What I Wore In Disney World (Trendy Wednesday Link-up #76)


What I Wore In Disney World - 7 Outfits

Last week we spent the week in Disney World!  It was hot, humid and we were in the Tropical Storm went through Orlando while we were there.  But, we wore ponchos and tried to stay in the air conditioning as much as we could.  We had a great time anyway!  My daughter, who is 11, really enjoyed it.  We went there about four years ago, but she got to enjoy different things this time.  The only characters we met were Chewbacca and Kylo Ren at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios.  She wasn’t into the kiddie rides, but more into family rides, the thrill rides and a few shows.

When I packed my suitcase before the trip, I included several tops from my capsule wardrobe and shorts to coordinate with them.  I was excited to see how my capsule wardrobe tops would work on my vacation.  I ended up not wearing two tops because they were going to be a bit heavier and uncomfortable for such humid weather.  While at the Hollywood Studios park, I purchased a Star Wars tee to wear the next day in the Magic Kingdom.  It was lightweight and even though it was a black tee, it was cooler to wear outside all day.  I have always been a big Star Wars fan, even when I was a young kid when Return of the Jedi was a huge hit (I’m revealing my age with that comment.  I don’t know how I made it this far in life without having a Star Wars tee, LOL!

Today, I’m sharing with you what I wore in Disney World.  I posted these on Instagram last week while we were on vacation.  The pink bracelet you will see in several of the photos is my magic band issued by Disney.  It’s a convenient way to enter the parks, pay for your food and souveniers and enter your resort hotel room.  Stay tuned for a post here Friday on a Disney World Packing Guide, with outfit ideas!


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Day 1 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 1

I wore this outfit Saturday traveling.  We traveled most of the day and finished driving to Disney World Sunday morning.

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Day 2 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 2

I wore this outfit Sunday while traveling and visiting Disney Springs.  I discovered that day that humidity and statement necklaces don’t do well together!

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Day 3 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 3

I wore this outfit Monday at Magic Kingdom.  These sneakers are SO comfy and light!

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Day 4 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 4

I wore this outfit Tuesday in Epcot.  My daughter wanted to swap shoes (the ones I’m wearing are hers),
I didn’t make it far before she wanted hers back.  I did snap this outfit selfie with them on though!

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Day 5 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 5

I wore this outfit in the Hollywood Studios park.

Outfit Details (click to shop):

Day 6 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 6

On the 4th day in the parks, we went back to Magic Kingdom.  I wore this outfit that day.
I couldn’t find my exact tee online, so I linked up a few similar to it.

Outfit Details (click to shop):


Day 7 Outfit

Disney World outfit day 7

I wore this outfit traveling home Friday.  I think this top is sold out at J. Crew, but I linked a similar one.
I took only 2 pairs of shoes, these sandals and my sneakers.    I walked a lot, outside of the parks, in these sneakers.
These Sam Edelman sandals were perfect to walk in.  The cork-like sole was soft and cushiony and they didn’t rub blisters at all.
I recommend them!

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  1. Great vacation outfits. You can’t go wrong with shorts and tee shirts when it’s hot and humid. I love your statement necklace, but the first thing I thought before I read your caption was, “Oh my! How can she stand that heavy necklace if that’s hot and humid?!” I end up avoiding statement necklaces in the heat, too! I really like your pineapple tee , too. It looks like you had a wonderful family vacation!


  2. I’m getting married in Disney next June so I love looking at outfit ideas for the trip! I love that you looked stylish while still being comfortable in the heat.

  3. So glad you all were able to have fun even with the tropical storm because YIKES!

    Such cute outfits. Nice to see that a capsule wardrobe can work while on vacation.

  4. So many cute outfits for Disney. I love the first two and the last one. That eyelet light blue top, the black sandals, teal Nike sneakers and pineapple tee are all very pretty. Looks like you had so much fun! Always a pleasure stopping by and linking up. Welcome by tomorrow to linkup with me. Thanks, Ada. =)

  5. love all the outfits! the pineapple top is the cutest ever! thank you so much for the feature!

  6. I bet Disney World was a blast! Great picks and cute outfits!
    Just started a linkup too, would love it if you joined.
    Come take a look at CidStyleFile.com #untamedstyle

  7. After living 20 years in So Florida, I had to laugh at your comment on wearing a “statement” necklace in the Florida humidity. I had a feeling you would be the only one in the park with one of those on!

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