5 Summer To Fall Transition Essentials

As Fall approaches, we pack away our summer clothes to prepare for the crisp, Fall weather.  But, you may not have to pack away everything!  You can still wear several summer clothes into the Fall season.  Those transition items can be worn in both Summer and Fall, thus saving you money by not having to buy extra clothes for the Fall.

5 Summer To Fall Transition Essentials

While you may not be able to wear summer clothes with bright colors or patterns in the Fall, keep those tops in your closet that have Fall-worthy colors.  Even floral-pattern tops with fall colors (like teal, burgundy and mustard) are on-trend.  Neutral tops, like black, white, ivory and gray are always in style, no matter the season.  Dark pastels are perfect to wear in the fall too.

Here are a few tops that you’ve worn in the summer to keep in your closet for the fall:


1. Tee

Whether it is a plain tee or one with a ruffled bottom, tie front or twist front, all these make great transition items.


2. Cami

If you like to wear cami’s with your shorts on the weekend or with dress pants on a date, cami’s are perfect to wear underneath practically all layering pieces.

3. Cold Shoulder Tops & Dresses

Keep those cold shoulder tops out and wear them in the Fall!  Certain cold shoulder tops wear well underneath cardigans, blazers or jackets.

4. Tank

Tank tops, especially swing tanks, make great layering pieces.  Use either solid color or patterned tanks.

5. Tank Dress

You can still wear your tank dresses too.  Neutral colors or striped tank dresses look great underneath cardigans, blazers or jackets.

Layers to wear with transition items:

If you are wondering what layering pieces to wear over your transition items, here are a few layers that are perfect to wear.

Sweater Vest

Sweater vests look great with tees, cami’s or tank dresses.  The provide just enough coverage and warmth for a slightly cool day.


Cardigans are #1 when it comes to layering pieces.  They come in all colors and lengths.  I recommend at least two cardigans in your Fall wardrobe.

Suede Jacket

Suede jackets provide color, texture and warmth over fall transition items.

Utility Vest or Jacket

Utility vests and jackets are perfect lightweight layers to wear over fall transition pieces.


Blazers look great dressed up with pants or worn casually with jeans.  Just wear your fall transition piece underneath and you are ready to go!

 What are your favorite Summer to Fall transition pieces?

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  1. Can’t wait for fall capsule. Will you provide color options for example it looks like you are leaning to burnt orange which looks hideous on me 😉
    Can’t wait to shop

  2. Thanks for including Kohl’s in the lineup (under Tshirts). The closest clothing store to me is Kohl’s and with their coupons and offers, I tend to shop there a lot but struggle with finding stylish items. I value your opinion!

  3. Thanks for these ideas. So smart to think about transition pieces to enjoy a smaller wardrobe with huge versatility. My favorite summer to fall piece is probably my utility jacket… love that thing because it has cargo pockets that are perfect on play dates with the kids!

  4. I just released the Girl’s (ages 7-12) capsule wardrobe e-book last week. The Boy’s capsule will be out in a few days, then next week starts the release of the women’s capsules!

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