Mix ‘n’ Match Capsule Wardrobe: 12 Pieces = 81 Outfits

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See how to mix and match 3 tops, 3 layers, 3 bottoms and 3 pairs of shoes for a total of 81 outfits. This mini capsule is a way to learn how to use a capsule wardrobe. You can use this mini capsule wardrobe as a minimalist wardrobe, if you travel in an RV or if you are traveling on vacation using your suitcase.

Do you use a capsule wardrobe? If you do, don’t you just love how many outfits you can create from just a few pieces? I have been using a capsule wardrobe in my closet since 2015 and since then it has changed the way I think about clothes.

Before I started using a capsule wardrobe, I my closet used to be packed full of clothes with lots of different patterns and colors. I had so many clothes in my closet that I didn’t know what I had and it was so difficult getting dressed everyday.

Now, by using a capsule wardrobe, my closet naturally stays neat and tidy. I love getting dressed everyday now and I always know what to wear!

In this blog post, I created a mini capsule wardrobe using pieces from Simplified Style®: The Dressy & Casual Collection – A Year-Round Core Closet Essential Capsule Wardrobe.

Simplified Style® is a complete wardrobe that you can use year-round as a stand-alone wardrobe or you can add pieces in your favorite colors and patterns to expand the wardrobe! There is a visual capsule wardrobe guide with regular-size shopping links, wardrobe plans for each season of the year, outfit calendars for all seasons, plus over 400+ outfits. Thousands of women use this capsule wardrobe collection!

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This mini capsule wardrobe includes 3 tops, 3 layers, 3 bottoms and 3 pairs of shoes from Simplified Style®: The Dressy & Casual Collection – A Year-Round Core Closet Essential Capsule Wardrobe. All the pieces have neutral colors, so they coordinate well with each other! These 12 pieces will create 81 outfits!

Who Can Use This Mini Capsule Wardrobe

This mini capsule is for anyone of any age! It is especially great to use if you are just starting to use a capsule wardrobe. With just a few pieces, it is easy to see how to put outfits together. This capsule would also be a great minimalist wardrobe for your closet! If you are a minimalism enthusiast, you can put this capsule wardrobe in your closet, on a clothes rack, or fold the pieces and store them in your dresser. Those who travel in an RV will love this capsule too! You will have lots of oufits using just a few pieces and all the pieces can easily store away in your RV closet. You can also use this mini capsule wardrobe as a travel wardrobe for your suitcase. When traveling, I recommend wearing one of the outfits with a layering piece, then place the other pieces in your suitcase.

How To Make The Capsule Work For You

You can customize this capsule so that it works for you! Some like to wear a black leather jacket, while some prefer a brown leather jacket. Or, if you would rather use a black cardigan or a black blazer, feel free to substitute any of those pieces. Remember to use pieces with neutral colors, like black, navy, gray, beige, camel, ivory, cream, etc. You can also use navy instead of black: just substitute the black leather jacket with a brown or tan leather jacket, the black tee with a navy tee, the black pants with navy pants and the black flats with either navy flats or beige flats. Feel free to get creative with this mini capsule!

Read below to see how to mix and match the pieces shown…

Mix n Match Capsule Wardrobe Simplified Style 12 Pieces

The Mini Capsule Wardrobe

1. Black Leather Jacket This style of jacket has been around for years and is a timeless piece. A brown leather jacket will also work in this capsule if you would rather not use black. You can also use either real leather or faux leather.

2. Trench CoatThis is a classic and timeless piece that will always be in style. Trench coats come in different lengths and you can choose the length you prefer. The preferred color is a beige or khaki color, but you can also use a black or a cream color.

3. Ivory or Beige BlazerYou can use either a linen blazer or a polyester-style blazer. A linen blazer is linked but you can also use this Double-Breasted Blazer.

4. White Tee – A white tee is one of the most classic pieces in your wardrobe. I have this “365 Stretch Tee” in white and black and they are my most favorite tees.

5. Striped Tee – You can use the 3/4 length sleeve tee shown or short sleeve. Even though the color is “ivory navy”, the stripes are an indigo color, so it will coordinate with either black or navy!

6. Black Tee – A black tee is also a classic piece in your wardrobe. I have this “365 Stretch Tee” in white and black and they are my most favorite tees. If you would rather use navy instead of black, the black tee linked also comes in navy as a color choice.

7. Medium Wash Jeans – Use your preferred style of jeans: skinny, straight, crop flare or bootcut. I have the linked pair of jeans and love them! Here are several pairs of budget-friendly straight style jeans.

8. Black Pants – This pair of pants are versatile and can be worn dressy or casual. If you would rather use navy pants, the pants linked also come in navy as a color choice.

9. Gray Jeans – You can use either jeans or pants if you prefer. Using gray gives you another color choice beside black.

10. Beige/Nude Sandal Heels – These shoes look great with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses. The block heel is versatile so you can wear them casual or dressy and the beige/nude color will go with virtually any outfit!

11. Black Flats – This classic and timeless piece will coordinate with all your outfits. I recently purchased the flats linked in the “soft beige” color and they are gorgeous and also are comfy!

12. White Casual Sneakers – This shoe is great to wear in a casual outfit and the design gives it an elevated look.

Shop The Mini Capsule Wardrobe

How To Create Your Outfits

Use the 12 Pieces = 81 Outfits collage shown above to create your outfits!

  1. First, Start on the first row and choose Your Layering Piece.
  2. Next, on the second row, choose your Top.
  3. On the third row, choose your Bottom.
  4. On the forth row, choose your Shoes.

Sample outfit #1 – black leather jacket, white tee, medium wash jeans and sandal heels.

Sample outfit #2 – trench coat, striped tee, gray jeans, sandal heels.

Sample outfit #3 – blazer, white tee, black pants, black flats.

See a few outfit combinations below…

Mix n Match Capsule Wardrobe Simplified Style Outfit 1
Mix n Match Simplified Style Capsule Wardrobe - Outfit 2
Mix n Match Simplified Style Capsule Wardrobe - Outfit 3

If you need more outfit choices, you can get your copy of Simplified Style®: The Dressy & Casual Collection, a complete wardrobe that you can use year-round as a stand-alone wardrobe or you can add pieces in your favorite colors and patterns to expand the wardrobe! There is a visual capsule wardrobe guide with regular-size shopping links, wardrobe plans for each season of the year, outfit calendars for all seasons, plus over 400+ outfits.

A Bit Of Inspiration For Your Day:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12:30-31

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  1. I love my capsule wardrobe and if you just have the garments it is a Sudoko wardrobe which is another great way of using the idea.

    Thank you for the inspiration I thoroughly enjoy reading you posts, not always commenting and appreciate the time and effort you put into your work.

  2. Thank you for all the time, energy, thought, effort and inspiration you continue to put forth in creating different ways to wear a minimal number of pieces. You truly are gifted in this area.

  3. I am so happy to have found you! My closet was a collection of nothing really mixes or matches mishaps. I have learned to let go of clothing and items I just don’t wear taking up space and cluttering my peace of mind. The guidance and education you provide us on a regular basis is priceless. I save your emails because they are a vault of inspiration and a great reminder to mindful of impulse purchases.
    Thank you LeAnn! Your hard work and dedication is appreciated by so many women.

  4. I don’t understand using a coat as part of a capsule. You can wear a blazer all day long, but a coat? I’ve seen other capsule wardrobe people use coats as well, but I don’t understand planning an outdoor garment as part of an “outfit.” To me, the outfit is what you wear all day, the coat is for coming and going. What am I missing?

  5. Thanks for sharing style and biblical inspiration!
    You are a gift to all of us, and I’ve gained a higher quality of life in learning how to simplify each day.

  6. I tend to agree… living in a colder climate, I often have to wear a full on puffer parka over everything in the winter to come and go, so using outerwear as a layer in the winter is impractical. When following the outfit guides, I use a very lightweight unlined suede cropped jacket to sub in for the heavier classic black leather jacket, and a long tan cardigan with a shawl collar and pockets to sub in for the trench coat. My cardigan is a cocoon style because that is more flattering on me, but I’m sure you could find a tan belted cardigan as well. Hope this helps!

  7. I always love this kind of wardrobe where you have just a few pieces to make many outfits. Thank you.

    I looked at some of the store sites you listed. I never bought from Express before and they don’t seem to have petite [but they do have short] so I was googling to see what the return policy is in case my order does not suit. Am I correct that you have to join their group to order items? I see that over $50 is free shipping but what about returns? I don’t see a fee for that? I find their site confusing.

    Thanks anyone for answering.

  8. This is so helpful. I really needed the assistance. Not only will I save money on unnecessary purchases but the stress reduction. Thank you

  9. That’s a good idea. It’s not really a hard and fast rule, is it? Just a helpful guideline. If that works better for our climates, then that is using the guideline I suppose.

  10. Hi! Will you be publishing a Dressy Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2021 ebook? Have you stopped including plus size options in your seasonal ebooks? Thanks

  11. Marceline,

    Yes, I will publish the Workwear Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe collection March 11. I’m not able to link plus or petite sizes. This past year several retailers have reduced the amount of availability of clothing due to Covid and production has decreased.  Retailer stock hasn’t been as plentiful as previous years and items have sold out more quickly.  This has made my job to provide similar pieces in all types of sizes in the capsule wardrobes a difficult one.  When analyzing retailer availability and also the decreased need for plus and petite sizes on Classy Yet Trendy, I made the difficult decision to remove plus and petite sizes from the capsule wardrobe eBooks.  To note this, I included a statement colored red underneath each “buy now” button so that everyone would see it. I apologize and hope to add plus and petite sizes again in the future if possible.

  12. Gail, I like something that I can wear all day as well. I substitute the same color sweater or light cardigan for jackets in the capsules. It has worked out well for me so far.

  13. I was in Cato the other day and I noticed that they had several petite sizes along with an entire side for plus sizes. I ordered what I could from the links and got everything else at Cato’s.
    Leanne- FYI- While buying for my spring teachers capsule, I noticed that Cato carries necklaces with bible verses and shirts with faith saying on them. I was really impressed by that 🙂

  14. What do you think about switching the Black Leather out for a Black Blazer and then for the white blazer replace with an olive utility jacket?

  15. Michelle,

    The black blazer and olive utility jacket would work beautifully! Those are classic and timeless pieces that will coordinate well with the other pieces in the capsule.

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