My 32-Piece Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe


I’ve got my closet ready for the Fall season!  See all the clothes in my Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe!

My Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe clothes rack full

Last week I started planning my Fall 2019 capsule wardrobe. In deciding what clothes I wanted in my Fall capsule wardrobe, first I decided my base color, which is the first step in my popular blog post, How To Create a Capsule Wardrobe: A 5-Step Visual Guide.  I decided to have BLACK as my base color.  Then, I picked 4 accent colors: rust, burgundy, blue and olive.

I started with my core closet essentials and decided which ones I wanted to include in the capsule. I also decided which trending items I wanted to include, like a leopard tee, leopard flats and snake print flats. If you are new to the capsule wardrobe system, you can find out exactly how I create my capsule wardrobe every season, with How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe: A 5-Step Visual Guide. I also have 3 Fall 2019 Capsule Wardrobe E-Books available in the Capsule Wardrobe E-Book Store, which are complete wardrobes with 100 outfit ideas, so you will always know what to wear everyday of the season!

I share what’s in my own capsule wardrobe every season here on Classy Yet Trendy. See all my past season capsule wardrobes here!

Since I work at home, I wear jeans everyday.  I like to wear clothes throughout the week that are casual and comfortable, but that also look great while I run errands and go to town. So, when I’m planning my capsule wardrobe every season, I consider my lifestyle to plan my wardrobe. For church on Sundays, I dresses, but I also will wear my cardigans and a few of my tops in my capsule with skirts or pants (not in my capsule).

I can remember just a few years ago when I didn’t use a capsule wardrobe.  I don’t see how I ever found anything in my closet!  It used to be a complete mess!  I had too many clothes that didn’t coordinate, clothes that didn’t fit, clothes with colors that didn’t look good on me, you name it.  I even had bad shopping habits!  I would buy an outfit…a top and bottom that would go together, not really thinking how I could wear the pieces with other clothes in my closet.  Plus, I loved to go shopping for clothes.  When I was bored or had a bad day, I would go shopping and always felt like I had to buy something to feel good.  Shopping lead to a high credit card bill, in which I was in constant debt.

I’m so glad I discovered “capsule wardrobes”, because using a capsule wardrobe system helps me look great, I love what I wear, I have a neat and organized closet and I always have dozens of outfits ready to wear.  Plus, being organized has transitioned to the rest of my house.  I organized my kitchen pantry, my office and I have a neat and tidy house!

I feel better about myself too, plus I shop with purpose for everything now,not only for clothes, but also for household goods, furniture, you name it!  Having a capsule wardrobe literally changed my shopping habits.  I think twice before buying anything now, saving me hundreds of dollars every year.  I’m so passionate about capsule wardrobes, that I publish Complete Wardrobe Plans each season, all in the Capsule Wardrobe eBook Store.

Now onto my capsule wardrobe!  I have 32 items in my Fall 2019 capsule wardrobe.  I use several of the pieces in the Simplified Style®: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe to build my capsule wardrobe every season! Get your copy just below…

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Simplified Style - A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe

Here are the Tops and Layers that are in my Fall 2019 capsule wardrobe:

Tops and Layers (left to right):

white tee (exact), (similar)
black tee (exact), (similar)
gray tee (exact)
gray Fall graphic tee (exact)
beige thermal top (exact), (similar v-neck)
striped tee (exact)
floral sleeveless top (exact)
rust peasant top (exact)
leopard tee (exact), (love this one under $18!)
white plaid top (exact), (no tab sleeves version)
blue plaid shirt (exact)
beige tunic sweater (exact)
beige marled sweater (exact)
beige marled cowl neck top (exact)

Layers (left to right):

burgundy cardigan (exact)
rust cardigan (exact)
gray cardigan (love this one!)
beige cardigan (exact)
camel cardigan (exact)
olive utility jacket (exact)
denim jacket (exact)

Jeans (left to right):

medium wash jeans (exact), (love these!)
dark wash jeans (exact)
gray jeans (exact)
black jeans (almost exact)
burgundy jeans (similar)
olive jeans (exact)

Shoes (left to right):

leopard pattern flats (exact)
snake pattern flats (exact)
black flats (exact)
cognac mules (exact)
cognac booties (exact)

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  1. This is great Leanne ! Do you have a specific number of pants and shirts that you keep in your capsule ? Is their a good ratio?

  2. I’m wondering, since you said black is your base color, why you only have 2 things that are black in this wardrobe? I love what you do have, but just curious!

  3. You are a great teacher! I put together a capsule for the most recent season according to your e-guide. It was a great tool; like many, I used to shop a lot, buying too much stuff and spending too much. And never having anything to wear! The capsule concept certainly reined that in. Now I shop when I want to but always have something in mind (if a hole in the capsule needs to be plugged) and usually don’t buy a thing, just enjoying the shopping experience for what it is. I don’t waste time in the morning looking at my clothes wondering what outfit to wear.
    Thanks for the confidence you have given me with my wardrobe!

  4. This is so tasteful just like all your capsules! Sometime would you post your church/dressy outfits? Do you have core closet items for the dresses, skirts and pants you use for church and other more dressy occasions? This is where I get stuck in creating my capsules. Thank you in advance!

  5. Hello Anne–I am, in general, a “dressier” kind of person (rarely do I wear jeans, leggings, hoodies, sneakers) and I find Leanne’s “Workwear” ebooks to be the guidance I need to create a cohesive collection of clothes that suits my needs. I think you might find most of the clothes she suggests in those to be appropriate for church, weddings, conferences, work presentations and the like. I start with the items she lists (which are usually classics many of us already have) and add a couple of bottoms, a few printed tops, a blazer, and a dress or two…that gives me enough variety to keep me happy and looking put together for at least 6 months. The workwear editions give me plenty of ideas and versatility so I don’t need to rotate my wardrobe more than twice a year; I only have to add or subtract pieces to adapt to “cold weather” and “hot weather” seasons, and I’m done.

  6. Leanne, what size did you purchase of the Fall Graphic Tee from Target? I will have to order mine since there isn’t a Target where I live. Thanks!

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