Travel Light: 2 Weeks In a Carry-on

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Pack just a few items only in a carry-on and have 2 weeks of outfits!

When you go on a trip, does it seem that you pack just about everything in your suitcase?  Or, do you have to carry two big suitcases to hold everything?  Yep, I was one of those people at the airport that had to check in luggage, then wait for my luggage at the luggage pickup, waiting forever.  When I would go on a roadtrip, I would pack so much, mainly complete outfits in my suitcases, that my trunk was full.

That all changed when I started utilizing a capsule wardrobe for my closet.  My whole way of thinking about how I dressed changed for the better, including how I pack for a trip!  Before, I would pack complete outfits (top, bottom and a third piece) for each day I was staying on the trip.  I can’t tell you how many times I would lean on my suitcases just to get them to zip!

I realized just how efficient I packed for a trip, when we went on vacation last year for 6 days.  I carried about 4 tops, 3 bottoms and two pairs of shoes.  My husband was amazed at how few clothes I packed.  He asked, “Is that going to be enough clothes for the trip?”  While we were on vacation, he said he was amazed at how my outfits looked different everyday.

All of these items + MORE are included in The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe e-Book: Spring 2017 Collection.  Transform your wardrobe by turning 26 pieces into 100 outfits!  You’ll find out several shopping sources for each item in the capsule, 100 complete outfit ideas (including accessories), packing guide (10 outfit ideas from only 7 clothes and shoes), 8 ways to save at least 50% off retail and more!

Travel Light - 2 Weeks In a Carry-on

Packing List Items:

striped tee | white top | gray tee | white tee | black tee
gray cardigan (darker gray) | beige cardigan  | trench coat
blue jeans | black ankle pants | black skirt | black tote (actual, mid-budgetbudget)
blush/black flats | slide-in sneakers | necklace | scarf

The key to having many different outfits to wear is packing clothes with neutral, solid colors, with maybe 1 or 2 patterned tops.  Colors like black, white or ivory and gray coordinate well together, so if you pack just those colors you’ll be able to create many outfits.

Since this packing guide is for two weeks, you can wash several of the items after about a week to freshen them up while you are on your trip.  All the clothes can be washed and hung up to dry, with little or no ironing, and they’ll be ready to wear again!

[clickToTweet tweet=”See how to pack 2 weeks of outfits all in a Carry-on with this handy packing guide!” quote=”See how to pack 2 weeks of outfits all in a Carry-on with this handy packing guide!”]

For this packing guide, I included only 1 top with a stripe pattern.  A striped top is one of the basic essentials you need in your closet.  It’s the most versatile patterned item to have, as it goes with so many other clothes.  When you carry a black tote, you can pack extra things in it that you normally couldn’t fit in a regular handbag, like toiletries, snacks, etc.  I’ve featured 2 outfits, but there are several other outfit possibilities!  How many different outfits can you create? 

Travel Light-2 Weeks In a Carryon

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  1. I have to master the art of traveling light in about a month- we are taking our fourth kids in an RV across country


  2. Sharon, usually a hotel room will have an iron and ironing board available. You can also pack a portable steamer.

  3. I love the concept, but how many times can you wear two bottoms? If I wear a pair of jeans or slacks, they get baggy at the knees. I don’t know if ironing them would fix that. Also, how often do you launder them in the two weeks? I guess if you are traveling around and not seeing the same people every day, it doesn’t matter if you wear something a bunch of times. What about if you are visiting relatives and will see the same people over and over? Don’t they notice you are wearing the same clothes over and over?

  4. Having a capsule wardrobe is a huge game changer. I’ve loved taking on different challenges to utilize what I own and reflect on what I really need in my wardrobe. You’re definitely right about packing–it reduces your load and inspires you to be more creative with what you pack and wear!

  5. So happy I found this! I’m using one of the SAHM capsules now but this will be perfect for my trip to Europe in two weeks! No need to buy anything either. 🙂

  6. Great ideas with practical clothing items… many videos, posts and/or articles show high heels, short dresses and shorts as part of the capsules, which aren’t things that I wear or pack (just because I was searching for Las Vegas, too…ugh.) Also, jeans are a great capsule staple. I wore mine cropped pair three times during my amazing husband’s and my annual March trip to Las Vegas. I kept choosing them, though I just packed enough pants.
    Keep your posts coming. I enjoy seeing what combinations I can make from my clothing, shoes and accessories collection.

  7. The capsule outfits look great; how do you pack the accessories: bras, undies, socks or tights, shoes?

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