The New Simplified Style: Classic Casual + Free Wardrobe Checklist


There is a NEW Foundation Capsule Wardrobe in the Capsule Wardrobe Store! It is the Simplified Style®: Classic Casual Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe!

I had received many requests to create a wardrobe that can be worn at a casual work setting as well as on the weekends. The Simplified Style®: Classic Casual Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe is an Elevated-Casual wardrobe which includes just jeans, pants and shorts and mix and match with tops, layers and shoes. The clothes and shoes make over 400+ outfits for all seasons!

The FREE Simplified Style®: Classic Casual checklist to get you started is below!

The Simplified Style® foundation capsule wardrobe series began in 2018 after receiving many requests for a year-round wardrobe. Simplified Style® started as one capsule wardrobe, but I have added an Athleisure, Men’s and now Classic Casual foundation capsules to the series! Simplified Style® includes the classic and timeless pieces which never go out of style and are the foundation pieces of a wardrobe. By using a capsule wardrobe of classic and timeless styles, you can eliminate the need to buy additional clothes and shoes, thus saving you hundreds of $$$ dollars!

Thousands of copies in the Simplified Style® series have been sold to women all over the world and who use it everyday. All who use Simplified Style® rave how using the capsule have transformed their closets and how much confidence they have gained and can get dressed quickly everyday!

Who Is Simplified Style®: Classic Casual For?

* Women who want an Elevated-Casual Wardrobe that are Classic and Timeless and never go out of style.

* Women who need a casual wardrobe which consists of Jeans and Pants rather than Skirts and Dresses (if you need a Dressy and Casual wardrobe, you will like the Simplified Style®: Dressy & Casual Capsule Wardrobe in the capsule wardrobe store).

Minimalists who need a wardrobe of just the essentials.

* Those who work in a casual setting and wear jeans and pants.

* Women who need a wardrobe with ready to wear outfits so you can get dressed quickly and easily everyday!

Simplified Style CLASSIC CASUAL Capsule Wardrobe - Cover

Simplified Style® includes 40 clothes and shoes in classic and timeless styles that make over 400+ elevated-casual outfits! You can wear the outfits to a casual work setting and on the weekends.

Simplified Style® Is:

  • A Complete Year-Round Wardrobe – It has all the classic and timeless casual pieces you will need for a complete wardrobe that be worn year round.
  • A Core Wardrobe – Since all the pieces in this wardrobe are neutral colors, you can use this wardrobe along additional pieces from your closet to create a mixable wardrobe customized for you!

Here is the Simplified Style®: Classic Casual capsule wardrobe in my own closet…


You can even store your capsule wardrobe on a clothes rack…

Get dressed quickly by using the seasons Outfit Calendars! Each season’s month calendar can be used in any month of the season. You can print them out, fill in the dates according to the current month, then use the calendar to get dressed quickly everyday! Plus, there is also a month calendar template, so you can create your own calendar!

Click on the complete capsule wardrobe checklist below to open a printable PDF file. Print out the checklist and use it to build your own capsule or buy Simplified Style® and receive: checklists for each season, visual guide of all the pieces in the wardrobe, convenient regular-size shopping links, over 400+ outfits for all seasons of the year using pieces in the wardrobe, outfit calendars for all season (so you always know what to wear!), plus more!

Download and Print the FREE Checklist below to get started with
your capsule wardrobe!

Simplified Style Classic Casual Capsule Wardrobe - Checklist pin

I’m Leanne, the creative stylist behind Classy Yet Trendy, and I use Simplified Style® to create my own capsule wardrobe in my closet every season. I also include a few trending items each season in my capsule and I use Simplified Style® as a base to build my own customized capsule! You can see which pieces from Simplified Style® I uses in my own capsule wardrobes here.

Here are a few outfits from the Simplified Style®: Classic Casual (the outfits are organized by Season in the guide)…

Simplified Style Classic Casual sneak peek

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  1. Thank you! This exactly me style. I work from home three days a week and from the office twice a week. However, my place of work is VERY casual so I don’t need office pants, skirts and dresses.

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