Instagram Outfits Diary: November & December 2021


On my Instagram account, I share outfits that I wear from my capsule wardrobes and also tips and resources about capsules wardrobes. My Instagram profile is @classyyettrendy, so if you are on Instagram, click the “Follow” button on the App to see my posts.

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I’m currently using my Winter Classic Neutral Capsule Wardrobe. I enjoy wearing neutral colors, so my capsule wardrobe includes black, white, gray, beige, tan and camel.

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At the first of November, I was planning my Winter capsule wardrobe. I shopped my closet first, choosing which pieces I wanted to include. Then, I shopped online for any pieces that I didn’t have that I wanted for my capsule.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 1

Photo Details:

The outfit I’m wearing is from my Fall capsule wardrobe. My husband and I went out for supper one evening and he snapped this photo when we were leaving the restaurant. My exact sweater blazer is sold out, but I linked the current style below. Everything else in my outfit is also linked below.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 2

Photo Details:

In this post, I showed two sweaters, on in a beige color and the other in a camel heather color and asked which was your favorite to wear with the black pants, boots and bag. I like both colors, but I wanted to see which of the two colors was the reader favorite.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 3

Photo Details:

I snapped this outfit photo before I created my Winter capsule, so I pulled these pieces out of my closet to wear shopping. The plaid blazer and mushroom color cashmere sweater is old, but I linked similar ones below.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 4

Photo Details:

My Polene Numero Un Nano bag in the camel color I had ordered arrived and I wore it that day with these black jeans, ivory turtleneck sweater and black boots. I also wore these gold hoop earrings and this gold bangle bracelet.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 5

Photo Details:

I wore this Button-front Cardigan in the “champagne toast” color with these Ecru Color Jeans and Loraine Bit Loafers in the “cedarwood” color (so comfy and goes with all my outfits).

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 6

Photo Details:

I shared a photo showing the shoes in my Winter capsule wardrobe. I included a mix of boots, loafers and sneakers in neutral colors.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 7

Photo Details:

I posted a flatlay photo of two outfits to wear with this black wool coat: striped sweater, jeans and brown boots or a camel sweater, black jeans and black boots. All exact or similar pieces linked below…

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 8

Photo Details:

Two ways to wear a pattern coat by changing up the shoes and accessories. Outfit links are below…

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 9b
Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 9a

Photo Details:

I shared this post showing two ways to wear white casual sneakers: with a striped sweater and blue jeans or a gray sweater and black jeans. All pieces linked below (striped sweater is sold out so two sweater options are linked)…

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 10

Photo Details:

Mix and match with a sweater…By mixing these jeans and shoes with a sweater, you can make 9 outfits! Since the jeans and shoes are all neutral colors, this will work with any color sweater! I bought this Jenni Kayne wool and cashmere sweater, shown below, during their Black Friday sale, but if you sign up for their newsletter (at the bottom of their product page), they will email you a discount code for 15% off your first purchase.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 11

Photo Details:

I took this photo several weeks ago and forgot to post it on Instagram! I’m wearing this Fisherman-style Crewneck Sweater I bought on Amazon a few months ago. The quality is so good and it’s only $30!!! I’m wearing a size Medium in the “oatmeal heather” color. I’m also wearing my Zara camel coat which I absolutely love (also love this camel coat!), my black jeans and cognac boots from my Winter capsule wardrobe. All pieces linked below.

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 13

Photo Details:

Here is another photo I didn’t get a chance to post on Instagram and another way to style a plaid blazer (similar). I wore it with this crewneck sweater in the “white” color (although it is actually an ivory color), my black jeans (also love these black jeans) and black boots (can you tell I love wearing these boots, since I wear them A LOT!).

Instagram Nov Dec 2021 - 12

Photo Details:

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Outfits Diary Instagram November December 2021
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