concept, I thought I would give a try.  It took a couple of seasons to NOT want to wear ALL the clothes in my closet.  I think we can be emotionally attached to the clothes in our closet.  I know I was.   Now, things have changed and I have a different approach when it comes to clothes.  When I do shop, I ask myself “can this item go with at least 3 other things in my closet?”  If it doesn’t, I don’t buy it.  Also, I would rather spend $50 on a shirt that’s well made and is mixable with several items in my closet, and NOT buy a $20 shirt that is cheaply made and can go with only 1 other item.

I have 30 clothes in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.   Other than adding a pair of shorts to wear on the weekend, I stick to those 30 items.  I don’t feel weighed down by having all those clothes in my closet.  I feel more refreshed and organized and it takes me only 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning.  Life is better with a capsule wardrobe!

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If you are just starting out with wanting to try a capsule wardrobe, you can start with just 10 items.
These 10 wardrobe essentials can easily mix and match with one another.  They are popular styles, neutral colors and solid materials.
You can create at least 20 outfits with all these pieces!


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Starter Capsule Wardrobe Summer 10 Clothes

Row 1: black tank / black striped tee / ivory cold shoulder top

Row 2: white tee / gray tee / chambray shirt

Row 3: black skirt / white jeans / indigo jeans / denim shorts

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 Add shoes to complete your outfits (click images to shop)

Starter Capsule Wardrobe Summer 10 Essentials

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  1. Great tips. I totally have learned so much from following people like you and no longer feel the need to buy out the store just because it’s on sale. Thanks for stopping by and linking up with us today!

  2. I don’t technically have a capsule wardrobe, but I’ve downsized so much in the past few months that I almost do. I love the thought of having fewer, but more well thought out pieces that match everything. I really need to get on this train as it will make getting ready easier, clean out my closet and save money. Now if only I could get my husband on board… 🙂

  3. This is some great advice! Even if you don’t totally whittle down, those are such great staples that can be combined with so many pieces!

  4. I actually did this but on a a larger scale. I got rid of my junk and rags and things with tags. And pretty much started over. I may have to purge again. Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Pinned! Have a great week!

  5. Ashley, Yes I am in the process of creating The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2016 Collection, which should be in the E-Book shop by this weekend. There will also be a “Parisian Style” fall collection ebook too; I’m SUPER excited about this one! And, hopefully I’ll be able to release a Workwear fall capsule too. If you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll be notified when they are available. Thank you, Leanne –

  6. Yay!!! So looking forward to it- especially a workwear one, that would be amazing. I love dressing for the Spring and Summer for work with skirt and sheath dresses but always have a hard time getting dressed when it’s cold out and feel like I never look as cute!

    Thanks again! =)

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