Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe 14 Pieces = 24 Outfits

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This 14-piece loungewear budget capsule wardrobe will create several weeks of outfits!

Since we are all staying at home with everything going on around us with the virus thing, you might find yourself wanting to dress comfortably. Everyone’s situation is different: some are staying at home while business have been temporarily suspended, you are working at home or you are part of the essential workforce who is helping to keep this country going. My husband and I watched a documentary the other night about the Influenza epidemic in the early 1900’s. It was very interesting in that several things that happened then are happening now. I have faith that we will get through this. It may soon or later, but we will get through it!

I wanted to dress a bit more casual for the next several weeks that we are at home, so I created my Neutral Spring Capsule Wardrobe. I love to wear jeans and comfortable tops as it helps me more productive since I work at home throughout the week. Several of you are using the Stay At Home Mom Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2020 Collection and the Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2020 Collection eBooks for your capsule wardrobes. The Stay At Home Mom series is an all-casual capsule that includes jeans, tees, outerwear, cardigans and comfy shoes. The Athleisure series includes pieces such as leggings, joggers, tees, pullovers, hoodies and outerwear. Many of you love wearing these capsules!

I had many requests from you all to create a loungewear capsule. Some of you called it a quarantine capsule! Whatever you call it, some of us need a wardrobe right now that is comfortable, yet is put-together to look presentable while we stay at home. If you are staying at home and are needing a relaxed and casual capsule so you can be total comfy around the house, then this Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe is for you! If you are working outside the home, you can use this capsule to dress comfortably at night or on your off-days! It includes all budget-friendly pieces, from both Amazon and Target. The Amazon pieces are all on Prime Delivery, so they will be delivered to you fast! Target’s delivery is usually fast too, so depending on where you live, you can get this capsule collection delivered to you when you need it!

Here are all the pieces in the loungewear collection…


gray graphic tee (similar regular & plus up to XXL)
white graphic tee (plus size)
striped pullover (up to XXL)
charcoal tank (up to XXL)
white sweatshirt (up to XXL)
pink rose cardigan (up to XXL)
gray cardigan (up to XXL)
pink pullover (up to XXL)
black leggings (up to XXL)
gray leggings (up to XXL)
gray joggers (plus size)
black joggers (up to XXL)
open criss cross slippers
mule slippers

You can add a pair of slip-on sneakers if you want to wear a casual shoe with your loungewear outfits. I have this pair of leopard pattern sneakers and they are very comfortable and only $24.99! This pair of leopard slip-on sneakers are cute too.

Here are the first 12 outfits from the loungewear capsule…


Outfits 1 through 12:

  1. white graphic tee / gray leggings / pink cardigan / mule slippers
  2. white graphic tee / black leggings / gray cardigan / open slippers
  3. white graphic tee / black joggers / pink cardigan / mule slippers
  4. white graphic tee / gray joggers / gray cardigan / open slippers
  5. striped pullover / gray leggings / open slippers
  6. striped pullover / black leggings / mule slippers
  7. striped pullover / gray joggers / open slippers
  8. striped pullover / black joggers / mule slippers
  9. pink pullover / black leggings / mule slippers
  10. pink pullover / gray leggings / open slippers
  11. pink pullover / black joggers / mule slippers
  12. pink pullover / gray joggers / open slippers

Here are the outfits 13-24 from the loungewear capsule…


Outfits 13 through 24:

13. gray graphic tee / gray leggings / pink cardigan / mule slippers
14. gray graphic tee / black leggings / gray cardigan / open slippers
15. gray graphic tee / gray joggers / pink cardigan / mule slippers
16. gray graphic tee / black joggers / gray cardigan / open slippers
17. white sweatshirt / gray leggings / open slippers
18. white sweatshirt / black leggings / mule slippers
19. white sweatshirt / gray joggers / open slippers
20. white sweatshirt / black joggers / mule slippers
21. charcoal tank / black leggings / pink cardigan / mule slippers
22. charcoal tank / gray leggings / gray cardigan / open slippers
23. charcoal tank / black joggers / pink cardigan / mule slippers
24. charcoal tank / gray joggers / gray cardigan / open slippers

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How do you like this loungewear capsule wardrobe?

You can wear this loungewear capsule now, while we are at home, then when everything returns to normal, you can continue to wear it throughout the rest of the year!

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    Thank you for all your recent emails and posts. They are a bright spot in my emails! I have purchased several of your e-wardrobes and they have been very helpful. I like your casual, classic and minimal style and have purchased items on your recommendation, such as the Madewell transport bag, Tom’s sandals, and leopard tennis shoes from Target.
    They are all well-made and the shoes are very comfortable. Thanks, again, Leanne for all you do!

  2. This is a cute and comfy looking casual lounging wardrobe. I would just wear solid tees instead of the graphic ones, just because I’m not a big fan of graphic tees, but I’m sure many others are. I have some daily ritual clothing from Amazon. Be sure to order your size and it will be big until you wash it and dry it, then it will usually shrink some. Also they wrinkle easily in my experience

  3. The loungewear capsule is great!! And I’m very excited about the challenge next week! Thank you!!

  4. Glad you like the loungewear capsule Kathleen and that you will be doing the #howiwearitchallenge next week!

  5. Cathy,

    Yes, you can sub regular tees instead of the graphic tees. Thank you for the Amazon Daily Ritual brand care tips!

  6. Judy,

    Thank you for your comments! I’m happy to hear you like a few items I have recommended.

  7. Leann, you mentioned in a previous post that you don’t put your clothes in the dryer. How do you shake out the washer wrinkles?

  8. Thank you for all you do to curate these capsules. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that you put forth and I’ll gladly shop your affiliate links so that you receive a bit of support.
    From a teacher working from home the rest of the school year,

  9. Oh, my goodness, I love this!!! I’ve been wearing close to this anyway lately!! But I might add a few of the cuter pieces! Thank you, Leanne!!

  10. Hi Leanne. Hope you and your family are doing well. This post is very timely and practical. Stay classy and safe!

  11. This is perfect for our time of sheltering at home and beyond! I can still “get dressed” AND be comfortable. I actually already have almost all of these (or comparable) items. Thank you for organizing them for me. #lessguilt. : )

  12. Hello Leanne. I just shopped my closet using this capsule as inspiration. I had everything in the categories suggested even down the colors. Your post showed me that what I thought I needed….I already have and then some,

  13. Terry,

    I’m glad to hear you shopped your closet to create your capsule! That’s great that you had everything you needed.

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