Coming Soon – Simplified Style®: The Athleisure Collection


I’ve got some Super Exciting News! I’ll be publishing a year-round core wardrobe of athleisure essentials! This capsule will be similar to Simplified Style®: The Dressy & Casual Collection. Simplified Style®: The Athleisure Collection is set to be published on, January 22!

Coming Soon - Simplified Style Athleisure

Many of you who use the Athleisure Season Capsule Wardrobe eBook series, have been asking for a core wardrobe of athleisure pieces you can wear year round. Since athleisure is a style all its own, it only makes sense to create a core closet essentials collection with just athleisure pieces.

Athleisure style has grown in popularity in the recent years, and that popularity has grown tremendously this past year with several of you working from home or dressing more casually.  Stay at home moms love the athleisure style, since the clothes and shoes are comfortable and easy to move around in while tending to the kiddos and running errands while looking put together and stylish.  Athleisure is also perfect to wear on the weekends, when you want to wear something other than your work clothes you wear during the week.

For the past few weeks I have been busy working in the planning stage, scoping out pieces that would fit well in a year-round athleisure wardrobe. Since 2018, I have been publishing the Athleisure Season Capsule Wardrobe eBook series and I have determined which pieces would work the best in a year-round capsule.

Here are several pieces that will be included in the collection…

Simplified Style Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe - preview clothes rack side

Similar to Simplified Style®: The Dressy & Casual CollectionThe Athleisure Collection will include sport-inspired core closet essentials in neutral colors for all seasons of the year.  It will also include MANY outfit ideas for all seasons, outfit calendars, convenient shopping links and more.  You can use this capsule wardrobe collection on its own as a year-round capsule, or use it in conjunction with the athleisure season capsule series!

A sneak peek of some outfits using pieces in the collection…

The first outfit includes a gray quarter zip pullover, black 7/8 leggings (these are seriously THE BEST leggings), black quilted vest (very similar) and black sneakers. You can wear this outfit in the Fall, Winter or Spring (omit the vest in the Spring).

Simplified Style Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe - flatlay vest pullover leggings sneakers

Outfit Details:
gray quarter zip pullover
black 7/8 leggings (these are seriously THE BEST leggings)
black quilted vest (very similar)
black sneakers

Here is another outfit from the collection which includes a striped long sleeve tee, denim jacket, gray leggings and white casual sneakers (shown) (also love these sneakers). You can wear this outfit in the Spring or Fall.

Simplified Style Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe - striped tee denim jacket leggings sneakers

Outfit Details:
striped long sleeve tee
denim jacket
gray leggings
white casual sneakers (shown) (also love these sneakers)

Simplified Style®: The Athleisure Collection is set to be published on, January 22! More details on this capsule wardrobe are coming soon!

Simplified Style Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe - preview clothes rack front
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6
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  1. Hi. Love these, I feel fabulous. I buy normally the athleisure and stay at home mom for each season. Please say that you will be doing simplified style the stay at home mom collection. ????

  2. Hip length tops over leggings are tough to wear for most women. I have always been taught you’re supposed to cover your behind when you wear leggings unless you still have your high school volleyball figure. Is that no longer the “rule?”

  3. I am 5’9” and a size 10 or large and have no problem finding tops that cover my behind in leggings. It is usually a standard for most women to wear tops that cover your behind when wearing leggings. In Athleisure style, tees and athletic tops and cardigans that have longer lengths are preferred.

  4. Very excited about this! I want to look attractive and yet still be able to move through my day without having to change clothes. This category seems like a great fit for a homemaker who has to be able to stretch/move/flex to do my daily tasks, yet still look nice enough to make those store/post office runs–as well as trying to get in a workout.

  5. Cannot wait! Added that date to my calendar. Have Simplified Style & Simplified Style for Men. They both have changed my and my husbands lives. As a Stay at Home Mom, Athleisure is mostly what I wear so this will be perfect.

  6. Are you considering an annual membership for people that buy the capsule wardrobe ebooks? Would love to just pay one yearly amount to access all the ebooks.

  7. I’m interested in the Nike long sleeve. Want to order from the linked website but I’m unfamiliar with the company. Have you purchased from before?

  8. Thank you for asking about the Nike long sleeve top. We have an Academy Sports store in our city and LOVE it! Although I have not purchased from their site, I have bought several things in their store: sneakers, light weights and athleisure clothes.

  9. Please, please include some suggestions for subbing in an accent color! My favorite part of the seasonal e-books has been how to incorporate a fun color or two. I love the essential simplified style e-book and think I will probably invest in the athleisure version but I am not sure I can wear all neutrals all the time all year! I already have an accent color kind of going for my athleisure and lounge wardrobe, hoping I will be able to incorporate them.

  10. I would love to see some other color combinations besides gray, black, and more gray. Black and gray are terrible colors on me.

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