4 Ways To Wear Slim Boyfriend Jeans


Do you have a pair of boyfriend jeans?  I don’t, but I’m thinking about getting a pair.  About a month ago I went in Madewell looking for a pair of olive skinny jeans that I had seen online.  I was looking for buy a pair for my fall capsule wardrobe, like a pair featured my E-Book, The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2016 Collection.  While I was Madewell about to try on the olive jeans, I saw a pair of their Slim Boyfriend Jeans.  Hmm, “slim”, not regular boyfriend jeans.  The sales attendant said that was a slimmer version of boyfriend jeans and I may like them.  I tried them on too, just to see how they fit.

In the past I have tried on regular boyfriend jeans.  Since I have curvy hips, regular boyfriend jeans just don’t fit my hips.  The few pair I have tried on were too loose in the waist, made my upper thighs look big and I just felt frumpy in them.  BUT, Slim Boyfriend Jeans fit differently!  I actually like them.  The “slim” cut fits my body more.  They actually feel like skinny jeans, but loose enough in the leg to have a relaxed look.  Since I only went in Madewell for the olive jeans, it wasn’t in my budget to buy the slim boyfriend jeans at the time.  I highly recommend slim boyfriend jeans!

Several retailers have “slim” boyfriend jeans.  My favorites are from these online stores:Slim Boyfriend Jeans

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Madewell (style #1)

Madewell (style #2)

Slim Boyfriend Jeans @ Shopbop

 This style of jeans inspired me to create these 4 outfit ideas:


4 Ways To Wear Slim Boyfriend Jeans


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The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2016 cover

Outfit #1

slim boyfriend jeans, utility jacket, converse sneakers, striped tee

This outfit features the slim boyfriend jeans, a striped short-sleeve tee, olive utility jacket, brown tote and Converse sneakers.  This is the perfect weekend outfit!  See shopping sources below.


Outfit #2

slim boyfriend jeans, suede jacket, white shirt, leopard clutch, brown booties

You can wear the slim boyfriend jeans with a white button-up shirt, faux suede jacket, leopard clutch and ankle boots.  When you wear this outfit shopping, out to lunch or on a date, you’ll look fabulous!  See shopping sources below.

Outfit #3

slim boyfriend jeans, black blazer, loafers, white tee

This outfit could be worn just about anywhere, whether to work or on the weekends.  It features the slim boyfriend jeans, a black blazer, white tee, leopard scarf (I just bought this and it looks beautiful), and black loafers.   See shopping sources below.

Outfit #4

Slim Boyfriend Jeans, Cardigan, Ankle Boots

You know I’d have to fit a cardigan in with these outfit ideas!  Taupe is one of the most versatile color of cardigans because it’s a neutral color.  Wear it with the slim boyfriend jeans, burgundy gathered tee, taupe cardigantaupe handbag and ankle boots for a polished casual look.  See shopping sources below.

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  1. I haven’t heard of these before! I wear skinny jeans. I WANT boyfriend jeans to work for me but they just don’t! Maybe, like you, I need the slim fit! I love those outfits and can’t even pick a favorite! 🙂

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