The Summer 2023 Capsule Wardrobes Are Coming Soon

It’s almost time for the release of the Summer 2023 season capsule wardrobes! Many of you enjoy using the season capsules in your closet. I have been publishing the season capsule wardrobes since 2015 and they have grown to 7 available styles to choose from!

All the wardrobes are planned for you, the online shopping links are carefully curated for each style and there are 100 outfits in each collection! Since all the capsules use mostly core basic essentials in neutral colors, you use these from your closet appropriate for each season, saving you money. A few new fresh trends in beautiful colors are also included in the capsule, making each new capsule fresh and in-style! You can substitute any of the colors in the capsules with ones you prefer!

If you are new to the season capsule wardrobes, you can find out more on the “How It Works” page in the Capsule Wardrobe Store.

If you are need your basic essentials or are starting over with your wardrobe,
be sure to start with your Simplified Style® Foundation Capsule Wardrobe!
Choose the style that you like best:
Classic Casual capsule
Dressy & Casual capsule
Athleisure capsule

And, if you or a man in your life needs a men’s capsule wardrobe, there is the Men’s Simplified Style capsule wardrobe.

Here are the publication dates of the Summer 2023 Capsule Wardrobes in the Capsule Wardrobe Store:

Capsule Wardrobe eBooks Publication Schedule - SUMMER 2023

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